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and the two men have done a paternity test.

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    Li Wei childhood. Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, and blue Mingxiu Dan daughter suffering from leukemia. Southern Reporter Zhang Zhitao photo
    Films directed by Peter Chan crackdown "dear", as of yesterday, a total of more than 300 million at the box office. This tells the parents of children abducted hard to find child ethical sheet, cut a small minority has won public praise, setting off nationwide attention to missing children population. Real life, blue Mingxiu did not know the existence of the film, who has never been to the cinema a few months mother did not open television. October 14, with the son of Li Wei, "students from the" 9140 days of day, her daughter Li Dan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.
    Whether the 50-year-old blue next show will be after "students from the" encounter "Do not die"?
    This is the next show Blue's son Li Wei, was abducted in the first 9140 days.
    She sat on a blue bench, tears pouring. First, silent tears, and then was quietly sobbing, then burst into tears. More than 90 pounds of body twitching uncontrollably, light blue oval earrings and masks shake together, baggy hair shoulders shaking.
    Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen on the 7th floor of Hematology.
    15 minutes ago, the Department of Nephrology, Dr. Feng Qiqi told the 50-year-old mother, her 27-year-old daughter, Li Dan, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.
    "Mom, I went to cut your hair now."
    "There is going to be out."
    Blue Mingxiu casually wiping away tears,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0100100880.html, choked and intermittently catharsis:
    "I do not find a place to cry ....... So many years, no matter how much to eat bitter, I have survived, because I have a daughter, I have something to look forward ......"
    Her "look forward" silently lying in bed 36, the mother crying ignorant.
    Blue Mingxiu hands holding two kite lines, one lost, one,extension de cheveux, do not know will not be broken?
    Lost son
    10 minutes,extension cheveux achat en ligne, missing son
    Li Wei body "kite line", lost in the September 29, 1989.
    This is the blue next show will never forget the day.
    A series of a few games under sunny autumn day in Shu, to coincide within Dongxing District, Sichuan fair white town together, but also a day of welcome National Day, together white town, full of people.
    5:00 am, white village together, ready to go to work Li Wei Li Lianggui father of the two little guys called up and eat breakfast. Blue Mingxiu bed children witnessed the final play.
    4-year-old Li Wei held a half table cloth, Dan asked his sister: "Sister, you eat do not eat Baba, Baba pinching me for you to eat." Seeing the rag would conspire daughter mouth, blue Mingxiu endure He could not scold: "Give me a break your sister."
    Her husband was gone, blue next show will take care of her daughter to her sister, son to her in-laws, alone to the river to wash jute.
    While sunny, she washed jute to a friend's house in the sun, spacious cottage roof, full sunshine.
    Li Wei do not know when to take out, upturned head downstairs called "Mom", clamored to go to the roof to play.
    Blue Mingxiu coaxed him: "unitary child, Mo up, insecurity,http://amami-kurozatou.ocnk.net, mother'll be down."
    From the roof down, the show found Wei Ming blue green sweater backwards, wearing shoes. As she chatter while the sweater tidy. Li Wei shoes ready to take home, this kid clamor to find a small partner bell three baby play.
    "Then you go play Well,http://www.travelan.biz/cgi-bin/search.cgi, my mother and other hot meal called, you go home."
    Blue Mingxiu home, stuffed into a wood stove, 10 minutes of effort, and went out to find Li Wei.
    Li Wei was gone.
    She found in the town hall government 13-year-old bell three baby, three baby being with other children watching the show.
    "Zhong three baby, you did not see my family Wei?"
    She put down a street looking over and over, telling anyone asked: "? You did not see my family Wei"
    She shouted to her husband: "Yaomei child, Mo find a bell with three baby Wei to playing."
    "Bell said three baby Wei ah did not see us."
    "No, I just met Dr Chung and doctors said Mo Li Wei see the clock with three baby to playing there and Industry Bureau, Li Wei funny they do."
    Blue Mingxiu immediately return auditorium, three baby bell disappeared.
    At 9 o'clock, the whole village and start her flashlight over the mountain to find the child, the last in the mountains found a trembling bell three baby.
    He was led to the police station three baby bell scared not say a word, to appease a long time, only to reveal the truth.
    He walked around with Li Wei Trade and Industry Bureau, foreign accent speaking man and a woman to give them sugar, two children did not want to. Then, the woman took out a dollar and handed bell three baby, let him buy oranges to eat. Bell picked up the money to buy three baby oranges, bought over to take home with her mother to eat, then remembered Li Wei. When he returned to the vicinity of Trade and Industry Bureau, Li Wei and strangers are gone.
    The village people understand, broken down into smaller rushed Neijiang railway and bus stations, docks.
    Li Wei's father, grandparents have directed their attacks blue Mingxiu --- "Why not see even a toddlers live?"
    Even 25 years later, Li Lianggui also said, "do not blame her, blame what?"
    Near collapse of the next show anger blue bell three baby to the mother, asked her to eat oranges doll brought back, why not ask the origin?
    The two women blows up, the caller said:. "I put three baby bell wanderers you lose, then you take away my three baby bell"
    Blue Mingxiu asked: "I take your toddlers what's the use?"
    "I just want her raised, to find Li Wei"
    Li Wei Ming blue show only son, because she could no longer give birth.
    She three months before the ligation of the abducted Wei.
    As the village brigade accountant, blue Mingxiu in fathered two children, the initiative on the ring. Unexpectedly, actually with ring conception. Do curettage surgery, she still feels wrong. Holidays do not come,extension a froid, nausea and vomiting, not to mention the waist pants.
    "I thought what ails me."
    To return to the hospital, doctors told her unborn child as well.
    She was pregnant with two children, curettage, only a scrape.
    Stomach more than five-month-old child, only to abortion.
    After induction, the doctor took the child to a blue plate holding out to see the show. Her eyes closed not see, could not help but glance at.
    "Black hair, full face special, very pretty girl, I'll never forget."
    In her mind, the lost son is seen as retaliation from the two children did not see the light of retaliation.
    After losing his son, the present discordant marriage to end.
    She told her husband, only to divorce me, you can find someone to give you a son.
    In 1994, Blue Mingxiu get a divorce certificate.
    "If you have fertility, you will regenerate a son?"
    "No, I never thought I would want to raise her daughter, to find Li Wei."
    Missing children
    "Do not lie to me, I was a wounded man."
    "Mom, I was Li Wei, I want to go home."
    Late one night in 2009, received a strange blue Mingxiu phone.
    Not enough time excited, man the next sentence down to let her cool.
    "My parents will not let me go, unless you give them two million."
    She did not scold, do not hang up.
    "If you Li Wei 200 million is not enough, I want more to the point."
    Did not talk a few words, the other side realized that to see through, hung up the phone.
    Blue Mingxiu sent him information: Young man, do so. I am a wounded man, do not lie to me.
    After Wei abducted,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, blue mountain Mingxiu pick a mountain, then a village a village, a town, then a town to explore. As long as folks of few words, there is a glimmer of hope, she was over the mountains. In no printer's, she learned printing plates, carved from a template issued tens of thousands of leaflets.
    By chance, she learned that there is a Sichuan Guangyuan Cangxi Xieguang Song traffickers called.
    Xieguang Song, 30-year-old lean man with bullet holes on the right leg, carrying a perennial "serve the people" yellow-green bag. On the surface, he is the owner of the timber business.
    Blue Mingxiu pseudonym Xiao to find Xieguang Song timber business on the grounds. Casual conversation, blue Mingxiu sigh, now business is bad.
    Xieguang Song tentatively asked: "I have a business to make money, just do not know what you are willing to dry."
    A few days later, his blue Mingxiu disclosed the identity of traffickers. He put a leg pull: "This is a fight by the police."
    Blue Mingxiu can not prematurely exposed the identity, she figured own stolen from the black wooden box out of his criminal record, you can let the police traced.
    One day, taking advantage of Xieguang Song out, blue Mingxiu look at the bottom of the case. Unexpectedly, Xie Guangsong home early.
    Two men did not speak. Xie Guangsong know too passive box, blue Mingxiu knew he was suspicious.
    Xieguang Song proposal, the Blue Mingxiu the street a girl cheat on the train.
    Blue Mingxiu know what the situation is critical, first verbally promised. In the street, saw many people,achat extensions cheveux, they go back.
    "I told him that our family where girls lie better, so I go home to get things done, he came to collusion."
    Back Neijiang, blue Mingxiu hurried to tell Neijiang City Dongxing District Office Director Houyao Ming crackdown.
    Houyao Ming was furious: "You are a woman, How dare!"
    In the absence of evidence, Dongxing District crackdown Office only with blue Mingxiu etc. Xieguang Song hooked, he has not appeared.
    Blue Mingxiu have scared, but she choose to do it again, "I'm still going."
    Married women
    From out of the emergency room of the bride, hanging by a thread
    If it were not the daughter of a sudden illness, the mother will go further.
    In 2000, junior high school Dan suffering from aplastic anemia. As a single mom, blue Mingxiu four chemists, with a woven bag Chinese medicine to go home to her daughter nursed back to health.
    Daughter is her last hope. Dependent adult, married man woman. Just complete these two tasks, she will be able to find his son wholeheartedly.
    Herbal Treatment after one year, Dan's condition under control.
    May 14, 2014, and her husband Dan small summer received a marriage certificate.
    Until September 19, after finishing his daughter wedding, blue Mingxiu intend to go again.
    The end of May, Dan hands began to congestion. Just a slight collision, the bruises.
    Small summer with Dan to the south hospital.
    Blue Mingxiu raise their health at home business. Li Wei abducted after she resigned as village cadres, workers adrift. She sold Spicy, sold clothes, through beading, opened the restaurant ...... but she did not work for someone else. She had no way fixed date, she was ready to go at any time to prepare his son. Later, she learned this craft regimen with friends.
    "I will this, first, to ensure their own health, hold on, and second, all over the world are not afraid."
    She did not expect this craft in the first with her daughter.
    Do not wait until the last test results Nanfang Hospital, she could not wait to strip daughter went to Tianjin. Tianjin experts politely told her, do not rule out the possibility of leukemia.
    This scheduled for September 19 whether to hold a wedding?
    Blue Mingxiu find private small summer to explain the situation: "If you have ideas, the wedding can not be held."
    The Fujian boy asked: "Why do not you hold?"
    Blue Mingxiu first son was impressed. Because she had a small summer home, instinctively opposed to the marriage.
    Twists and turns
    Paternity tests show that this is the same village, another abducted children
    Fujian, Li Wei is most likely to be trafficked,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-55wu-h7-88.html, adoption places.
    In 2008, Li Lianggui blue Mingxiu to call, so he volunteers to match the online tracing a man. Li Lianggui not use the Internet to convey a message to her. Li Wei clues, the two became the only reason to keep contact.
    Learn to use the voice recorder, web posting, Q Q alternating blue and the man immediately next show video.
    "Look at his eye, I would not know Li Wei, who is single fold, double fold our Li Wei."
    She still ask made a childhood photo.
    This photo is blue Mingxiu set computer desktop background,extension cheveux clip, repeatedly watching.
    "Why this doll so familiar?"
    This is Tintin! Blue Mingxiu suddenly remembered, Li Wei lost in the first eight months, with the village of Gao also lost a boy. Both due to missing children and understanding of each other to help each other find child posted flyers. Gao child Tintin, not that this child?
    She hurried over to Tintin mother Zhang Maoying call. Unexpectedly, it was poured cold water. "Blue sister, the Internet is a lie. Do they believe that, I've had enough, the tears have to Kugan."
    Kid nearly 20 years of Zhang Maoying once again ignited hopes dashed again and again, each time with dry eyes closed doors of hope, she could no longer afford the.
    Blue Mingxiu did not give up, she told Tintin's father hair high school. High School made a last try holding the mentality, to the streets looking for Internet cafes, so xiaonianqing help him and the other video.
    A few days later, the man flew to Sichuan to do a paternity test.
    Under Li Lianggui insistence, and the two men have done a paternity test.
    The results show that the man is Tintin. Publication of the results the same day, Tintin lost the first 20 years.
    Blue Mingxiu tears.
    High School Hair comfort:. "Blue sister, come on."
    She waved away from him: "I am happy, this is my happy."
    Blue Mingxiu assured Tintin traffickers trafficking is trafficking Wei traffickers.
    She begged Tintin, let his parents to help find traffickers.
    Tintin said: "It's not their fault, I do not want to hurt them."
    Tintin is not thin on the adoptive parents, for him to finish college. Tintin carrying tracing them, to let them know.
    High School also made attempts to help Tintin, and later, in Jiangsu, a television intervention, found the blue Mingxiu Used traffickers.
    Unfortunately, she has died.
    Her daughter on television reporter, said his mother is poor Tintin parents without children, to hold abandoned from the outside. The other, she did not know.
    Save the woman
    Mom, do not let me find you
    Blue Mingxiu to find child coordinates given in Fujian.
    "And other daughter's wedding to run, and I went to Fujian extended stay. I have plenty of time."
    September 12th. Dan platelets suddenly dropped to 30,000, sent to the hospital.
    Blue Mingxiu commission issued a call to a friend in the micro letter calling on everyone to donate blood for her daughter. After the transfusion, Dan situation finally stabilized. Blue Mingxiu heart was no longer fit.
    September 19, Dan's wedding scheduled in Songyuan Hotel.
    Talkative little summer to Dan sang "you hear"
    "Your smile is like hugging / hide your good think ...... know not to be too dependent / afraid you'll spoil me."
    Jay song was included in the mother, "Ye Hui Mei" named album.
    Blue Mingxiu and 200 relatives to tears.
    The wedding two men absent.
    A part of Li Wei, a part of Li Lianggui.
    Recombinant family Li Lianggui Adds a daughter. He said: "I work in Xinjiang, snowing like to take more work done before the road closure."
    October 7, Dan fever, a series of physical cooling is not effective.
    October 8 at night,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/innocent/totes-08624.html, clutching his blue Mingxiu let Dan quilt sleeping downstairs to buy her own vitamins. After buying medicine ran on the third floor and found Dan in crying.
    Dan woke up drowsily sleep, thirsty. I cried a few times in the dark "mother" Nobody answered. She remembered his 6-year-old day, waking at night, pitch-dark room, not a sound. Latent fear of blowing, 27 years old, she burst out crying like a child, like --- "Mom!"
    Blue Mingxiu legs felt weak, she hugged her daughter from crying: "? Does not mean that you go downstairs to buy medicine for it."
    Dan: "Why so long?"
    Blue Mingxiu not answer, this trip, up to 10 minutes, Li Wei lost, is a 10-minute effort.
    October 14, doctors said, the current situation with Dan, need chemotherapy as soon as possible. At the end of three chemotherapy,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=67&page=2, find matching bone marrow.
    "If you have brothers and sisters it is the best,http://www.1hitorigurashi.com, because it can have a hundred percent chance of a quarter of the pairing is successful."
    AⅡ04-06 Edition
    Written: Southern Reporter intern Dan Kwong Wei Shuo Wang Yaping white Qianghui
    (Original title: Kid 25 years)
     (Edit: SN117)

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