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    Corn breeder with Wen Cheng

    □ reporter Gu Wu Min Ventura


    Core Tip


    Wen Cheng phase is China's corn breeding expert, 49 contained obsessed with breeding career, received numerous honors, the day before yesterday was awarded a National Science and Technology Progress Award.


    After winning, the 76-year-old always obsessed with his corn breeding world that he obtained not hesitate to donate money out again into the breeding career. For over 40 years, the elderly donate prize money to scientific research institutions have accumulated more than 10 million yuan.




    National science and technology research institutes County Progress Award


    "This prize usefulness or the old rules, that part of their own into the whole maize breeding research to go." 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, with the text in the way the old man set foot on Hainan breeding to reporters before the trip bare voice.


    February 14,basket converse, the CPC Central Committee,scarpe hogan uomo, the State Council held the National Science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing. Junxian mainly by the Institute of Agricultural Sciences to complete the "Corn Hybrids Xundan 20 selections and technology research and application" project, awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Award, created a research unit at the county level National Science and Technology Progress Award The record prize.


    In the awarding ceremony, Premier Wen Jiabao first person to complete the project, agricultural director Cheng Wen presented with the award. Beijing After receiving awards there are not delays,sweat hollister, he non-stop to get some studies Hebi unit again after the night went to Hainan breeding base.

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    19 years of bringing out GuoZiHao Xundan 20


    Yesterday, Junxian Agricultural Science showroom dolphin full of golden corn seed in the way the eyes shine with the text. 49 years breeding history, he has to cultivate 39 new varieties of corn,louboutin paris, the country has made a great contribution to increase food.


    From 1993 he began to cultivate the Xundan 20 that is one of the best. Hebi City Science and Technology Bureau director Ma Zhiguo familiar: Xundan 20 created a contiguous acres of summer corn average yield of 1018.6 kg,louboutin soldes, the average yield of 858 kg contiguous acres of high-yield record,sito uofficiale hogan, to achieve a core collection of maize significant improvement breakthrough for China's corn production has made a significant contribution to the achievement of the international advanced level.

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    To foster Xundan 20,oakley uomo, with Wen Cheng traveled south to the north half of China, in Sanya City,louboutin pas cher soldes, Hainan Province,tn pas cher, maize breeding base for hundreds of tests on thousands of maize varieties are paired, selecting the best, just making the final victory person. Nearly three years, a total of 20 promotion Xundan 1.1 million acres,hermes bracelets, the new economic 8.825 billion yuan,air max tn, becoming the largest acreage CURVES country's fastest-growing acreage of maize varieties.




    Ten million prize money donated to breeding career


    According to state regulations, scientific research institutions varieties use right transfer fee,cappelli polo, part of the commission as a bonus key personnel.


    2010, Hebi municipal level Science and Technology Award for outstanding contribution to the process with the text given 500,000 yuan in prize money. The old man put it in Maize Breeding.


    Not long ago,tn femme, with Wen Cheng won the 2011 Outstanding Contribution Award for Science and Technology in Henan Province, the province's total of two award, with Wen Cheng bonus is $ 1 million. This he used to research "full of blood."

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    The National Science and Technology Progress Award prize money of 1 million yuan,air max classic bw, with Wen Cheng is still to own that part of the maize breeding hesitate to donate to the cause. He said: "breeding varieties recognized by society, is my greatest asset."

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    According to incomplete statistics, more than 40 years,abercrombie outlet, with Wen Cheng donated a total of over 10 million yuan in prize money.


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