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    Core Tip

    A junior high school, unemployed man has a wife at home, actually counterfeit Director at the bank of a credit to a single identity through radio programs dating marriage,basket feiyue, within six months, the two women cheated 14 million yuan.

    "He played better than professional actors acting really, I like to take my daughter to do to give us a warning." Victims Hung Kai (a pseudonym) mother said.

    This Piancaipianse the "Bank Director" is who 12, the reporter came to the Lushan District of Jiujiang City Public Security Bureau survey interview.

    "Bank Director" marriage deceived single female

    "I want to report Jin Ming, he is a big liar. My family money cheated to the cleaners,chapeau paris, parents retirement money cheated out of the ......" November 18 afternoon, a printing plant in Jiujiang City bachelorette Hung Kai (a pseudonym) Lushan District of Jiujiang City Public Security Bureau went into the Bureau of Criminal Investigation brigade of the Second squadron,moncler pas cher, look bitterly complained to the police on duty.

    One night in April of this year, Hung Kai in a radio program on an interactive platform for friends to know crowning. That night, the two have been chatting late into the night, Brief Encounter. They send each other after ten days talking text messages, Jinming proposed meet, such as Hung Kai about to attend the meeting, the two dinner Jinming said he has been divorced and is now single, Director of Credit Division is a state-owned bank, Shanghai people, Smile hotel has a mansion, has a private car. That night, they stay in Jinming Hung Kai home.

    Police investigators Huang Ping (a pseudonym) told reporters, Hung Kai was fascinated Jinming disguised aura, plus Hung Kai has over thirty years, the Optional husband eager to make Jinming easily cheat often succeed. Seeing found the right to rely on,chaussures louboutin, but also for their own good, Hung Kai gradually feel inseparable from each other,peuterey donna, then they began to talk of marriage.

    The Jinming have their own plans. May 25, Jinming own great aunt ill in hospital in Shanghai to find grounds Hongqi "borrowed" $ 10,000. Future "husband" is in trouble, how can not you help Hung Kai flew a little savings to the bank to take out 10,000 yuan of money after the crowning.

    In mid-June, Jinming again appropriated fund units, is to audit, have to find Hung Kai "borrowed" 8,asics gel prix,000 yuan. Traveling in a car accident, get married need to buy household appliances,tom ford lunette de soleil, travel expenses is not enough, not enough money on hand to buy a permit, buy wedding supplies, treatment doctor, house decoration ...... Jinming "borrow" money grounds endless, and often more frequently . Just six months, Jinming has swindled 105,000 yuan in cash. And each deception, are his way to borrow money, he said a few days yet, he has not yet unmasked until 1 cent.

    Looking for someone real estate license fraud perfunctory "quasi-law"

    When Jinming last to Hung Kai borrow $ 30,000 Hung Kai's mother-in-law had doubts aligned to Jinming and Hung Kai marry as soon as possible, and provide a Smile hotel house real estate license. Jinming with Hung Kai took a wedding in the streets looking for a dealer to make false statements, made a fake marriage certificate and a real estate license to Hung Kai's mother. Reporters saw the police this "marriage certificate" working poor,occhiali da vista rayban, sighted carefully identify the authenticity can be found.

    A bank staff how would borrow so much money He grew more and more wrong with Hung Kai mom took the "quasi-law" for the real estate license to Smile hotel property company to inquire. Property company staff told her that the house is not purchased Jinming, but his rent. Hung Kai heard this message, immediately hung up the phone to Jinming, regarding the requirements with regard to the house to give her an explanation Jinming, but Jinming did not say what they were.

    "Bank Director" disappeared before the wedding

    19 in Jiujiang police investigation Jinming suspect that another woman entered Lushan District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Second Squadron reported that she was also a man named Jinming fooled,céline occhiali da sole.

    Alarm girl named Lifang Hui (a pseudonym), Jiujiang Lushan District people. Li Fanghui similar encounter with Hung Kai, Jin Ming also had sexual relations, and has "borrowed" to its 39,000 yuan. Lifang Hui said that this year in early May day, she met a man claiming to be called in on the radio Jinming dating platform. Jinming said that he is the Director of a credit at banks, several sets of property in Jiujiang. Lifang Hui Ming Jin and talk very speculative, leave each phone number. The next day, Lifang Hui Ming Jin received a text message sent, showing her love of the heart, and soon the two will fall in love in a text message. Contact.

    A few days later, Jin Ming bought a ring given Lifang Hui, and promised to bring Lee to play West Lake in Hangzhou. At this point Lifang Hui has this "Bank Director" Jinming fond. Four days later, they arrived in Hangzhou, a hotel stay. After a few days to get along, Li Fanghui more obsessed with this "Bank Director", set the marriage.

    A few days later Lifang Hui Jin Ming took back home, family and friends to the formal presentation of the crowning. Jinming eloquent, seems to have become the home of Li Fanghui "Millionaire" Everyone praised Li Fanghui lucky to find such a capable boyfriend.

    Until November 17, when Lifang Hui's family to make arrangements for their wedding, Jinming own grandfather died at home,cappelli last kings, we need to return home to Shanghai in time, could not attend the wedding.

    Because many times for various reasons to borrow money,veste jordan, Lifang Hui parents began to have doubts early on Jinming heart. They immediately Jinming investigation to Jinming said unit to verify and found that the units did not have Jinming this person. Staff Smile hotel property company told them that the house is not purchased Jinming, he rented.

    "Bank Director" For then was caught cheating

    December 2 at 3 pm, Jinming called Hung Kai,pigalle louboutin, said the critical hand her to "borrow" money to him, the way the two married discuss things,sac longchamp pliage solde, Hung Kai immediately agreed, the meeting place set at Hung Kai Ka Lau under. Hang up the phone, Hung Kai report to the police immediately. Upon learning of the situation, the police rushed to the scene to conduct surveillance. 4 pm, the suspect entered the police's attention Jinming, when he and Hung Kai talking to the police who came and pressed to the ground.

    Rent Buick, was the identity of the mansion

    Huang Ping,longchamp palace facebook, police investigators told reporters, real name Zhang Jinming, Jiangsu Hai'an County, born in 1981. Zhang only junior high school, was a true farmer, has a family and has a child. From April this year, Zhang suddenly become the Director of Credit Division of Jiujiang City, a bank.

    According to Zhang explained, during the same two women in love, he boasted that his uncle is the leader Jiujiang political and legal system, the family has several palaces, as well as a high-grade imported cars. They see he has a house, a car, good economic conditions, was willing to associate with him. And all of this money Zhang rented, cars are rented daily rent 320 yuan, Smile Hotel mansion is a monthly rent of 1800 yuan rented mansion is rented elsewhere. Zhang to show their identity,sito ufficiale ray ban, but also specifically requested a driver, driving a car all day wandering in Hubei Province, Nanchang, Shanghai and other places. Lying to the 14 million yuan, and it was he squandered.

    "Bank Director" was originally fugitives online

    Huang Ping said their inquiries through the Internet and found the suspect Zhang in Jiangsu police online wanted fugitives.

    According to the police to arrest fugitive information found online, last July 24, Zhang Guang Xun in Hai'an car rental companies rent a car Santana 2000, prepaid rent 1,500 yuan, after crowning the car as collateral to obtain funds 30,000.

    October 7 last year, Zhang and from the company hired a car Santana 2000, October 8, Jinming again after the car as collateral proceeds of 48,000 yuan, fled. According to Jin Ming confessed that since 2006, he was in the country to rent Jiangsu way, has deceived the 13 car, the proceeds of several hundred thousand dollars.

    Zhang suspects that because they have been informed that the Jiangsu police as online fugitives,lunette de soleil, wanted to take his wife and children fled to Jiujiang make a living, but to the Jiujiang six months did not find a job. So germination cheat money with this way.

    Suspects: "cheated just looking for excitement."

    "I know that was wrong, and now regret! Some good transformation for out early with their families." In the detention center,hogan outlet milano, Zhang shed tears of remorse, but tears can not wash away the wrong he had committed, he will be waiting for the law severely punished.

    In the interview, the suspect Zhang told reporters that he wanted to say sorry to the two victims, he did not mean it, and begging pardon. He said he did it feel very empty, just looking for a stimulus.

    At present,gucci lunette de soleil, the police on suspicion of fraud will Zhang Detention, the case is under further review.

    - Police advise:

    At present, some women could not resist the "successful man" and "the temptation of wealth" because they gave up the "Love is the basis of marriage," the basic principles. In love marriage, excessively valued wealth of chips, is actually a manifestation of greed,hogan scontate, and if a person had some kind of greed, then cheated has become an inevitable outcome.

    Huang Ping, police handling the case to remind the majority of female friends when dealing with people, we must carefully identify and avoid the wrong friends to bring their own mental harm and economic loss. (Liu Ping & nbsp; HE Jing / Chart)


     Disclaimer: This article represents only the author, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity,moncler uomo, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.


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    <p> because you must have a deterrent effect. Republican presidential candidate Rubio said that if he is elected,hogan sito ufficiale, will take the ship through the disputed islands in the South China Sea, South China Sea to challenge the assertion.US Secretary of State John Kerry on the 6th Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh also said that with the phone, worried about China's actions will "continue to increase tensions in the region." According to the "Voice of America" reported on the 8th, two of the Nansha Islands "could militarization "expressed concern. It reported that next month the United States and ASEAN leaders summit, China in the South China Sea "unilateral action" will be the topic of discussion.Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy Cultural Institute researcher Xu Liping 8th accept the "Global Times" reporter,lenti oakley holbrook, said the US position in line with its usual practice, it never "absent" in the world hot spots. Xu Liping said the United States would like to secure the South China Sea as "pressure valve" and "booster" further involved regional affairs,hogan saldi, and "Asia-Pacific rebalancing" strategy. For some of the Republicans' rhetoric South China Sea, "China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute of the United States as long as Wei said that this year is election year in the United States, which means that the hype is far greater than the actual meaning.China on Saturday YONGSHU reef flight - the first response activities in Vietnam, once again sounding the evening of 7, said the Chinese side of related actions "a threat to peace." Reuters reported on the 8th.</p>

    <p> the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Haiping, said China two large airliner landed Wednesday on a reef YONGSHU "illegal construction" Airports, "This is a serious violation of Vietnam's sovereignty, threat peace and regional stability and threaten the East China Sea (ie the South China Sea) the safety and freedom of navigation and overflights. " According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency,golden goose donna," citing Vietnam, "Youth Daily" reported on the 8th,hogan scarpe, Ho Chi Minh FIR recent emergence of a number of aircraft overflew the Chinese, but local Chinese aviation authorities did not receive notice of the flight plan. Vietnam Aviation Administration said that China violated the relevant provisions of the ICAO. The agency has sent a letter to the ICAO report, in protest."Philippine Star" on the 8th.</p>

    <p> said Philippine Foreign Minister Del Rosario for the South China Sea reef YONGSHUJIAO flight activities represent,moda donna abbigliamento, if not to protest China's behavior, China may take the opportunity to set up air defense identification zone in the South China Sea. Philippine GMA News website said that the Philippine armed forces Admiral Lopez Western Military Region 7, said that the Philippine side is difficult to monitor China's YONGSHU reef activities,spaccio hogan, but will make every effort to collect evidence, until the relevant international bodies to arbitration.Xu Liping said that the Philippines has been illegally occupied islands in the industry,hogan donna, continue to violate the consensus reached by China and the Philippines official. Vietnam has long tenure in the islands and reefs occupied by illegal military presence, its actions is the "threat to peace", "the Philippines and Vietnam and other countries to stay awake,hogan donna, not illusions,golden goose scarpe, do not think that tied together with extra-regional countries speculation China Sea the problem will succeed.</p>

    <p> although from the beginning of the afternoon snowfall is not large, but it will be another round this month, the new England blizzard prelude. Comments were 547,613 more US snowstorm hit the streets now sleigh at 11:59 on February 17,golden goose donna, 2015 local time on February 15, 2015,ua, the New England region of the northeastern United States ushered in a "White Day", although from the beginning of the afternoon snowfall is not large, but it will be another round this month,hogan borse, the new England blizzard prelude. Comments were 547,hogan online,614 more US snowstorm hit the streets now sleigh at 11:59 on February 17, 2015 local time on February 15,hogan estive, 2015, the New England region of the northeastern United States ushered in a "White Day", although from the beginning of the afternoon snowfall is not large, but it will be another round this month, the new England blizzard prelude. Comment[Global Times reporter Du Haichuan Global Times special correspondent Xin Bin] "The United States made it clear that attention to these test and related activities in China on the South China Sea islands and reefs of the dispute." Following the US State Department China YONGSHU reef flight activity indiscreet remarks, calling it "intensifies tension,scarpe hogan donna, threatening stability in the region ",golden goose milano, the Pentagon also interrupted the 7th South China Sea action against China currently has three civil aircraft in flight YONGSHU reef" expression of concern. " At the same time, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China this week,under armour, the second "warning".</p>

    <p> the Philippines worried about China, "the establishment of the South China Sea air defense identification zone." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said earlier that China's Nansha Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty. China does not accept the parties unreasonable accusations.According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 8th, the US Pentagon spokesman Cook said Wednesday that the United States believes that any country "militarization" and reclamation operations in the South China Sea islands dispute reefs will increase instability in the South China Sea. US Republican politicians today are greatly exaggerated "the threat of the South China Sea." According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 8 reported that the US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan criticized the Obama administration's proposal to reduce the number of US Navy ships. He said that the South China Sea tensions highlight the need for the US to maintain a strong navy.</p>

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