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    <p> on January 7 to 11 pm Zhe reappear. The Tu Shen interrogation,air max outlet, Wang of them confessed to the crime, stolen goods and cash have all been handed in. See luxuries guy see Choi spur of the moment Originally, Wang of the University after graduation worked in a telecommunication company in Jiagedaqi Tianjin Branch,nike scarpe uomo, the monthly salary of less than 2,000 yuan. In mid-November 2013, he and his girlfriend go through the marriage registration formalities,rayban outlet, preparing to host a wedding in March 2014. December 31, 2013,newborn care, he was riding the train K7042 from Mohe back Jiagedaqi. On the bus, he saw a man and a woman playing near the bunk cameras,escarpins louboutin soldes, laptops are his favorite long, and are unable to buy the "luxuries." Expect to pay a month's hard work, but also keep up with the rich come out to play a trip expenses, not to mention she is still in preparation for the wedding and live frugally, Zhe great psychological gap, he started to have stolen greed read. That night,nike shox, he came close to shops where two students,scarpe nike, opportunistic crime. Just when the train will arrive Jiagedaqi station, he quickly Theft backpack to train connections. In the interrogation,chaussures christian louboutin, Wang Zhe cried: "I regret a moment greedy, and slip regret it." At present, the suspect Wang of law has been escorted back to Harbin from Jiagedaqi, the case is pending.Legal Evening News (intern reporter Zhang Heng) with a 2-year-old daughter to Yonghui Supermarket Shuangqiaoshan store shopping, did not live to see a child ran out of the stroller, on the escalator outside the supermarket.</p>

    <p> Ha Fe Police Department immediately set up a "1.01" task force to carry out detective work. Retrieval of surveillance video lock suspects Ha Fe Police Department investigators visited by the inquiry, determination crime time is at 22:30 on December 31, 2013 to 1:00 the next day, on the train side by side in addition to the possibility of stolen items abandoned. After that analysis, before and after the incident train to Tai Usu Station - between the Nen station, stop at the new station and the forest Jiagedaqi station. January 2, 2014, investigators arrived Jiagedaqi station, remove the transfer station surveillance video and found K7042 when docked Jiagedaqi station,escarpins louboutin, a passenger carrying two backpacks,nike scarpe, scurry through the station Outbound. And preliminary judgment that passengers were men, about 1.70 meters tall, about 25 years old, according to the person out of the station and the time sequence,woolrich online, identified as the sleeper compartment travelers. Task force immediately diverge, embarkation K7042 train visited the investigation; the way north Plata, Mohe station and other investigations. See analysis by Mohe station area surveillance video, a young man carrying around 25 passengers black backpack in front K7042 train ticket,woolrich prezzi, to Mohe station. Police investigations, and photographs by theme, age of the resident population information Jiagedaqi photo comparison and found the household registration as a resident in a community Jiagedaqi dawn Road Wang Zhe (a pseudonym), and worked in Gag Mohe suspicious man and two Dutch railway station surveillance video that appears very similar. January 6,chaussure femme pas cher, investigators at the local police station with.</p>

    <p> after an unexpected fall, the children caught in the back of the hand escalators and convergence at the ground in Chifeng, broken right ring finger on the spot. Reporters today that a trial court in Chaoyang Yonghui Supermarket compensation for the loss of 11,000 yuan. Reporters learned that visit, more than six months after the incident, the child's finger Although connected,peuterey prezzi, but still can not bend, take things,baby newborn care, writing is affected. Sudden and unexpected 2 year-old girl card hand escalator broken finger on the spot June 12, 2013 at noon,nike kobe 2016, Ms. Lee with a 2-year-old daughter shopping in Shuangqiao Yonghui Supermarket stores. When Lee shopping district in the fruit, while she did not pay attention to his daughter out of the baby car. Fruit zone to the escalator is only ten meters away,involtini di verza, Lee took her daughter alone reverse the ground floor to the basement after the down escalator and fell, his right hand fingers escalator Chifeng convergence at the ground clip to the right hand ring finger on the spot It is broken, bleeding. After the reporter learned that the incident less than a minute, the staff Shuangqiao Yonghui Supermarket stores found that the situation, rushed to the escalator next to hold the child from under the escalator. Subsequently, Ms. Lee arrived, together with the staff of the supermarket will be the child's right hand bandaged and sent to hospital for treatment. Because injuries are serious.</p>

    <p> the child has been transferred several times for treatment. Responsibility Determination 5000 yuan condolences to Kim rejected the parents to sue for damages On confirmation of responsibility and compensation issues, and Lee Yonghui Supermarket produce large differences. After the incident, Yonghui Supermarket proposed pay 5000 yuan relief funds, but was refused. Then, as her daughter's legal representative,pan di spagna, Ms. Lee will Yonghui Supermarket and Yonghui Supermarket stores Shuangqiao sued the Chaoyang Court.</p>

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