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    <p> Zhejiang Province Development and Reform Commission announced the 2013 investment objectives: to ensure that total annual fixed asset investment growth rate of 15 percent or more, and strive to increase 20 percent, the total social investment breakthrough 2 trillion yuan. 3 months late, the Zhejiang provincial government held the fourth executive meeting, Provincial Development and Reform Commission Xie Liqun on Zhejiang expand effective investment, "411" plan of action for major projects,parajumpers jas dames, as well as preparation of new key construction projects in 2013 to do a special report.</p>

    <p> according to this year's "Government Work Report" made to do: always put the well-being of the people and development increase as the greatest responsibility,parajumpers dames jas, always put the modernization of the mission on his shoulders, always put the well-being of the people to put music worries in mind. People worry about how much things resolved, get a sense of how many there are. Push forward the reform step, anxieties a little less,hogan online, a little more benefit, people will have "to find gold" like to get a sense,parajumpers dames jas, it will leave the "reform for the people" in the deep imprint on the land of China. � (Article from: State is a community on the Outlook Weekly public micro-channel number Steady growth provinces have invested to develop a roadmap Analysts believe that the lack of restricted funds.</p>

    <p> superior environment as a focus of economic work in the second half,parajumpers kids, and strive to achieve the objectives set at the beginning. First,settimana della moda di milano, we must adhere to "doing." Hand and a good mass line educational practice, on the one hand with economic and social development. Second, we must quickly implement, implement policies for the central authorities have issued or will further strengthen with the relevant state ministries and vigorously study countermeasures, strive for more support in terms of national policies, programs and the like. Third, we must grasp the construction of major projects,parajumpers vrouwen, park construction and investment work. Active docking "PRD", "Yangtze River Delta", "triangle", and "triangle linkage." Fourth.</p>

    <p> we should as soon as possible policies and measures to support key industries and key the development of enterprises,parajumpers sale, to help enterprises solve practical problems, encourage enterprises to speed up development. Fifth, we must continue to promote the construction of major infrastructure, people's livelihood and environmental protection projects. Sixth, we should further strengthen financial support to the real economy, "three rural" and SMEs. Seventh, we must effectively optimize the development environment. Guizhou Provincial Standing Committee held (enlarged) meeting stressed the need to be able to adhere to fast is fast, fast mediator good development policy task,parajumpers winterjas, to maintain growth as the primary task, firm, unwavering bite development objectives, tasks, mobilization , coordination and organization of all forces, great determination and devote great efforts to win the third quarter, winning the annual target, firmly grasp the initiative in economic work. In fact, some provinces have been carried out in the second quarter of the steady investment.</p>

    <p> steady growth in jobs. Such as Yunnan Province April 11 released the "Yunnan Province Development and Reform Commission on the issuance of Yunnan Province in 2013," three one hundred "key construction project notice", "Please financial, insurance agencies achieve the best possible parent support,ray ban vintage, eligible key construction projects and key support and priority check. "May 10, the Shaanxi provincial government issued the" Shaanxi provincial key projects to promote the approach. " & Nbsp; & nbsp; Zhejiang is one of the more representative a. As early as the end of 2012.</p>

    <p> will struggle harvest, there will be as successful. You can not always blame the people "too headstrong." Get affordable, rewarding is human. Deepening the Reform in the final analysis is to let the people get benefits,hogan uomo, rewarding year of life is better than a year. Overall, the "hope of reform," "fear of reform,hogan on line," "care reform" reform anxiety, tangled reform,hogan outlet online, in different populations exist. Key to deepening reform crucial year, is to prevent the emergence of reform fell into a stalemate. Xi Jinping clearly stated that "the gold content of the reform program fully displayed, so that the people get more sense," the guiding ideology for those who spotted the rapid advance of established fundamental reform. Reform for the people, is to focus on "the people get more sense" to start reform is to make the reform measures more in line with the actual needs of the people,hogan outlet, to better meet the development aspirations of the people, there will be no favoritism of troubled reform. Especially leading cadres at all levels.</p>

    <p> local investment in the second half is expected to accelerate slightly � intern reporter Fang Ye Fan Wenbo Beijing reported Source: Economic Information Daily By the "Economic Information Daily" reporters writing, in addition to individual provinces,hogan online, the China's inland provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have largely held the economic situation analysis will deploy half of the year. Content from the meeting, almost every province (autonomous regions and municipalities) are referred to by steady investment to steady growth, some provinces even proposed to maintain growth. Economists believe that with the increasing pressure of economic slowdown, the current local government investment has a greater stability, steady growth momentum, and with the central and decentralized cancel the administrative examination and approval authority,spaccio hogan, the local also has the ability to increase investment . However, taking into account the local debt problem continues, the funding difficulties,moda donna, the second half is expected to accelerate slightly in local investment. Hunan government executive meeting stressed that the continued steady growth, the transfer mode, security focus,hogan online, promoting investment.</p>


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