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    ,fitness video<p> when Sun Shanying covered garage, in addition to his own invested more than 80,000 yuan, the town government has funded 30,000 bricks,parajumpers jassen, two tons of steel,golden goose outlet, fire brigade sent 20 tons of cement. Last year,hogan scontate, the City Fire Brigade exceptional recruiting his son and contract firefighters. "Stack of firewood in rural areas are mostly fire, doused with water Bianxiang four downstream, inside the burning or burned. Next, I am ready to hook machine security station on fire, when the first push lightly with a hook, and then doused with water,sneakers hogan, then the proper. "Sunshan Ying has its own long-term plans," then also want to buy a fire engine, or only once on this car pulled 3.8 tons of water poured over, no matter how far back will need water, the scene will lose control. two cars will be able to get back open. " Although nearly fifty years.</p>

    <p> Sun Shanying but full of pride: "According to my physical condition, nothing to stay for another one fifteen years,golden goose uomo, I did not move, you can command my son, grandson and son up after." Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (ediBeijing is located in the southwest Changxindian Street, is a thousand years of history have streets, but also old and out of Beijing's traffic arteries, also known as "Royal Road nine provinces." In this ancient streets, often see a little body lean, gray and full driving Mount elderly, on the Mount sat a girl looks handsome, old man called Liu Kebin, the little girl is, he reared 15 on the road abandoned road. Unemployed elderly 15 years ago abandoned baby girl found by the roadside In poor humble home,parajumpers gobi, it has been 65 years of talking about the scene picked up Lulu Liu Kebin when, immediately moist eyes, tears slipping down the wrinkled face. 15 years ago, Liu Kebin in Changxindian Nangang depression opened a motorcycle repair shop in the evening after closing the shop he lived in the store, to get up at five o'clock in the morning, the Beijing-Shijiazhuang high speed roads to stroll up early, this habit he maintained for many years. May 16, 1996 5:00 o'clock, Liu Kebin stroll in the way of early return, vaguely heard baby cries came, the greater the more forward crying when he came to a small bridge,celine handbags, found on the ground there is a "package",parajumpers jas sale, crying is sent from there. Liuke Bin corner curiously opened the package and saw a small red Lian Lu crying out, "Look Pity, I quickly put the baby in his arms." Liuke Bin said he had thought the child's parents in nearby, then take their children waited more than an hour.</p>

    <p> Lens [three] At 21:15 on January 19th, 2010, not far from Hong Meng Village Daying Town, a large truck carrying wine roll, whole cars are burning up. Wine boxes scattered on the ground, the explosions continued,golden goose outlet, debris flying everywhere. Who heard Sunshan Ying disregard,hogan uomo scarpe, his mind only one thought: fire rescue, reduce property losses. After the fire under control,outlet hogan, and then came the Sunshan Ying Dragon fire squadron officers and men together to rescue people trapped inside the vehicle. For Sunshan Ying, the fire is an order, the scene is a battlefield. Every fire is out, all blood and fire contest, bitter and tired of training, the test of life and death. Over the years hundreds of fire rescue, Sunshan Ying afterwards never talk about the danger,moncler soldes, but on their own family full of guilt: "I did not do a husband and a father's responsibility, things at home I rarely intervene suffer them. "his wife both understanding and complained:" I have put up the other,hogan sito ufficiale, most can not stand is the New Year, other families are Lele Ha ha firecrackers, eating dumplings,moncler paris, Monkey has four busy fire. " "What are you doing exactly this diagram?" The face of people's questions, Sunshan Ying Han Han said: "I am a farmer, know 'the day of the fire poor' rationale children, the neighbors lived, who use the service of a difficulty plainly, do something good or good. people for the people, you see my family in the side of the road,golden goose venezia, no doors, no walls, never locked out, what is not lost. everyone is looking at it for me. "the Sun Shanying dedication earned the respect of folks, people affectionately call him "Sun Taishan people." Fire feelings and excellent fire performance Sunshan Ying persistent has been recognized and strong support of local government and fire department. In November 2008.</p>

    <p> nobody has come to be a child. He wrapped the body of the child will be open,hogan outlet roma, and discovered that in addition to a set of small children to wear clothes,hogan donna, there are 51 dollars and a letter: "good-hearted people, I am unable to raise the child.</p>

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