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    Sunstar Masaki Suda school Ashamed to admit failure because crying perm | Daily Lives of High School Boys | embarrassments

    Film Reuters September 22, Masaki Suda starring film "Daily Lives of High School Boys' publicity in Tokyo a high school, including Kan field, including a total play actor Nomura Zhou Ping,anelli, Ryo Yoshizawa,anelli, Anri Okamoto,anelli, Mizuki Yamamoto ,bague, Louis Kurihara,bague, director Matsui Daigo and students dressed in clothing made debut venue,anillo, in front of enthusiastic high school students,ring, Kan Tian talk embarrassments student memories,ring, attracted the audience laughter everywhere.

    Day event held in the school gymnasium, a total of 500 teachers and students to attend. Creative in their students cheering screams followed by the stage,anillo, the two actresses Anri Okamoto and Mizuki Yamamoto debut,ringe, but also attracted the students broke out so cute! Sound of praise. See the enthusiasm of the students,anelli, expressed excitement Yoshizawa everyone dressed very avant-garde. I remember when I was in school, just like the movie,ring, like the fool does not repair space. Subsequently, Nomura,anelli, Kurihara,ringe, Okamoto have also revealed interesting past student days. Actor Tian Jian said with a smile at that time because it is the men and women in the same class,anillo, but I have tried perming hair cause failure,ringe, feel no face, himself cry in front of the mirror. Kan Tian bold talk about memories of student days embarrassments, the scene attracted many girls Wuzui laughing.

    The film funny comic book based on Uchiyama popular Thai delay of the entire film to Sanada North Man College for the stage,bague, around the hero Tadakuni (Kanno will Hui ornaments) and two buddies Kat bamboo (Nomura Shuhei ornaments), Hidenori (Ryo Yoshizawa ornaments) to core,jewellery ring, the boys and girls who parody delusional humor presented in front of everyone. Film "Daily Lives of High School Boys" will be released nationwide in Japan October 12, 2013.


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