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chaussure requin surprising is that 18 hound

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  1. fgsn84215

    This terrier is still on hunger strike.

    Villagers detained three poaching wild boar hound hunger strike to death


    Another one is still on hunger strike; Dog Expert: loyalty has nothing to do, there may be trained, there may be sick,louboutin prix, for example, he had depression


    November 23 morning, the Hunchun Forestry Bureau arrested five illegal poaching of wild boar villagers had just seized a hunting wild boar and 18 hounds.

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    5 people accountable, who together with 20 other villagers poaching bull boar, currently five people XingJu suspicion of illegal hunting.


    5 people detained according to the law, is not surprising, surprising is that 18 hound, is a similar killed, four have been on hunger strike, in which the three have died because of hunger strike, the rest of the bird dying.


    Hound main man on hunger strike Hound in loyalty Listen to how dog experts say.

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    Rampant poaching: 20 long hunted wild boar




    And poachers face encounter


    According to the Animal Protection Hunchun Forestry Bureau Chief Yang Jun introduction, November 23 morning, he received a report that some people poaching in the mountain town of vernalization, he immediately reported to the Deputy Director Jinyong Song, Jinyong Song in the morning will move the organization Hoshina staff and forest police brigade police drove to the scene.


    10:30 Xu, along vernalization town Tumenzi direction of the village road, drove with law enforcement officers called to a fire at the sulcus Mizoguchi when oncoming an old jeep. "This car is consistent with informants reported vehicle." Yang Jun said. Police immediately get off the car stopped in the trunk had just seized a stiff boar hunting yet.


    According to the suspect's confession,feiyue noir, the police and the other an attempt to escape the car and poaching poachers intercepted in Turkey Siemens village, on the spot and seized 18 bar hound hunting guns and other tools. The suspect Wang, identified on the spot, they just seized wild boar hunting in the mountains.


    Poachers more than five people


    According Hunchun Forestry Bureau of Public Security deputy brigade Sun Wei introduced after trial, five other suspects confessed poachers 20 people, including the oldest 78 years old, account for more than crime,air max homme, more than 20 wild boar poaching. And more cases involving suspects, the case is still under investigation.


    For the motive, it was explained, it is to improve family life,feiyue original, hunting loot keep some for personal use, and some points to family and friends to taste; it was confession, because the purpose of hunting wild boar destroyed large areas of crops, feeling too wild boar, too annoying, for revenge; and another person committing the crime is intended for excitement, watching the wild boar hound around to bite, and then tie gun tie wild boar, very exciting.


    5 poachers XingJu


    Reporters learned that the wild boar is one of the protected wild animal of "Wild Animal Protection Law", Jilin is also wildlife. Thus, wild boar hunting has been illegal.


    Currently, five poachers have been arrested for the crime of illegal hunting XingJu.

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    Poor boar: childhood had been trapped steel cap


    According to reports, the poaching of wild boar weighing about 75 kg, after missing his left leg below the knee portion, the upper half of the thigh muscle atrophy serious, judging from the fur grow on the healing of the skin and its left hind leg had childhood trapped in steel cap,maillot michael jordan, I do not know that it snapped a left calf survival, or cap direct severed left leg.


    In addition, this boar abdomen cut open razor traces abdomen empty flat, internal organs had disappeared.


    Years ago, played a hunting hunter told reporters, folk custom is hunting,moncler uomo, hounds around the bite prey,ceinture france, hunter holding up a sharp knife after killing prey, the prey viscera pulled out, reward meritorious hound, it is estimated that only wild boar hound innards have been eaten.


    Strange Hound: there are three hound hunger strike to death


    17 together with other siege


    Boar buried hound's mouth, but these hounds are not united.


    He was seized in the same day, 18 other hound in there and a 17 clash, was killed alive. According to police, he said the scene was more tragic, because I do not know belong to different masters, the only other hound hounds surrounded, then rushed around to bite its neck and body, bite not promoted, with a stick, split with a knife blade, car scare, how are inseparable, which shows the ferocious hounds.


    According to reports, the suspect also confessed that these hounds trained,peuterey outlet, very fierce encounter wild boar will run together in the past,oakley milano, surrounded by the wild boar, wild boar killed ranging owner never let go, even if they were not killed We will be back. According to the suspects said that under normal circumstances will be successful, but November 17 exception occurs, the day Hunchun Blizzard lowered their hounds mountain poaching, encountered a large wild boar weighing 200 kg, which is very ferocious wild boar , even with fangs pick two dead hound.


    There is still a hunger strike


    How to deal with these ferocious tools of crime, let Hunchun Forestry Bureau made difficult. put sell Rumors spread that the market price of up to 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, but if sold or returned to the host family,prada lunette de soleil, they are likely to continue to act as poaching tools.


    To this end, the Hunchun Forestry Bureau in particular consult the State Forestry Administration, the reply is to dispose of.


    After receiving the reply, Hunchun Forestry Bureau decided to hound them to do their own bureau nursery feeding, the way home-care hospital.


    Chief of Finance Ma Wenbin cages hired vehicle, 15 batches hound (vernalization protection in the remaining two stations on behalf of Yang) arrived in town, located in Slate Stone River ditch nursery. Contractor nursery bag boss build 15 hound isolated kennel.


    However, so that we did not expect that, since there are four hound came on hunger strike,chrome hearts lunette de soleil, of which three have died.


    "They are a result of a hunger strike starve!" In the nursery and feeding hound pheasant old man said, began to think that they too face too plain popcorn, give them got some pork, but they still do not like the smell of meat, listless, 3 days three have died hound, there is now an emaciated, dying.


    In contrast, the other 11 hound eat and drink, a meal can eat a large bowl of grits,basquette jordan, "one day I have to feed them 25 kg polenta, put a lot." The old man believes that four hound hunger strike probably because they well-trained, do not eat food from strangers.


    Dog Expert: or through training or physical problems

    &#160,céline lunette de soleil;

    Hound hunger strike to death, many people may think they are loyal to the owner, but does not necessarily, this reporter interviewed a full-time veterinarian Yanbian Public Security Bureau police detachment Yang dog work brigade training.


    He listened to reporters after the presentation that training dogs is indeed a refusal training, training dogs strangers deliberately to food,hermes bracelets, eat, bite to flutter in the past, in order to prevent poisoning. Professionally trained dogs can indeed reach this level. If in order to prevent poisoning, these hounds may have accepted such training. But this situation occurs hunger strike, this is not necessarily a reason, there may be a problem with the dog's body.


    "It sounds like the symptoms of depression, there may be stress response." Said Yang Xun, the physical structure of the dog with people is very similar, people can get basic dog will get the disease, "such as endometriosis, uterine tumors such diseases dog gets one. "dogs also have depression, it is possible that these dogs left the owner, to a completely unfamiliar environment, psychological, physiological suited appeared, like a man to a strange place, possibly cold , fever,nike air max pas cher, leading to anorexia, these hounds likely also the case.


    If you want them to live,cappelli sconto, you should seek veterinary treatment at RBI saline, point basic nutrition supplement.


    In 11 years of dog training dogs working battalion Jinming town I heard also he said that such a refusal skills training dogs is very difficult, to achieve this level of general hound hunger strike to leave the owner died, was the first time to listen Say.


    Newspaper reporter Yang

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