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a set of warm childhood books

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  • Started 12 months ago by nanrenge22
  1. nanrenge22

    <p>Childhood is an autobiographical novel, mainly about the story of Gorky's childhood. The protagonist alexia lived in a miserable life of suffering and humiliation since he was a child, suffering great pain in spirit and body. Fortunately, there was a loving grandmother beside him, protecting him,opticon opr 2001, so that he still felt that there was hope. Gorky's original name is Alexei maximovichepidkov. How do I tell you that the father of a poor family is a carpenter. After Gorky died at the age of three, she moved to her grandfather's home with her mother. At the age of 11, she got a living by going out improperly. She was a bakery worker with a high rate. The common rabbit and the wharf became his social class. When she was in the top seven, Gorky Gore was a young man. He spent two days in University on the basis of paper,datamax onei, but he was very fond of reading books, tenacious in self-study and mastered the knowledge of European classical literature philosophy and natural science, etc. how important his childhood is: no matter the story of growing up encouragement, or doing children's newspapers and magazines to wear blue words, Zhao Jing can successfully open the hearts of small readers and enter their emotional world because of his good understanding and consideration for children. Gently. Maslova wrote from birth,bartender, his fate is very unfortunate, like the ball of lanolin, not respected,opticon opr 2001, discriminated by everyone. This is a set of warm childhood books. The books are the warmth that parents understand their children's inner feelings and give them a direct train to make education more effective.</p>相关的主题文章:

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