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    <p> 7 and transferred to the field of education.According to Taiwan's United News reported,scarpe nike bimbo, DPP "legislators" Cheng Li-chun 7, he said, "authoritarian regime" in the field of education there is, at present there is a First Girls unreasonable rules and regulations,baby newborn care, "malicious attacks from the Head of State who, by persuasion invalid, to demerits. " She said the abuse "summit" are not subject to Taiwan's "Criminal Law" sanctions, but the inclusion of rules and regulations,scarpe nike online, "the president represents the state power, his words could affect the entire power system, so the test heads of criticism is not on individuals, but against powers on behalf of the exercise of his duties, "suppress student public participation provisions must be deleted. Cheng Li-chun requirements "Ministry of Education" before May 20 to complete the Taiwan college and high school the following school rules and regulations of view.</p>

    <p> small and medium enterprises is difficult to profit, Ma clarified that SMEs account for 98% of the total number of enterprises in Taiwan, cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) was signed,nike shox, participating manufacturers 49.96% are SMEs, large companies and many suppliers also SMEs, as they are profitable units. Ma also pointed out that the total amount of cross-strait trade rising, Taiwan's economy dependent on the mainland, but not yet reached the "excessive" degree. SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane said in his speech, the data show that cross-strait exchanges more closely, leaders on both sides have also declared outside the cross-strait peace and stability and prosperity of the overall impact will not be affected in any case, the future will strengthen exchanges cooperation, create a better investment environment for Taiwan-funded enterprises.</p>

    <p> if a similar breach of rules and regulations to protect improper speech freedom of thought should be corrected.In this regard,giuseppe zanotti paris, "Minister of Education" Wu Se-hwa said,nike shox, will talk to the jurisdiction of the Taipei City Bureau of Education First Girls communicate. EDB chief secretary 7th Taipei Liao Wenjing said First Girls in school rules the school has always been independently formulated, if there is inappropriate place, the school campus to follow the democratic process modification,louboutin pas cher, the Bureau will not try to interfere or guidance.First Girls was built in 1904, and Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and said the best high school in Taiwan. First Girls have a lot of well-known graduates,ray ban homme, like Ma Ying-jeou's wife Christine Chow and two daughters,louboutin pas cher, former "Vice President" Annette Lu, a graduate of the late famous writer Sanmao so here. Editor: NiXinhua Taipei,hogan outlet scarpe, Feb. 24 (Reporter Cao Dian Li Hanfang) by the SEF and other agencies sponsored the "2015 Spring Festival Taiwanese businessmen recreational activities" was held at Grand Hotel in Taipei on the 24th. Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou said in his speech,scarpe nike outlet, the development of Taiwan's cross-strait relations is very important, in the past year,nike scarpe donna, there have been some minor controversy between the two sides will step by step process to solve the current major policies correct,abercrombie france, trend, but also what the people in the future will go forward,peuterey 2015, not retreat. Ma Ying-jeou said that cross-strait relations through trade, investment, education and other exchanges more and more stable. Last year, Taiwan's inbound tourists reached 9.91 million people, of whom more than a third of mainland tourists; since he took office,scarpe hogan outlet, mainland students studying in Taiwan increased from 823 to 32,scarpe nike running,000, "cross-strait youth can communicate with each other,ray ban outlet, reduce misunderstanding,ray ban remise, increase understanding is a very important factor in long-term sustainable peace on both sides. " For a voice misunderstanding strait economic and trade exchanges were mostly benefit big corporations.</p>

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