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    A-share market one week Memorabilia

    Comments: The Commission has been actively promoting the issue of institutional reform and market-oriented reform is the goal of success between market supply and demand to find a better balance,hogan scarpe, and will not cause a particularly large market fluctuations. The rebound in the short-term view of the stock market should pose some positive support.

    ● Opening stock funds 6 weeks

    Although the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock a sharp correction last week, but did not fund big short. From the average position of the partial stock funds, the fund has increased the stock position for 6 weeks. According to the brokerage fund positions monitoring model,peuterey donna, included in the statistical range of 254 partial shares of open-end funds last week's average position of 79.90%, up 2.29% over the previous week.

    Comment: In the rally since last November, the Fund's performance Awkwardness mostly behind the broader market. But in the second quarter of macroeconomic stabilization and recovery is expected,moncler, does not rule out a wave of blue-chip fund Masukura compensatory growth market.

    ● the year will exceed 8 trillion yuan of new credit

    This year, the Chinese credit growth is unstoppable. Up to now,louboutin occasion, the new credit has more than 5 trillion yuan. Recent central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission officials are of such high-growth credit affirmed on many occasions; and even high-level expected this year to extend credit to more than 8 trillion yuan.

    Comments: ample short-term liquidity situation will continue. But completed in the first quarter of 4.5 trillion yuan, four months before the completion of at least 5 trillion yuan on the basis,woolrich sito ufficiale, leaving the next eight months the space is not large,hogan originali, especially in the case of the second quarter,hogan uomo outlet, once the macroeconomic improvement,coach occhiali da sole, new may increase the amount of funding will gradually decrease. This could also be most agencies judge A-share market this year will show a trend of running one of the "high-low" the main basis.

    ● ICBC 12 billion H shares lifted

    Following the April 27 Zijin 4.925 billion shares of restricted shares lifted, 12.092 billion H shares of ICBC also lock-up period expires April 28, a new round of tide lifting of the ban has come.

    Comments: short-term domestic and international economic situation is temporarily stabilized, while Goldman Sachs made a commitment, and therefore the bank's massive selling pressure on the market a ban is not large in the short term. However, the current situation does not support the stock market run super market heavyweights rising continuously, the best distance-based investors.

    ● stimulate US stocks surged out of recession declaration

    Although a quarter of GDP lower than expected,pigalle louboutin, but the Fed's statement implied that the US is out of recession,louboutin prix, or stimulate the US stocks rose sharply on Wednesday, and its biggest one-day gain since the week, the financial sector is to become led force.

    Comments: The US first quarter GDP fell 6.1%, down 4.7 per cent decline than the market expected. However,sito ufficiale adidas, in the first quarter personal consumption never fell 4.3% in the fourth quarter of last year turned to rise 2.2%, which encouraged investor confidence. Although the United States is also facing negative impact of the swine flu outbreak, but the US stock market this week is still stubbornly higher, at least for the afternoon continuation to provide increased confidence in the support.

    ● medium-sized steel enterprises in the collective loss of 3.3 billion

    The latest statistics from China Iron and Steel Industry Association show, into the statistics of 72 medium-sized steel enterprises in the first quarter sales revenue of 449.95 billion yuan, down 21.74%; to achieve profits of 12.363 billion yuan,air max 95, down 83.07 percent; profit overall loss of 3.308 billion yuan, with profit of 44.16 billion yuan last year in the first quarter in stark contrast.

    Comments: macroeconomic impact of the steel industry by large to a rapid recovery in the short term. But is present in the steel industry mergers and acquisitions theme, it will become an excuse for market speculation.

    ● swine flu activation pharmaceutical sector

    With the spread of the swine flu epidemic in Mexico, the United States and other countries and regions, the pharmaceutical sector took the opportunity to strengthen.

    Comments: The swine flu outbreak occurred may pose downside risks to the new global economy,talon louboutin, and indirectly affect the operation of the stock market. Active pharmaceutical stocks some looting taste, strong performance can continue remains to be seen.

    ● banks authorized shares of insurance companies

    China Insurance Regulatory Commission spokesman Yuan force in the first quarter of 2009, held a regular press conference on April 29 that the bank shares of insurance companies has been approved in principle by the State Council.

    Comments: It is expected that in the near future, there will be a large number of banks have joined the ranks of shares of the insurance company, so that the banking and insurance industries win-win. Bank and insurance stocks on the secondary market speculation also provided a stage theme.

    ● industry investment capital ratio down

    In response to the international financial crisis, mobilize social and business investment enthusiasm,louboutin, expansion of investment demand, adjust and optimize the investment structure, the State Council executive meeting decided that the existing fixed assets investment projects capital ratio is adjusted to reduce urban rail transport, coal, airports, ports , coastal and inland water transport, railways,veste moncler homme, highways, commercial housing, postal services, information, potash and other capital requirements, and appropriate increase in "two high" calcium carbide, ferroalloy,air max bw, caustic soda, coke, aluminum and phosphorus project,woolrich, capital ratio of corn deep processing projects.

    Comments: The fixed assets investment projects capital ratio is the ratio of total assets to its own shareholders' investment. The proportion of the capital reduction will directly reduce operating costs related industries listed companies,louboutin pas cher, laid the foundation for the expansion of the development of these industries. Related sectors short-term benefit is expected to be strong, worthy of attention.

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