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    <p>This edition / Beijing News reporter Deng Qi Xin Chu Yan letter drawing / Yu Guo (Original title: Foreign media hot Third Plenary Session) (EdiXinhua Viewpoint: "corkage fee" proposition becomes law "On kill fee" King behind the norm Xinhua Hangzhou, February 25 (Reporter Xie Ting, Wei Hui) small "corkage", again poked consumer pain. "Corkage" disputes between consumers and businesses,zanotti pas cher, in recent years, wave after wave. Is "bad management" or "do not want to control"? How relevant functional departments of the balance of the interests of consumers and businesses? Many eagerly looked forward to their masses will seriously crack "corkage fee" and the like associated with the livelihood of the people close Overlord row compliance issues. Hangzhou, "corkage fee" frequently four or five hundred "Open a bottle cap.</p>

    <p> which refers to, the hotel can refuse guests bring their own drinks and food into restaurants and other places to enjoy. Thus,tn, "No bring your own drinks" gradually become the norm of the catering industry. For BYO who charge "corkage" will become derived from the "proper charge." However, this "proper fees" was refers to the "King norm",scarpe hogan outlet, was criticized by many consumers. That the norm violated the right to choose and the right to fair trade consumers,scarpe hogan outlet, the industry is using their own advantages to impose unfair terms of consumer to consumer. But some believe that the catering industry, food and beverage market is fully competitive industry,nike free run, catering industry,lunette de vue ray ban, if not something like "No bring your own drinks,under armour mens," the rules,scarpe nike running, how can the business interests of the industry to protect? Consumers and businesses different opinions. Charge "corkage fee" in the absence of express provision is legal or illegal in the dispute, and gradually evolved into a tug of war. "Bad management" or "do not want to control"? Reporters noted that this seesaw battle, CASE and Restaurant Association is pushed around the front,hogan outlet online, representing their mutual stakeholders dispute continued, the relevant departments have little or nothing out of "justice", "to give a statement." Clerks Wei Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, said the new legislation at all, "corkage" The King norm indeed unreasonable. Circulated on the Internet in recent years, "10 large consumer unspoken rules pit father", the "corkage" the forefront.</p>

    <p> showing people on the costs "feel to complain,rayban," a long time. However, the laws do not expressly prohibit charge "corkage" Trade and Industry Bureau as law enforcement, they are helpless. Hangzhou Price Bureau Supervision and Inspection Branch, deputy director Fangya Chun said that many hotels,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, restaurants, wine seems to have become the store, consumers can only consume designated wine,zanotti pas cher, and the price is extremely high. This is also one of the reasons consumers to bring their own drinks. But businesses have pricing power of their goods and services. Because,hogan rebel, in addition to many years ago in China as early as grain, oil and commodity prices have been few controlled by the government, the other pricing has long been delegated to independent decision. Although the price department now see a lot of businesses in some industries is unreasonable.</p>

    <p> frequently to collect four or five hundred,rayban remise, which is high too outrageous." Some people say that Hangzhou, consumers bring their own drinks,ray ban wayfarer, not generally oppose the hotel charges "corkage fee", but also businesses the yield was reasonable. "$ 100 with a bottle of wine,ray ban femme, have been subject to price itself higher than wine corkage fee, which is simply 'on slaughter fee'!" Reporters recently missions to a number of hotels in Hangzhou, found higher grade hotel, open a bottle of wine that comes close to four or five hundred of the "corkage",nike outlet, the general mid-range should be charged one or two hundred. Hyatt Regency Hangzhou waiter said revenue "corkage fee" is the norm, as the whole country. It is understood that,nike blazer, in May 2003, China Tourist Hotels Association promulgated the "Chinese tourism hotel industry norms".</p>

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