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    Wang Han wife hold six-month son Lu Mu-Mu small smile stare sell Meng (Figure) | Wang Han | Yang Lele

    Phoenix ANGELES,escarpin louboutin, September 1 evening, Wang Han wife,hogan outlet, Hunan Satellite TV female anchor Yang Lele bask in the personal micro-Bo out of a son of small Mu Mu's photo and a message: I do not know when to begin, treatment time can not so accurate, If a number of detailed,hogan scarpe interactive uomo, nine months of the year I have not been here,hogan rebel, it's that time quietly flow away & hellip; but in the face of a child,escarpins louboutin, when I lost the time these became his joy grow! So I added the limited time is long overdue to be here with you and say hello! Photo Mu Mu put at six months,louboutin pas cher femme, and he's really super cute.
    Photo,scarpe hogan, Yang Lele holding son Mu Mu, his face bright smile,hogan outlet, and small Mu Mu big eyes staring ahead,basket louboutin pas cher, his mouth open slightly, Meng turned friends. Microblogging issued, cited onlookers,peuterey donna, someone in the microblogging message below: a small guy Mu Mu,hogan sito ufficiale, identification is completed! Lele full of motherly love,acheter louboutin, so happy! Little Mu Mu like Wang Han ah!
    It is reported that in 2004, Wang Han and Yang Lele presided over by together, "Rose is about" become lovers. January 2010, on the night of Hunan Satellite TV New Year's Day Golden Mango Festival fans already recognize and Wang Han Yang Lele married.

    In December 2012,giubbotti peuterey donna, Yang Lele suffered a miscarriage after pregnancy. A few months ago, Wang Han himself admitted on upcoming Dangdie good news,hogan scarpe interactive donna, Yang Lele also resigned from the hands of the only routine child care programs at ease, but he did not expect three months of pregnancy abortion.

    July 2014,outlet peuterey milano, Yang Lele burst has been pregnant for more than three months,hogan scarpe, then the face of a friend Han Wang Han in the program is about to default Dangdie ridicule. October 5, 2014,hogan, Wang Han through the network platform drying out of a waist sun stroking wife back. The evening of 19 November 2014,basket louboutin, Li broke the news in microblogging Wang Han baby boy.


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