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    Major shareholders of listed companies Buzz "overweight tide"

    In major shareholders of listed companies on behalf of industrial capital, it has been the outside world as a model of value investing, but with the recent market malaise, in 2008, the rage of "major shareholders boom" and now once again making a comeback. According to the Times Publishing,scarpe hogan, Dimagufen,outlet hogan, Friends of the A shares today disclosed three companies controlling shareholder of Anhui Publishing Group, the East Bank of China Group,woolrich bologna, Friends of the A Holdings in January 25 while the secondary market through holdings of own shares carried out, including Anhui Publishing Group holdings of 7.57 million shares; BOT Group holdings of 50,golden goose sneakers running,000 shares; Friends of the A shares Holdings holdings 4. Moreover,boutique louboutin, the three major shareholders also said it would continue joint holdings does not exceed 2% of the shares in the coming year (including the holdings of shares has been included).

    In fact, the above shareholders holdings of behavior is only a recent "major shareholders holdings tide" in microcosm. Prior to this,louboutin, the major shareholder Huaneng Power, shares in Hong,spaccio peuterey, CAO Yun Long,moncler sito ufficiale, Huaneng Power International and other companies have also been implemented or intends to implement plans holdings of listed companies,louboutin homme, in which the long CAO Yun largest shareholder of Nanjing Tanker is in July 2010 after the expiry of the previous round holdings,hogan rebel, holdings in the recent decision to extend the period of six months again.

    Analysts said that in addition to their own company believes are undervalued and then holdings of "hunters",louboutin soldes, the largest shareholders round off holdings tide may also be related to the capital to prepare for later,escarpin louboutin, as the company has proposed to implement a private placement then,nike, if the current price is below or close to the additional price, so in order to attract retail investors,bottes louboutin, large shareholders have no doubt in this case even behind the stock holdings move. In addition, a major shareholder holdings of individual companies directly or indirectly,louboutin, is required in order to consolidate a controlling stake,adidas zx 750, such as a company near Jinquan Ye,new balance homme, ST long letters. In addition, major shareholders of listed companies related mostly also said that within the next year,louboutin pas cher, intends to overweight. Express reporter Rui Xu


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