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confirmed and the Anglo-German community sector

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    People in Guangzhou March 20 (by Yang Jieli) Ben Wang noted Guangle Expressway T22 tenders migrant workers were stabbed events from the latest developments in Yingde Municipal Propaganda Department. It is reported that, intentional injury death Zhao Zhiming Li Moukun main suspects have been appearing in court, the case has been to identify the facts of the crime; on the 10th, employers according to labor department monitoring requirements,extension a clip naturel, payment of arrears of wages and working time and other expenses 168 000 to migrant workers ; China Railway 15th Bureau Guangle speed Yingde project department has with the deceased on the agreement dealing with the aftermath of the deceased, the deceased body had to be placed in Yingde City funeral home for cremation; Tanga Ming injured have been transferred to the Guangzhou Military General hospital for treatment.
    Migrant workers pay talks were ambushed two casualties main suspect was arrested
    According to police department news,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/furaha/58331.html, March 6 at 10 am, and Zhao Zhiming Zhao Xinbiao Guangxi Ji migrant workers and other high-speed 22 to Guangle T22 standard project is located south of Yingde City, the British city streets step Fan Gallery estates recover arrears salary of about $ 150,http://roda-store.jp,000. He Moulin is not attributable to the Contractor,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/nik-ebe191-a.html, Zhao Xinbiao other 22 people decided to eat lunch in the cafeteria of the project department. Because the food problem, the Ministry of Labor and project Zhao Xinbiao transport team leader Li Moukun altercation lead to physical conflict, the project department staff immediately alarm. Alarm police arrived at the scene in time to stop the conflict and took control of the situation, and told Zhao Xinbiao et al labor disputes should go to the City and Social Council to request resolved.
    About 13 am, in the British city streets west Tongtianyan Changling village near the road, Zhao Xinbiao attack, 22 people were three car around 20 people armed with knives and iron rods chasing Zhao Xinbiao et al., Zhao Xinbiao,http://mizu-masa.sakura.ne.jp/yokkaichi/movie/sunbbs2/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=1381&page=2", who then go running bamboo,extension de cheveux,http://www.bspace.info/bs/bbs06/2bbs/yybbs.cgi, in the process of running,extensions a clip, Zhao Zhiming was chopped with a knife right leg artery, Tanga Ming was chopped left thigh hip. When the police department arrived at the scene, the suspect had fled the scene. After 120 doctors on-site inspection confirmed that Zhao Zhiming excessive bleeding, shock and death already. Tanga Ming injured before police arrived at the scene to have their own Yingde City Hospital treatment, the thigh cut a 7cm × 3cm wound.
    11 evening, the Ministry of Public Security goalkeeper Yingde suspects arrested Li Moukun. 12, Yingde city police department in turn involved the three main suspects were arrested. Up to now,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/vx-12a7.html, the public security department has four main suspects in criminal detention,http://insyoku.livedoor.biz/archives/317276.html, and three suspects still at large online pursuit.
    Accepting Units pay salary arrears stabbed after event 168 000
    Yingde Municipal Propaganda Department personnel to this site revealed, confirmed and the Anglo-German community sector, stabbed before the event, the arrears of wages of migrant workers to social sectors has not put forward demands. Incident the afternoon, local people and social sectors to verify the situation of Wages and employment units on the same day Wages verified facts established. 7 pm,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/denim-26-menscasual.html, on the Shanghai Municipal Construction Engineering Corporation wage offenses issued a "labor security supervision within a time limit of instruction" (hereinafter referred to as "instruction book"), requires the unit to pay labor wages Zhao Xinbiao team of 16 people and the loss of working time and other expenses total 168,000 yuan.
    Ben through with the payment of wages of migrant workers contacted for confirmation, 10, under the supervision of the labor department, labor units in accordance with the "instruction book" payment of wage arrears and other expenses and loss of working time, leave the scene after workers receive.
    Family of the deceased and labor units to reach an agreement on the aftermath of the deceased
    Yingde Municipal represented by the Bureau of Justice, Human Resources and Social Bureau, Public Security Bureau and other departments to organize and coordinate, to have been injured Tanga Ming Guangzhou Military General Hospital in a stable condition, no life-threatening; and the family of the deceased to reach a deal with the aftermath of the deceased on the 15th protocol.
    Contact Ben deceased Zhao Zhiming Zhao aunt learned that after the incident, the families and friends of the victims, the dead-time compensation requirements and associated costs, not consent. For the agreement has been signed, Zhao signing process and part of the agreement may still open to question, said it would through legal channels.
    Yingde Municipal external communications, the next will further improve the deceased remedial work; to further strengthen coordination with the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region,extension a clip, as soon as possible to ensure that the injured Tanga Ming discharged; at the same time, efforts to speed up the handling of cases as soon as possible according to the law the suspects to justice law,rajout cheveux, it should be punished by law.
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