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christian louboutin soldes which contains political demands

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    <p> they have a hope of improvement. (The author is professor of South China University of Technology) (Original title: "shall not be less than ten years old alone": Let there fSouthern reporter Gao Long & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; National Holiday in the online publication "on statutory holidays holiday arrangements questionnaire", has been about 211 million people feedback. It is reported that analysis, the majority of users of the existing statutory holidays holiday arrangements expressed dissatisfaction with their big appeal is to extend Spring Festival holiday. Time back, a hundred years, the Chinese New Year holiday arrangements for several times causing severe and extensive social controversy, which contains political demands, changing times and folk heritage and other conflicts. In the Republic of China, the Chinese New Year was even officially banned. "Encirclement" Spring Festival in Guangdong Province municipal primary and secondary schools are not allowed to make communique put Spring Festival false, once identified,nike air max outlet online, the principal dismissed After the Revolution, the Government of the Republic of China was initially taken to the west of the main calendar,nike outlet, lunar calendar used along with traditional practices. "Provisional President promulgated on almanac order" described in January 1912 issued by Sun Yat-sen,under armour, "the coexistence of old and new two calendar", "Old habits may be survivors, appendix summary, good and bad God remove all places." After Yuan's Beijing government continues the command issued by Sun Yat-sen. January 1914.</p>

    <p> and some people worry that after the abolition of the Spring Festival,soldes louboutin, "even older birthday four seasons eight sections have been forgotten." Abolition of the Spring Festival,nike air donna, there are supporters. For example, January 30, 1930 "Great Asian Illustrated" published an article on "waste calendar New Year's evil." Article On the Road, "Since promoting the national calendar, there are many corrupt person a fool, harm the country calendar calendar for the ocean by summer barbarians,ray ban outlets, waste calendar is outrageous. This person is really the future evolution of the obstacle." But at the same time the mentioned , as of that year, the public interest in the Spring Festival is still very strong. But the vast majority of opposition. Southern Reporter Now in more than one Republican magazine, find the love of the Chinese New Year was the universal sentiment. 1930 15 Republic of China Pictorial "Angel" newsroom wrote, "Spring --- Waste not waste Muharram --- ceased publication but also one, because the workers have to rest the holidays --- & nbsp; New Year . " 1931 Volume 1 27 "public life" in "Editor of words," said, "only after a country calendar New Year, but also a waste wink calendar New Year. In the words of the head.</p>

    <p> the Beijing government in the Ministry of Interior caused Yuan submission suggested that "will be invited to set the lunar New Year's Day Chinese New Year national average ... Where I have to rest,louboutin pas cher, in the quasi-public officers also give to the 1st." Yuan approved the submission . Spring Festival folk original title is "New Year's Day", "New Year",hogan outlet, after the calendar,rayban homme, New Year's Day refers to the Gregorian calendar on January 1, and January 1 lunar calendar started called "Spring Festival", the title continues today. After the Spring Festival as a statutory holiday,lunettes ray ban, schools in the Spring Festival holiday routine. "Journal of Peking University" Spring Festival will be February 3, 1918 announcement of a holiday, "the Spring Festival holiday this year as one week ..." But the fate of the Spring Festival in the 1920s changed dramatically. National Government was faced with an embarrassing fact that the country calendar enacted ten years, social life or daily follow the lunar calendar. Each military authorities and school calendar country is "on the surface can still comply with." While the commercial settlement,air max 90, made payment of wages and other general social life have been using the old calendar. In this context, in May 1928, the National Government Ministry of the Interior proposed a "country with the implementation of the abolition of the old calendar Cape calendar case." Interior Ministry proposal that the two calendars parallel reality is "Yi Xiao nations.</p>

    <p>" "contradictory state system", "the purpose of the revolution and I, Yi Zhu extreme divergence." The proposed measure is quite severe, non-bootleg lunar calendar,baby childcare, lunar new table. In terms of vacation, then ordered the organs, schools,lunette soleil ray ban, groups,lunettes ray ban, "in addition to the provisions of national calendar, the lunar calendar seasons,celine belt, will be allowed to follow the vulgar holiday." From the beginning of the proposal, the national government launched a highly controversial waste calendar movement,air max mujer, the most controversial of which is the abolition of the Spring Festival. For a New Year's "siege warfare" to start. 1930 Guangdong Province municipal bulletin shows that measures to ban the Spring Festival is very severe, so that primary and secondary schools put national gazette false calendar are not allowed to put the Spring Festival false, once identified, will be the principal dismissed. School teachers and students are not allowed to leave during the Spring Festival, or the dismissal of teachers, students doubled points. Chinese New Year in the abolition movement,giubbotti woolrich, households Shanghai Chinese community have received a similar thing leaflet,air max outlet, entitled "Shanghai Municipal Government for the implementation of the country Muharram public notice." Spring abolition movement or even cause a panic. In some low cultural level of farmers and the old lady in the middle.</p>

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