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    "Nie" Wu assistant director Zhenya beat film "hash array" learn from Hou guide who insisted | Hou | Asia


    Phoenix ANGELES Hou Hsiao-hsien film "Nie" Wu assistant director Zhenya upcoming March 23 in Taiwan, "public television show life drama" published film "Minato array." This TV movie adapted from Taiwanese Lin Jung-san Literary Award winners by Maru,bague, who starred in the well-known actor, narrative and emotional conflict between one pair of female master carvings, as well as introduce special Taiwanese folk folk activities "Twelve Great Aunt array . "

    Wu Chun-Asia after graduating from high school started to learn the film, while martial arts,ringe, a few years ago Hou Preparatory movie "Nie" is on the phase image will understand the martial arts,ring, he added, "Nie" team. Wu Chun-Asia said, Hou Hsiao-hsien on the "Nie" crafted martial arts section, and if the well-known martial arts film "Crouching Tiger" compared to "Nie" walk "The Real Deal" line,anillo, style is not fancy, in full compliance with the principles of mechanics,anillo, will let the audience very enjoyable.

    Hou Hsiao-hsien has been little lens,anelli, followed by Hou Hsiao-hsien film "Nie" Let the film Wu Chun-Asia with many new ideas. As the "Minato array" is his first feature film,ring, a limited budget resources,anillo, so that he often followed the lead of thinking Hou visualize,anillo, in the end how can in the limited time and shot,bague, shoot complex emotions? Hou guide does not detail uncompromising attitude also affects Wu Chun-Asia,anillo, he said Hou guide taught him: "! Is a field director last line of defense" Sometimes an actor is not good, Hou guide will not talk too much, endured the wait a few days later, feeling Actor situation good and then again, be sure to claim perfection.

    "Public television life drama exhibition" Taiwan director, actor, actress of manufacture, is currently active in the Taiwanese director as Yang Ya-Zhe, Wang Shau-di, CAO Rui original, Quyou Ning,jewellery ring, Zheng Wentang,ring, Zero Chou and so thereby emerge or training,anillo, and the over-Leon Dai , Li Lie, Lu Yi Jing, Wan Fang and many other Admiralty actor and actress. Wu Chun-Asia after the completion of "hash array",anillo, will officially enter the commercial films, is currently preparing the film "Oscar wandering mind",anillo, the film will be starring Joseph Chang,jewellery ring, Mark Lee Ping Bin as a photographer, Lin Qiang responsible for the music,ring, is expected in the shooting, a strong lineup.


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