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  1. calshull06

    I, David Rutstein,https://megashadyhideoutbouquetfan.tumblr.com, really have no idea who many of the people are that Barry Chamish claims that Shimon Peres murdered. But the list is serious. Mr Shimon Peres should definitely have his attorney contact Barry Chamish in Modiin. Barry has a nice apartment and is earning his livelihood from calling Shimon Peres a serial killer. Really weird. On a not so humorous note, when one asks Barry Chamish what is his job? Barry Chamish can answer: "I make money from telling the world that Shimon Peres is a killer!"23. Honorable Judge Dalia Mark-Horenczyk, it is very insulting, even slanderous to connect me to the writings of Barry Chamish. This is the second time Shimon Peres' attorney has written the list of dead people from Barry Chamish's web site. Shimon Peres' attorney knows exactly what my response will be since the attorney even heard me speak on the radio interview about this subject. The reason that I built Barry Chamish's web site is that I am embarking a a very dangerous matter,https://lets-freetyphooncollector-love.tumblr.com, bringing Yitzhak Rabin's killer to justice. It is imperative that public knowledge about my actions reach the entire world. If , G-d forbid,lace sweetheart mermaid wedding dress��mermaid cut wedding dress, I was murdered tomorrow which newspapers would put me on the front page? I can tell you right now it would be Rotter.net and Barry Chamish. Other than those two news media outlets, nothing is guaranteed. Thousands of Israelis have told me that I am endangering my life. If Barry Chamish wants me to build him a web site to make it more likely that I will continue living,wedding dresses with sleeves, that is a good deal for me. 24. Page 20 talks about being honest and I could not agree more. Page 21 brings case law on slander. Each and every Israeli knows that when you slander someone you get sued, you loose,https://eleganteveningdressesuk.tumblr.com, apologize and pay some money. Based on what I am looking at on page 21 it seems that the State of Israel is a country of laws. Since I know the court case of the Yitzhak Rabin murder fraud as well as any person in Israel, I know that when the government wants to brake the law, then then law is broken.


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