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    Reporters were reports of listed companies insider Zhejiang Public Security Bureau said it is wanted to verify the case

    Cheng Gang newspaper reporter Dong clear water

    As of July 28, an arrest warrant against reporter Qiu Ziming, has entered the internal information system of the National Public Security of up to 5 days. As a reporter, "the Economic Observer reported," agency correspondent in Shanghai station, he worked on the Chou Ziming media published a listed company shares Kane Insider series of reports.

    According to informed sources, that the arrest warrant issued by the Public Security Bureau Suichang Lishui City,moncler uomo outlet, Zhejiang Province,gioielli pandora, July 23. In addition to the usual suspects feature, the warrant said: "Since 2008, the suspect (Chou Ziming) use the Internet to spread false information and public dissemination of leaflets, slander a company, seriously affected the company's production and operation, its behavior alleged damage to business credit charges. "Kane shares, is the only Suichang a listed company.

    Because this rapidly around the country wanted Chou Ziming is listed as "Detention fugitives,louboutin homme."

    The parties have been in response to

    "We know this last night, very shocked." "Economic Observer reported," deputy editor Wang Shengzhong China Youth Daily reporter, said, "one insider has been concerned about the reported phone call, we know that their reporter was wanted. "

    July 28 a day,chaussures louboutin soldes, Wang Shengzhong been receiving all kinds of telephone,louboutin vente, he asked for an interview, asked about the situation. "We just made contact with the Suichang Public Security Bureau, who answered the phone confirmed that Chou Ziming indeed was wanted, but investigators are not responsible, do not know the specific circumstances." Afternoon, Wang Shengzhong said.

    He told reporters July 27 after 22 pm the evening,chaussures louboutin, the newspaper has been unable to contact the Chou Ziming.

    Chou Ziming was wanted for the issue, Wang Shengzhong said that this is a listed company on the public's right to know trampling, it is disrespectful to news reports. The newspaper is preparing an information note,peuterey online, this event will be reported China Journalists Association and the Press and Publication Administration, correspondents affirmed due to normal coverage and suffered the injustice suffered retaliation.

    "For someone trying to suppress public opinion by means of public power,giacca peuterey, threatening the personal safety of journalists, we strongly condemn." "A subsequently issued a" solemn declaration "," the Economic Observer said. The statement said,louboutin soldes, "the newspaper reporter Chou Ziming Zhejiang Kan Specialty Material normal online news was wanted. Newspaper is deeply shocked by the situation of reporters Chou Ziming and their families is deeply worried."

    It is understood that,nike, Chou Ziming graduated from Nanjing University in March this year to enter the "Economic Observer" work. June 5 this year,giubbotti peuterey nuovo, Chou Ziming have written reports, "Kane shares" Italian Job "mystery" and criticized Zhejiang Kan Specialty Materials Co., Ltd. (ie Kane shares), there is a problem in the restructuring, land transfer and other aspects of the transfer of assets of listed companies , suspected loss of state assets. Report directed at Kane shares the actual control of Wang Brownsea,moncler outlet, a substantial reduction Kane shares of stock from January 2010 to June this year,chaussure louboutin femme, a total of nearly 200 million yuan cash in.

    June 22, "the Economic Observer" published Chou Ziming have written follow-up reports, "Kane shares re-investigation: hide the related party transactions." This report said Kane shares acquisition in three cases, there are transactions related suspects.

    Tian Zhiqiang Kane shares secretaries today to accept China Youth Daily reporter telephone interview that morning was wanted to know Chou Ziming concerned, the specific situation is not clear. He confirmed for Chou Ziming,nike pas cher, Kane company on behalf of the Group to Suichang Public Security Bureau had reported cases. According to media reports,borse hogan, the county public security bureau on May 20 the official investigation.

    Earlier in the day,achat louboutin pas cher, media reports said, Tian Zhiqiang said Kane shares will insist on Chou Ziming malicious libel, framed charges of criminal acts. In this regard, Tian Zhiqiang told reporters that "this argument,escada occhiali da sole, I never said to any media now has been the public security department control things,adidas, and we do not adhere to adhere to (sue) what use is it?"

    For the "Economic Observer" published the "declaration", Tian Zhiqiang said the company is meeting to study, there is no attitude.

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