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do not have a stable job and a stable income

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    Xintai City, Shandong Province Normal University Students
    Fate seems to be a joke.
    In 1999, Xintai City, Shandong Province, more than two hundred graduate Students. In accordance with the policy Tongzhaotongfen admitted them, finally being "policy" to give up, unable to embark on the podium three feet, would take the hand of chalk, or picked up a cooking spoon, or pick up the butcher knife, when there are teachers, but a "generation" word on his head for 11 years.
    Until 2007, they discovered that, even though there is indeed a distribution policy by the national distribution system is adjusted to divide and combine the spirit of their own jobs, but as a unified enrollment, they still have distribution rights. So they began to rights, petition, appeal. In 2009 and 2010, Tai'an City, Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial High Court and two trials were identified, Xintai City Board of Education should be allocated to these normal students.
    More than a year has passed,extension de cheveux, and they still dream from so close, so far. Although the court has the Department of Education served an enforcement notice, but the specifics of how to place them, yet there are specific local programs.
    From Dream
    Teachers to students to pass information: you are lucky, this year is the last year of integration points, you have to seize the last chance
    Hu Hongfeng --- now only three meters less than a distance from the railing of his dream.
    16:20 every day, when Xinwen county elementary school, Hu Hongfeng skewers carts had stopped in front of the school, waiting for the students to visit. The difference is that with other colleagues, his nose was a pair of glasses, and the school as many teachers.
    Sold to students gradually dispersed, he hastened to ride electric tricycle, before 5 pm arrived county kindergartens continue hawking. If the unfortunate train delays over the gate waiting for his day's earnings would be reduced by half.
    A railing yet so far away. He should have been on the railing in teaching, but now only in such a way close to his dream.
    In 1996, the results have been ranked first in the class in the whole school year did not fall out of the top students in the first three had admitted Hu Hongfeng Xintai normal school. And he was admitted to the same session of the new Thai Normal 239 students, including 92 national entrance examination task, Weipei 147 people.
    For most of that time rural children, the normal is a good choice. Means not only three years after graduation,extension a clipe, the teacher will have a respected profession, but also means a national cadre, have a good time you can get a monthly salary of 300 yuan.
    On Teachers will be able to became a teacher, this is the Tai'an City in 1996 education to these students eat multiple levels of "reassurance." Fung Mo Gong south are reporters recalled his cousin was his teacher, sit before, took them a brochures, after three years of above stated Xintai normal school graduates assigned by the County Board of Education to all primary schools. The pamphlets were also posted on the school bulletin board. "At the time these words and ran to go," Fung Mo Gong said.
    Hu Hongfeng also remember that the school opened a mobilization meeting, called for better student test scores for Normal Hongo back to teach after graduation,http://www.kkr-nagoya.jp, some townships want to Hongo best students to the normal school. With his achievements, test high school should be no problem,http://www.vaswim.org/cgi-bin/rcalc.cgi, but in order to avoid high school merit, in the preferred exam, he deliberately did not write the text.
    Information from the Department of Education level is also true. Students recalled, the candidate's father, Wang Yuhua perennial sick, because enrollment in teaching needs more money, to the Department of Education has also consulted and asked to test TEACHERS package Bubaofenpei, the answer is: sub-ah, how regardless?
    Even at that time the policy direction have heard teachers, information is passed to the students is: you are lucky. Gong Fung Mo remember, the teacher told them: This year is the last year of integration points, you have to seize the last chance.
    So he (she) were confidently fill the Teachers, which has 239 got his wish to be admitted Xintai normal, while 11 candidates admitted to the neighboring districts such as Tai Feicheng Teachers. Xintai City Board of Education statistics, in 1999, Xintai total of 302 candidates were admitted to seven normal school.
    Teachers admitted, Chao family is a big happy event. At that time, only 15-year-old Chao, born in a family of teachers, father, uncle, aunt are teachers, but he only admitted to Normal "Coban", a sensation of the village, the family cf. rural areas where large wedding treatment, continuous banquet two days. Proud grandfather said to him: You are the highest level of education of our village, only a "College."
    Entered the Normal School campus, they also enjoy the benefits of normal students. Chao remember, monthly living allowance of more than fifty dollars and a school to do the accounts "of Peasants."
    In the three years between the school, the school is full of "You are the future of the teacher" atmosphere. Guo Lei said that the teacher often said to them, you are the teacher of the people, and always pay attention and conversation.
    Even when approaching employment, public Pi Jiao remember the teacher said: you are lucky, the last session of the State Normal School Students assigned. Dinner on the graduating class, as well as teachers quipped, before you became a teacher, give you practice the wine market.
    Leaving to pay the Department of Education report card, they are back home, waiting for the time has come to become a teacher. Chao took home $ 80, specially bought him a suit, Guo Lei family also gave her some new clothes, Gong Fung Mo aunt nephew look worn blankets that have been specifically made him a new quilt.
    Some primary schools have been somewhat impatient. Heung Gong Fung Mo where because poorer, teachers in general do not want to go to the center of the small Union president wanted to make this a genuine normal students first "accounted for under the" feelings offensive launched it in advance, go to Fung Mo Gong's home to find him, bring school after pointing to a vacated dormitory, said: this is your hostel, pots and pans gave you ready.
    Broken Dreams
    Also this year has been the policy shift,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, petition graduates, the answer is: You have studied the problem, you do not allocate the
    In accordance with usual routine, normal students should be in school before September 1st clear their allocation to which the post-primary report, but in August, Liu Chao see no movement, no longer sit still, went to ask the Department of Education, the answer is: wait, Tai'an City not open distribution of meetings, will be open to hand over the report card on it.
    This and so on to the August 31 months. School soon, they would have to ask Chao said, "wait."
    And wait until October, some of the "normal students do not assign this group," the bad news began to spread, they began to gather to find Chao Xintai City Board of Education, the answer is: we can stop, not what we say. They find Xintai Municipal Letters and Visits Office, finally got as much as a bolt from the blue message: Your question has been studied, you have not assigned.
    Angry students began to petition, in March 2000, when they go to the Shandong Provincial letters received at Xintai side sent the police, the petition with more than 40 normal students to South Lake Hotel closed one night, and later with to their alma mater --- Xintai TEACHERS a conference hall.
    For this experience, it is the most profound memories Chao: buns bad. According to him, quite dramatically, the time is now Ren Xintai City Board of Education Party Secretary Li unitary macro later to meet with them, saying the case I know, the original was in Xintai TEACHERS detained when Lee unitary macro Qingyun Villa, then arrange Hills send a large number of buns to them.
    Chao said that they were asked to write no longer guaranteed after the petition, was released to go home.
    June 2000, Xintai City Board of Education issued a notice, let them take a test, get the report card ticket exchange, when Chao and several students tried to stop, want to collect the report card at the entrance test sites refuse the test, but because of disagreement unified failed.
    For 239 normal students, the year 48 places to recruit too limited, which does not rule out whether the black-box operation. Chao remember that there is a classmate told him that he took for this thing 20000, and you try to test what, hurry home.
    After many years, because in 2000 off the experience, they no longer resist, obediently obeyed no longer assigned "policy."
    Policy and indeed in this year has been turned. In February 2008, Xintai City Board of Education issued in 1999 for sessions of the Normal School Graduates answers to questions about the placement of the book that in 1999, the Shandong provincial government introduced Lu Zheng Fa [1999] No. 48, "do a good job 1999 Notify the school of college graduates to work "for the year college graduates distribution policy reforms from the original allocation of national unity, to their own jobs, two-way choice. September 8 the same year, under the Tai'an Municipal People's Government issued the "People's Government of Tai'an City do a good job in 1999 college graduates school work," (Tai Zheng Fa [1999] No. 90): "This year the city Graduation guidelines on employment is the spirit of the 15th party to the guidance, actively and steadily promote the reform of graduate employment system, the use of the market mechanism and macro-control means the government, the rational allocation of resources to the graduates, and gradually establish schools and departments recommended, graduates and employers two-way choice of employment system. "
    But with Shandong, the implementation of policies are not the same everywhere. New Thai candidates Feicheng TEACHERS Guo Lei said, has been to 2000, admitted to Feicheng Normal Normal survivors still in the implementation of national distribution, only she and another new Thai boys failed to allocate.
    A Changed Life
    When the teacher or not,http://xn--pckh3cua2i6c.com, still have debt, life goes. Some picked up a spoon, picked up some of the Sha Zhudao
    In this distribution policy adjustment Xieguo in 239 normal students life suddenly turned.
    I had the honor to become shame. Pi Ke public was not only bowed his head, so as not to respond at any time to ask the neighbors, worldly children back to him made up a jingle: dignified college students, work in vain for three years, told him to dig sweet potatoes, green spot off the outcrop (ie, people laugh it is useless). Public Pi Ke dumbfounding.
    For most families, but also means a heavy debt. Many children have been on the hope TEACHERS reduce the family burden, thus increasing the burden did not expect, and more heavy.
    Guo Lei such as statistical enrollment, tuition 1100 yuan per year, higher Weipei costs of 2,000 yuan per year, are required once paid in full, at once took out sixty-seven thousand dollars. At that time six or seven thousand Yuan means that most families have to borrow for the normal child, even as this father Chao families pay more than 300 yuan per month, still you need to borrow. Public Pi Jiao's father was a coal miner and his mother was the farmers, the family has two younger brothers, she remembered to pay 7200 yuan, of which half borrowed from relatives.
    Gong Fung Mo pay a total of 7280 yuan, the family put seven thousand pounds of sweet potatoes dry all sold, only Couchu thousand yuan, the other full of more than six thousand yuan borrowed from relatives, had the mother sick to seek medical treatment , but did not want to go to school for Fung Mo Gong, he read in the normal school sophomore died.
    Even if you want to pay less, Guo Lei half the house, mostly borrowed from the tractor's uncle, even every holiday homecoming of one or two hundred living expenses, also borrowed.
    To borrow money is not so easy. Korea and the US since childhood his father died, his mother remarried, bringing up by grandparents, for her on Xintai Teachers, grandparents four by six thousand yuan. It has been able to borrow, mainly to see each other after the Korea-US normal school when teachers have a stable income.
    When the teacher or not, still have debt, life goes.
    Hu Hongfeng with people to learn the cook, picked up a spoon, now at the school gate selling a barbecue; Chao opened the first boutique,extension a clip naturel, and later with people learning to drive, still a living; public Pi Ke follow a relative went to the slaughterhouse, picked up the Sha Zhudao. "Nature is able to draw the same color, red," he says with a smile.
    Korea and the US to repay its huge debts, chose to go to Qingdao to work, daily work is cut sashimi, earn 500 yuan a month, she only spent 50 yuan a month, the other to send home the whole debt. Even so, she did a full five years to pay off this year has made her face was dark, dense calloused hands, the face is a standard peasant woman.
    There are also some students fit Teachers dream, choose contemporary class teacher, but only 80 yuan a month's salary.
    Lu Xiaojun give up after substitute, he came to Shenzhen to work, but his diploma in a city like Shenzhen is also difficult to find a paying job, three years later, he returned to Xintai. After going around in circles, and he co-founded a special education schools, hiring teachers, there are several that had failed to allocate the Teachers.
    Pi Jiao well chosen contemporary class teacher, this generation is 11 years. She told reporters the south are from the salary treatment, she initially took a substitute teacher pay 80 yuan per month, the town center where Wennan Public school teachers are more than five hundred yuan; in 2000, she rose to $ 200, for the public teachers 600 yuan; 2001 to 2008, her monthly 300 yuan, 900 yuan for the public teachers; in December 2008,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001123671.html, because normal students continue to petitions, substitute teacher salary rose to $ 600, but the public teachers have been seven or eight hundred thousand yuan; public teachers now have been about 2,000 yuan a month, she was 600.
    In addition to the poor, the head of a "generation" word in income, which means no room for development. In 2006, the town Wennan named outstanding teacher, by the imposition of quantitative assessment of class, she brought home the top five classes in the school, of course, should be elected, but the school this honor gave a public teacher, because she was "a substitute teacher do not need. "
    A "generation" word Pi Jiao also let the public schools are not emboldened, "from the heart to self-esteem, feel education is temporary." Although she has been through their own efforts, brought the class in the school in the middle and upper level, there are three classes of the town had also swept the top three in 1999 brought home the top two social classes in the town, she is still respectively, in 2006 and got a bachelor degree and specialist Self Qufu Normal University, Shandong Normal University, but still did not change his fate substitute teacher, but an increase in spending on single fee of $ 4,000.
    Hu Hongfeng also in 2005 when the town substitute teacher of the year, more than three hundred yuan a month, counting only ten months a year, two-month vacation without income. Even so, he will be a well-known town within six months to bring poor students in class the top three of the town, township office issued for this gave him an "excellent teacher" certificate of honor, was named outstanding teachers in the second half again he transferred to another elementary school teaching second grade numbers on class quality rating also got the second prize of the town. But he still can not see the word hope on behalf of the head is removed, or abandoned pointer, obedient life, selling a skewer.
    A career also changed their marriage. Lu Xiao-jun said that in Xintai such a small place, do not have a stable job and a stable income, young men find the object more difficult. His situation has been very good, then the normal borrow money to pay off until September this year, previously talked to a few girlfriends, but his family saw him he said, where do you live with? He blew. 31 years old, he has not married. "If you do not get anything to work on monk forget," he said half-jokingly.
    After the female students, forced to become wage earners, but also a few more of their marriage last resort. Public Pi Jiao and her husband are the Korea-US coal miners, though not despise her husband, but in their opinion, if you can become a teacher, in the beginning of the marriage, there will be a better choice.
    Xintai just a small place, they sometimes had to hit some of the awkward and uncomfortable things.
    Gong Fung Mo candidates in 2001 had a college self-examination,http://www.aaeafrica.org/cgi-bin/home/index.cgi, but to sit Tai'an city test sites, the invigilator is found Xintai normal sports classmates (Thai students is not new, after graduating as a teacher), then the scene is very awkward, They just point nod to each other, but not mind the taste Fung Mo Gong, and never go to the examinations.
    Guo Lei also Feicheng TEACHERS graduates in a few not been uniform distribution of students after graduation party she never once been to, think about all the students became a teacher, but he still only work, I found myself uncomfortable.
    Also the students, Chao's cousin was with him the other session Normal School, now also a primary school have been developing smoothly, and when the headmaster, it also allows Liu Chao popular irritation. "Take a piece of chalk, take a steering wheel, the income gap is not to say, security and social status of a heaven and an underground", Chao quite displeased.
    It was the way the petition was detained in a labor camp, but because finally together government scandals accident promote their rights process
    If there is no network, they might think, but their life is not good to catch up with the national policy adjustments when the mouth, so content with "destiny."
    But in 2007, when Internet Chao surprised to see that their situation is not unique to just Xintai, in Weihai City, Shandong Rongcheng County, also have not been allocated because of normal students begin rights.
    Continue the search, Chao seen on the network, such a thing is not just in Shandong. Xiapu County in Fujian, Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir city, in the city of Sanya, Hainan, Jiangxi Xinyu, there are normal students since the beginning of the allocation of rights, it is quite consistent with their graduation year substantially in 1999.
    Check online to relevant documents, Chao began to doubt, not to make fun of their fate, but human factors led to their allocation rights are denied. In December 2007, when the Ministry of National Education Advisory Chao further confirmed that the central policy really was the beginning of the distribution policy adjustments, but like them entrance examination Weipei should be allocated.
    So they began the difficult trip to rights. In April 2008, they went to Tai'an City Intermediate People's Court filing, but failed, they began a petition. June 16 the same year, when they are more than 80 people in front of the Shandong Provincial Party petition was Xintai police caught the local police station, Xu Hu Hongfeng and marine, road peak three were detained. They on September 22 to Beijing to petition, but 22 people were Xintai Hotel Beijing police from the back, there are eight people sent to detention centers, including public Pi Ke and the others arrested for 15 days.
    At the end of the day of detention, public Pi Ke also received education through labor for one year (outside the execution) of the decision, but later the implementation of residential surveillance,extension a clip, have not sent him to labor camps. "I just want to get back over the years should belong to me, just so the result was detained in a labor camp, was incredible," public Pi Ke told reporters the South.
    Public Pi Ke said that from remand, a district secretary Wennan pick him Shihai said to him, in which your life, this is a stain, and will write your files with you for life, after the child test school party will be affected.
    Unexpected events have a new turn in 2008, Xintai City by the media exposure will be sent to a mental hospital petitioners incident aroused strong repercussions outside world, but also cause greater pressure on Xintai regard, Liu Chao unexpectedly promoted these TEACHERS promoting students.
    November 22, 2008, Chao received Tai'an City Court filing Tribunal telephone, asking him to go, discuss how filing. From the next day, that day, to promote the progress of legislation to ten one case, until January 4, 2009 until the end of the filing, and on March 31, 2009 formal hearing.
    August 2009, Tai'an City Court said the law due to meet some difficult problems,http://www.philippine-scouts.org, you need to consult a higher court, he had been to the suspension of proceedings, to stop the trial. "It was to get this award, felt so cold," Chao said.
    Fortunately, the lawsuit is still able to continue. November 5, 2009, Chao received notice of Tai'an City Court case will be handed down, the court heard read after they win, Chao ran out of the court gave the students a call: We won the case! "I'll have to shout out, a lot of people say, you sue the government can not win, then I wanted to shout for everyone to know that we won."
    In its judgment the Court held that the State Education Commission in 1994 issued "on the reform of the general system of recruitment and employment of specialized secondary schools opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion") states: "Students should be commissioned training graduate enrollment plan developed in accordance with the school employers to sign the contract, the unit should be commissioned to work after graduation. "in 1993 the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the" China Education reform and development Program "(hereinafter referred to as" Program "), said provisions:." delegate and student orientation training contract employment ", according to the agreement that is Weipei employment. The court found that "Xintai City Board of Education as the competent administrative areas of educational administrative departments and between the plaintiff part Weipei fact established relationship", Xintai City Board of Education does not fulfill the statutory duties of behavior directly affects the plaintiff's employment rights, "the plaintiff requested the defendant Xintai City Board of Education requested the establishment of duties." Court of First Instance final judgment,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/juraice/bdnrssg276abc-nc31.html, the plaintiff Liu Chaodeng 65 people working to make the resettlement process within 60 days after the defendant Xintai City Board of Education should be the commencement of this decision.
    The next day, Liu Chao to bring together students, word for word the verdict read to the students listen to, read to the end in favor of a long conference room applauded, cried all female students, and even the public Pi Ke Lu Xiaojun two men also hold in a cry.
    A week later, Xintai City Board of Education refused to accept the appeal to the High Court in Shandong. July 5, 2010, Shandong Province Higher People's Court judgment, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict.
    Until this moment, Chao their heart was a stone off the ground. Just a few days ago issued a verdict, public Pi Ke just had his son, he gave the child to be named "Su Sheng", and "in favor of" harmonics.
    Endless Wait
    EDB normal students asked: Can you take a step back? They retreated to where? The court has issued enforcement is still no concrete solutions
    Although Yingliaoguansi, clear ownership, but to realize their dreams, they still need a long wait.
    Chao said that in the implementation of a two-month period to expire, Xintai City Board of Education and Teachers Students have an interview, the Bureau Party Secretary Wang Li Emirates normal students asked: Can you take a step back? Chao asked: Where retreated? The two sides did not reach final agreement.
    In the final judgment issued 77 days after September 17 this year, Xintai City Board of Education issued a report on "Liu Chaodeng sixty-five people deal with the problem of job placement," which made a notification to participate in this year's recruitment of teachers, we recommended to participate in township streets Kindergarten Center affiliated kindergarten teachers and school recruitment, recommended to the enterprise employment, providing professional and technical training four treatment advice.
    September 26, Liu Chaodeng Department of Education issued an opinion against this notice, that the Department of Education is not strictly in accordance with the spirit of the implementation of the judgment, court documents belonging to deliberately distort behavior. In their view, according to the court's decision should be based on the time of Xintai admissions and employment policies unconditionally qualified graduates with the preparation of resettlement to school to become a full-fledged public teachers.
    How to "deal with" Ren Xintai City Board of Education has now become the party secretary Li Emirates macro more headaches. He said the Department of Education and students the biggest difference lies in the judgment of the Court "handle" the word, this notice is issued by the Department of Education in the implementation of the court's decision.
    In addition, 11 years later, is now hiring teachers faced "into every compulsory," the new policy, teachers and recruiting dozens of people means increased financial and personnel, which in turn beyond the competence of the Department of Education. It is worth pondering is that the object is to prosecute Liu Chaodeng 65 people Xintai Xintai City Board of Education and the municipal government, but the judgment of the court that the Xintai city government does not have the obligation placed on the people on this Liu Chaodeng claims dismissed.
    Notice of the Department of Education teacher recruitment, in particular noted that "except in accordance with usual practice for this year's college recruiting, the other will be listed separately plan for recruitment age of 35 years old, secondary education, with Teacher Certification graduates ", this one is clearly set to Liu Chaodeng people, but at the same time, also known as Wang Li Emirates, recruitment exam registration number of teachers this year, 780 people, but only 30 places,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/frogberry/won030.html, making it impossible to" illegal "arrangements 65 people to become teachers, which appears in Liu Chaodeng people, also it means that notification is actually a dead letter.
    Communication between the two sides so far no progress, Wang Li Emirates said that if students "notice" does not recognize, may bring an action on the "notification" content, you can also apply for court enforcement, how to enforce the EDB wait for the results of the court.
    October 11, Liu Chaodeng also submitted a formal application to enforce Tai'an City Intermediate People's Court, but for the result, they can not be expected. November 10, Tai'an City Intermediate People's Court of Tai'an City Department of Education served on new enforcement notice requiring the Executive to fulfill obligations from the date of receipt of the notification. December 1, Part Tai'an Municipal People's Congress, CPPCC members and Tai'an Intermediate Court Chamber to perform coordinated Xintai City, also say let the students believe that the court will certainly not hasty deal with the matter. December 27, students to reflect the Shandong provincial government, the High Court and Chamber Executive Board expressed Tai'an Intermediate Court, it must deal with according to the law, but how to deal with, there is no specific program.
    Chao is now often concerned with his people through the network of the same fate. Sanya in Hainan before 2002 a total of 422 normal students unplaced, placed 238 in 2008, it has so far placed 325, and 97 normal students will be able to participate in the competition next year examinations, according to Sanya Public Schools empty edited demand, every year for resettlement. Vice Mayor of Sanya City Liping Rong said, the Sanya municipal government attaches great importance to have held a special meeting to study the related resettlement work is properly placed in.
    Although every day is still driving four trucks hauling goods, but these seemed to make him see some hope.
    Southern reporter Zhang Guodong

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