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    13 million black households positive Difficulties: bounce punishment can not decouple from settled

    Positive 13 million black households Difficulties
    Wang Ling
    [According to the sixth national census no account about 13 million people, about 1 percent of the total population. ]
    National accounts no more than 13 million people will likely get their own account in accordance with law. 14 announced the State Council "on the settlement of accounts registered and unregistered personnel issues opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), prohibits the establishment of any pre-conditions do not meet the residence registration requirements, and earnestly safeguard every citizen legally registered account legitimate interests .
    Gospel black households
    14 at noon,pride ring, "opinions" after the announcement of the news, a black households bounce QQ group cheer. Beijing Chen very happy, his second child is five years old, is a thing to worry about school. A few days ago he had ventured into the police station to seek the advice of two children on account of the matter, no reply is social compensation fee to pay, not on the account.
    "Opinions" made it very clear ah, prohibit the establishment of any pre-conditions do not meet the registration requirements of the household,jewellery ring, do not give a comeback on the account is not a pre-condition it? Mr. Chen said.
    "Opinions" published for about 13 million black households nationwide, is indeed a good news. According to the sixth national census no account about 13 million people, about 1 percent of the total population. According to demographers estimate,anillo outlet, since a part of black households worried about exposure is not registered in the census, the actual number of black households is likely to be higher than 13 million. But at the same time, since the amount of data no account number is a change, there may be some people every year on the account,jewellery ring, as well as some new and unregistered persons,bague pas cher, therefore, the total amount may still be a huge data.
    1% of the population has no account, has become a major social problem affecting social equity and harmony. No Account personnel can not enjoy all the rights of citizens, a truly vulnerable. In view of this, since last year,biker ring, and the central Ministry of Public Security held a meeting to discuss measures to solve the problem of black households.
    According to the National Institute of Social Development and Reform Commission deputy researcher Wan Hai and others away sample survey done in 2014, the reasons for the formation of black households can be divided into non-compliance with our policies to bounce back, out of wedlock, there is no active registration and graduation migration card lost and so on. Among them, the unplanned birth caused no account is the main reason. "Opinions" lists eight categories of personnel no account, does not meet the family planning policy is listed in the first category.
    Since the 1980s, several countries the introduction of relevant policy documents, will be settled with the prohibition linked to bounce back. But has little effect, black households problem remains serious. In fact, the ban has been settled in the grass-roots family planning Assessments for this purpose an important weight. Jiangsu Province,bague pas cher, a grass-roots family planning director yesterday told the "Financial Times", due to population mobility and other reasons, very difficult Assessments for this purpose, is prohibited on the account is the most important starting point.
    If decoupling is really settled with social compensation fee levied job will be more difficult,bague pas cher. Said family planning director said.
    From the "opinions" Look, this grass-roots family planning starting point is likely to be dashed. "Opinions" clear requirements, policy, fertility, sterility and unregistered persons born out of wedlock, he or his guardian with a "birth certificate" and a parent's residence booklet,anillo outlet, marriage certificate or illegitimate fertility description, according to the mother's father settled in a voluntary policy, apply for permanent residence registration.
    From the "opinions", the determination to solve the central problem of the large black households, the wording is quite severe. "Opinions" stressed, since some localities and departments still exist policy barriers and other factors, some citizen without hukou problem still quite prominent,wedding band ring, is not conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens,anillo outlet, and directly affect the establishment of the new national household registration system perfect.
    This is not the first time explicitly require the central black households solve the problem. Black households issue long-delayed obscure reason, has become a chronic illness,bague pas cher, the fundamental reason is that the punishment can not really bounce back and settled the issue completely decoupled. Many local public security authorities need to see proof of social compensation fee only for the personnel on bounce account. There are other places,engagement ring, although not required to pay social compensation fee must have proof,hip hop ring, but will bounce back regularly to the list provided to persons on account of the health department.
    Readers of this newspaper yesterday on Ms. Yang expressed his concern: I would like to give children on the account, but fear on the account, the health department will have the evidence I bounce back, they will come to me receive social maintenance. Anyway, the child is still small, I'll wait and see.
    There are so worried comeback a few black households. Newspaper survey found that black households bounce more than 95% of two children bounce back. Since provinces are revising local population and family planning regulations,bague pas cher, this part of the population can obtain leniency in the hope after the completion of the revised regulations, and therefore more willing to take risks to go on households.
    This presents a deadlock. On the one hand the public security department is focusing on the account for the non-household staff the green light,jewelry ring, on the other hand is one of many black households bounce fear punishment and could not go home. The deadlock needs to be fundamentally broken. "Opinions" called on relevant departments to pair with "opinions" inconsistent with the spirit of the policy measures concentrate on cleaning and seriously modify the amendment, which abolished abolished. And finally stressed that where the provisions of the previous documents "opinions" inconsistent with the provisions, according to the "Opinions" provisions.
    Only public security, health and family planning and other related departments to really put the "opinions" to implement into practice, clear all the "opinions" contrary to the policy document,stainless steel ring, to be able to really solve the 13 million black households that endanger social health ills, can really put this benefit good minli country run.
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