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    "My father was to me and overwork, how can I watched his father die from the disease it is ...... I would like to maintain a girl under the premise of dignity, 'betrayed' five years after his graduation labor to to save his father's life! hope well-intentioned enterprises and units to fulfill my filial one. "July 14, reporters at the famous online forum Tianya found Nanchong Liu female students sent this to Rather Than posts.

    Looking through various reporters, finally we found the forthcoming sophomore Liu. Liu home in Gaoping District Xiang will be present, she is a Chongqing Normal University Department of Economics in college students.

    To his daughter

    Father to conceal the truth 3 years

    Speaking of Dad,chapeau chicago bulls, the 19-year-old girl crying. Because parents divorced,cinture versace,nike requin 0I3Aha3SkP, Liu Liu Kaibing all charges by the father alone sweep. In March 2004,converse femme, working in Guangdong Liu Kaibing was diagnosed with leukemia. This result came as a thunderbolt,giuseppe zanotti fr 5IX66evf2, at the beginning,chaussure nike femme, the family of Liu Kaibing conceal the disease, only said that severe anemia, to get more rest. As a father, after a rest for a week,louis vuitton lunette de soleil, Liu Kaibing still in the factory in the shuttle,hollister lyon, finally collapsed in the workshop, he did not know their condition. "If I go to another world, please be sure to let you my only daughter through college!" Liu Kaibing such exhortations own brother,hermes bracelets, sister.

    When Liu Kaibing isolated leukemia,louboutin pas cher, Liu Jun are preparing for the exam. Her family was also concealed the news,veste jordan, and is a hiding for three years, until the end of her entrance. "Dad always called home, and I often joke that he must be tired." Liu was filled with remorse, "the college entrance examination after he come back with me to fill volunteer,hogan uomo outlet, I found him a thin black hair less,moncler outlet, but I did not think he had such a serious disease! "

    To save his father

    Daughter decided to go all

    In college, Liu find a way to save his father,giubbotti peuterey nuovo QnCy, for grants,cinture stefano ricci, looking for temporary workers. However,giuseppe zanotti, for several hundred thousand dollars of medical expenses, her efforts only inadequate. Liu said that she was ready to leave school to earn money, but the family are opposed, especially Liukai Bing, he said his greatest wish is to make her happy live, cherish the rare college years.

    "On the Internet this post,air tn requin plating homme, it is quite upset,louboutin pas cher ULt2af742G,jordan fille, I did not think too much,coach bracelets, just think through each pathway,jogging hollister, the father admitted to the hospital quickly. I believe my work and wisdom will be able to save his father's life back!" Liu Jun tears said.

    It is reported that Liu Kaibing now still factory dormitory to rest, usually rely on medication to control the disease. "The doctor said that his illness was not late,chapeau los angeles al9z0OURj, he is a chronic leukemia, the bone marrow can be retained as long as the change a life." Liu Kaiyu said to his father that glimmer of hope that he will not give up easily. For her daughter's behavior online posting Rather Than yesterday, far away in Guangdong Liu Kaibing after that,piumini moncler, but told on the phone,hogan uomo F5W5Rx8PXS, said: "Liu Jun do pay attention to their bodies." (Author: Chun Liu Jing Hao Shuai)


     Disclaimer: This article represents only the author, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality,b9rr3fyGE4, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness,escarpins louboutin,nike air max 2015 heren VcN87, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only,adidas stan smith, and please verify their own content.

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  2. slksoIy1i1

    Son saved a drowning death of his father very sad. Reporter Fu Xinghua photo
    Also in the Panlong River, it is also courageous,Xichuan County People's Court, the same as paid to save precious lives,← & nbsp, when we remember the hero Zhou Xin, another child was a lot of people forget. When his story was known to everyone, people call him "Xiao Zhou Xin."
    The child named Dong Han leaching. Last June 24 afternoon, Xiaohan cream and a few children in the southern dam the river dragon playing under the overpass, where a child Xiao Yi (a pseudonym) accidentally slip into deep water, pour seeing Xiaohan,24 years old. September 2010, without taking off clothes He jumped into the water to save people. Because young, depth, Xiaohan leaching into the water ......
    Children had gone nearly a year, "Xiao Zhou Xin 's parents suddenly Xiao Yi and parents to court, which is the reason the middle trying to do?
    Save "Hero" is drowning
    According to Kunming Public Security Bureau of Beijing Road police station informed, June 24, 2010 16 am, Dong Han shower and a few children in the southern Panlong river below the dam overpass play, Xiao Yi accidentally fall into the Funan River by South kiln Station Sham Shui Po district on one side, Xiao Yi can not swim, continue to call for help, Dong Han leaching seeing jumped into the water to rescue Xiao Yi. Because young, depth, Dong Han leaching Xiao Yi failed to rescue ashore, they would fall into the water. In the other side of the river to clean up the garbage workers Zhu Juxian found someone fell into the water after, shouted for help, and at the same time with the public Zhang enrichment came together, has to Xiao Yi, Dong Han leaching rescue ashore. After the rescue, Xiao Yi just frightened, Dong Han leaching longer because of drowning died.
    Guandu District People's Government awarded to Dong Han leaching courageous honorary certificate.
    To send their children to "home" court
    Last month, the law firm in Yunnan Oakhill came a special "appeal" who is the father of Dong Han leaching Peng. Speaking of his son, the Zhaotong to Kunming from the working man could not help but burst into tears: "Before the accident the day after the exam Dong Han leaching and said to me, told me to send him back home tomorrow,"Time in the past for a long time, he would like home because I think corn meal. back Zhaotong trip tolls are too expensive, I have not promised the children, who know the child was hurt. "
    After the death of the child, including the cremation fee, the home of the family remains connected to see the child and other expenses add up, Peng spent on the yuan, but also borrowed loans. Dong Han leaching gone, Peng has been immersed in a painful among them most chilling is rescued Xiao Yi parents indifference, even shirk responsibility. "Now, even the children buried the ashes back home no money." Thus, the decision to Peng Xiao Yi and their parents to court to ask for compensation for funeral expenses and death compensation 80,000 yuan.
    In this accident, Peng believes Kunming Yunnan Authority, Kunming Water Conservancy Bureau have managerial oversight responsibility, these two sectors together with court.
    Currently, Peng has served Guandu District People's Court complaint, filed wait.
    I feel innocent
    "We tried Why Chengbei Gao"
    In the suit, the rescued after falling into the water and his father Xiao Yi became the principal accused. 6 at noon, reporters accompanying lawyer Xiao Yi came home, went to school Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi's father and mother learned that he was surprised to be the defendant, said: "? We have tried, how to become a defendant" was I heard Dong Han leaching is to save their children into the water, they are also sad.
    Mr. Yi said in the first few days, for fear of Dong too sad,extension cheveux tresse, they did not go to visit, two days later, they brought fruit and nutrition to visit the Dong Han leaching parents gave them 1,000 yuan.
    Reporters learned that Mr. Yi and his wife opened a specially zoned glass shop, the income is not very high.
    Give help
    The lawyer for a lawsuit
    Yunnan Oakhill director of law firm, said Shi-Hua Li, Dong Han leaching gave his precious life, according to common sense should be the concern of the community, caring, but now the child failed to "put to rest", such a "cold" chilling. Thus, Shi-Hua Li said they are willing to Peng legal assistance, free to play for this lawsuit. "No matter how the outcome like? We just hope that through this lawsuit, raise awareness of this group of courageous."
    · Reporter · Investigation
    After a lapse of nearly a year later, Dong Han leaching Xiao Yi's parents and parents to court, which makes Xiao Yi a very difficult to understand, but also feel helpless.
    The defendant voice "in this accident, we do not have responsibility ......"
    Yesterday, the reporter called Mr. Yi, they believe that the incident was the other party did not put forward any financial compensation, they gave each other 1,colore capelli,000 yuan, which is representative of what has been resolved. After a lapse of nearly a year later, they turn the other court, this matter is very difficult to understand: "This is not my son to push his son into the water, and, ultimately is not Dong Han leaching will save up Xiao Yi, why tell us? "Easy home parents think, in this accident, they have no responsibility.
    In order to restore the situation, the reporter interviewed the pouring time of the incident in the presence of Han Dong Xing and participation of small companion rescue workers greening Ms. Chu.
    Spot reduction "he gives it easy to push yourself to the shore sink ......"
    Time of the incident, and Dong Han shower together playing in the river's small companion Hing told reporters that they did not know before Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi after hearing cries for help, Xiaohan immediately jumped into the water leaching. "Drowning boy lying on the Dong Han leaching back, desperately around his neck." Little Xing recalls, Dong Han leaching small, easy to push to shore, then it slowly sank.
    Reporters also interviewed later to save the child up green workers Ms Chu. She said that when easily come up with a small body wearing only a pair of underwear, his face pale, Dong Han leaching was omitted. After 10 minutes in the water before they found the Dong Han leaching, "save the child up, feet wearing slippers."
    · Reporter · Notes
    Can let warm to melt the cold?
    "Although the weather was very hot, still lack the warmth!" This is an interview with Dong Han leaching event, lingering in my mind the maximum sentence. For minors, we'll tell the child: "You have to ensure in a safe condition to help others." However, I ask, as long as there is a sense of justice, when you see other people have difficulties, who would " after thinking "was shot?
    For courageous compensation, benefits, etc. controversy and problems I encountered many times in interviews, the controversy has continued. This had to let us wonder, what is missing? When thinking about this question, I suddenly thought of the "warmth" of the word.
    Dong Han leaching Panlongjiang when flying into icy rescue, leaving us a warm back. After a lapse of nearly a year, when his parents and rescued Xiao Yi family have to court, our government departments or, even our society and our people, can give them some warm, the actual care of it ? Perhaps, this warm, able to melt ice and cruel,a huge amount, I look forward to someday ......
    · · Lawyers say
    How compensation is the difficulty
    Yunnan Oakhill Lawyer Zhao Jisong said, according to the law, "courageous and honorable citizens of the beneficiary should be given appropriate compensation in accordance with law." If courageous for compensation request is denied, you can be taken to court, the court can benefit beneficiaries How much their economic situation, ordered the beneficiary appropriate compensation. This can be used as a pretext to prosecute the case. But the case still has two difficulties.
    Difficulties 1 how much to pay compensation
    About "courageous" compensation, although the law clearly defines the beneficiaries of the compensation should be courageous, but not clearly defined criteria to calculate compensation. In practice,tagli di capelli corti,the occurrence of such the robbery surprising. 200 meters north of the site is a police office, the court appropriate beneficiaries burden necessary compensation liability, the amount should be the size of a comprehensive study of various factors, such as the beneficiary's economic capacity,extension cheveux naturel, revenue size, etc.
    2 relates to the responsibility of guardianship Difficulties
    Guardianship responsibility have an important influence in this case. Samaritan's case, the beneficiaries are minors, it relates to the responsibility of guardianship issues. Case two minors from parental custody, there has been the beneficiary drowning, courageous rescue death. General case, the guardian will directly bear due to inadequate monitoring liability; whereas the present case, the beneficiary is liable for making compensation, the beneficiaries guardian compensatory obligations.
    · · Sad memories
    Mother said
    He wanted to be a zoologist
    In order to let the family moved by the occasion,tarif extension de cheveux, Peng burned alive Xiaohan poured everything, leaving only graduation photo and diploma. Time diploma issued June 25, the day after the accident is Xiaohan shower.
    Whenever you see pictures of his son, Dong Han leaching mother Dongzheng Qin could not help crying. "Every day I dream of him, I baby said he wanted to go home." Dongzheng Qin said Dong Han leaching is a sensible child, every day after school time to go home, to help take care of his brother and sister; Dong Han leaching was a loving child, every time on the road edge saw stray cats, dogs, will take home are taken care of. "His dream is to become a zoologist."
    Teacher says
    He particularly sensible and well-behaved
    Dong Han leaching lifetime studying Xishan District Qiangxing schools,the parties can not find information online, teachers and students regarded him as "courageous hero."
    Dong Han leaching of sensible and well-behaved, there has also been confirmed in the teacher. Yanfang teacher recalled that once, a student class was not feeling well because of a spit, all students are subconsciously covered his nose, Dong Han leaching but quietly clean the vomit.
    Li Rong,Xu for their extortion thing denied, chief reporter intern Lei leaflets
     (Edit: SN026)

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  3. dxrs5m7j43o

    Catherine masked appeared in court in the German city of Halle
    International Online Zhuangao: the virtual world of online games For some people, very attractive, but few people will be killed because of fun and own child.
    According to the Croatian "News" Web site April 21 reported recently occurred in Germany,piumini woolrich outlet,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/s-pants-14-menscasual.html, such a tragedy: 27-year-old German woman Catherine indulge in the virtual gaming world,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/ejp-uwllbk3.html, in order not to be disturbed, actually personally killed his own two daughters.
    Killing two just born daughter
    Today, Catherine masked appeared in court in the German city of Halle, the judge showed no sympathy for her. The judge said: "One night, when you find yourself going to produce, then into the bathroom and gave birth to a daughter, but she gave birth to you, and then just to personally strangle her." In the sentencing judge's mother became a prisoner of war.
    According to the German "Bild" reported that in fact this is not Catherine the former workers for the first time to kill his own daughter. A year and a half ago, she also gave birth to a baby girl, but for the same reason - online games,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/prg-200gb-3.html, she would kill the baby into the washing machine, but when the police thought it was her boyfriend did it.
    Only the most important computer and network
    Catherine said: "I have to play the game every day, one hour after hour,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000628099.html, sometimes playing all night, how I can not stop." People more unexpected is that Catherine because online games,http://www.camiguinisland.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi, trying to shift the 3-year-old foster son on his sister's house. Compared with the "mother" of this role,doudoune moncler femme,http://www.news-us.jp, Catherine keener to play in the virtual world of "heroine."
    It is reported that,louboutin pas cher, due to the indulging in "World of Warcraft", Catherine lost his job,doudoune canada goose,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/sh-fds80.html, and had to raise money for a computer and the Internet is full of expenses,air max femme, but she still believes Nothing is more important. Due to their crimes,http://yun.cool-site.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5898073, Catherine could be sentenced to 15 years or even life imprisonment. (Su Laiya)

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