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    <p> explained: "The village land acquisition project without compensation."Legal red lineAgricultural land for housingApproval, compensation LessChina's "Town and Country Planning Act,boutique louboutin paris," Article 41 states: In the township,scarpe nike nere, village planning area of township enterprises,abercrombie fitch, rural public facilities and public utilities construction and villagers housing construction,giuseppe zanotti paris, shall not occupy agricultural land; occupation of agricultural land is really necessary, it should be after the relevant provisions of the "people's Republic of China land management law" apply for agricultural land conversion and approval procedures by the city and county governments to urban and rural construction planning departments issued a planning permit.China's "Rural Land Contract Law & nbsp;" Article XVI: contract be requisitioned, occupied.</p>

    <p> this is a good thing, the problem is a problem in the way of such occupation of land. "There should be compensation for lost or otherwise replacement land for us to engage in agricultural production, livelihood, right?"Town government responseRequired by law to take the program "could do nowhere"Flower Town deputy mayor in charge of urban construction,zanotti pas cher, Chen said that the allocation of land building,ray ban remise, really unified town planning. Town a decade ago began planning the comprehensive improvement of rural land,giuseppe zanotti paris, the demolition of some old dilapidated buildings, improve village appearance, the actual work started only recently. The Temple is one of the village land for building a work, but also according to the unified town planning and land use indicators distribution carried out, and the whole town to spend the comprehensive land management projects in the planning and approval procedures are not a problem."Our town land shortages, to the demolition of dilapidated old out centralized resettlement is bound to relate to the land, and because much of the available land, there are some building contractors be utilized." Chen,dame ray ban, vice mayor said,zanotti femme, However, after the removal of the old dilapidated buildings, they have a rehabilitation work, which means that after the rehabilitation of land occupied housing to fill the land is arable overall balance. Therefore, the town planning and approval procedures have no problem,ray ban clubmaster, the problem is that the Temple Village village uncoordinated contradiction with the villagers.He said that other villages in the land should be compensated,zanotti, and Temple village without compensation, nor consultation with the villagers recovered contracted,ray ban a vendre, because the situation is more complicated Temple Village, more differences between the villagers, "when you want to take up contracted land He did not press home by households to talk to the contractor coordination. "He said that by law, have a right to contract recycling program, but in this village and if possible do not make sense.Land of the argumentThe agricultural land planning approval procedures.</p>

    <p> the Contractor is entitled to appropriate compensation in accordance with law;Article 26: the contract period,2014 Scarpe Hogan, the Employer shall withdraw the contracted land. When the contract period, the contractor returned to the Contractor or the Employer according to recover the contracted land,2014 Scarpe Hogan, its contractor and the contractor on the ground put the land to improve production capacity,nike tn uomo, is entitled to appropriate compensation;Article 53: Any organization or individual against the land contract and management rights of the Contractor shall bear civil liability.Article 57: Any organization or individual contractor forced land contract management rights transfer, and the transfer is invalid.Article 59 stipulates: violation of land management laws and regulations, illegal requisition of land or embezzlement, misappropriation of land acquisition compensation costs, constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible; causes damage to others shall be liable for damages and other responsibilities.(Original title: contract also permits hand,nike blazer, ye agricultural land were coverReporter to the identity of the general public, advising a number of travel agencies in Chengdu, the majority of visitors will be on the overage surcharge.Sichuan Tourism Law Enforcement Team: unreasonable surcharges, are subject to be reported to the Tourism Bureau72-year-old Ho Chengdu residents reported a plan to tour.</p>

    <p> "no problem."Sanmen County Huaqiao Land and Resources Director Yang said that the land in question is a rural village Temple and comprehensive land management projects the overall planning of the town, there is no problem in the planning and approval process.For land contract warrants did not recover,baby safety, nor to the villagers land compensation and land replacement and other issues, Director Yang expressed unclear how it was.Land and Resources,moncler piumini, said the officer, although the contractor did not sign land acquisition agreement, but from the point of view formalities Temple committee meeting had opened the acquired land, village representatives have signed consent.In Huaqiao Land and Resources of the reporter also saw a sign Temple Village area file.</p>


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