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During the interview

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    5201314 train (Source network)
    Yu Li Chen intern reporter Wang Chongdi right
    Train ticket is a voucher, but may have to take it a couple show affection, berserk at 13:14 on May 20 car train ticket distribution. Yesterday, friends, "orange day" official micro letter to the Morning (whcbnews) claimed that his side had Couple grab "5201314" ticket. Couples rush tickets not to travel, but when the train lover gift or collection,http://insyoku.livedoor.biz/archives/18215774.html, he felt that this show of affection accounted votes "too selfish."
    Net exposure
    "5201314" tickets snapped up
    Yesterday,karen millen sale, friends, "orange day" broke the news, Baidu Post Bar in a "show your ticket 5201314" net posts,, causing many users onlookers. Friends and even declared: sit "5201314" train, you can fall in love forever.
    Yesterday, the reporter points to open this to see the net posts,http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/cgi-bin/18th.cgi, just one day, there are hundreds of users in this comment. Among them, many users have uploaded more than the past three years to grab the "love train" theme, attracted users to follow suit to grab votes.
    At the same time, there will be enthusiastic users nationwide at 13:14 on May 20 departure of the train made a summary table, the table shows 4348 times, D2285 times, K7832 22 second-class trains in this time of departure.
    When the train lover gift
    Yesterday, the reporter was removed links to a rush of "Love Train" Wang students, that he is 19 years old this year,http://www.lasikfraud.com, Wuhan now a college sophomore.
    Wang students told reporters that he is reading this network of posts and try to steal the vote, he was ready to have a special meaning to this train when Valentine gift for his girlfriend, "she will certainly be a surprise."
    User drying out "5201314" train, mostly short-haul ticket, cheap tickets. Due to the different distance and trips, fares ranging respectively from 2 to 90. There are friends to buy a half-price tickets for children.
    During the interview, many users say they buy these tickets are generally not going to ride, but as a lover or as a special gift ticket collection.
    Do not have the background to monitor hoard votes
    Railway Square
    Yesterday, there are users questioned such votes accounted show affection, will affect the people who really need tickets. Wuhan Railway Bureau, responsible person, tickets on sale belong to China Railway is responsible for each train tickets originating the background can be monitored, but do not grasp the situation.
    The official said,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0100102400.html,polo ralph lauren soldes, each motor car seat is generally around 1200, each driving range has a certain quota allocation,Hollister France, no ticket sellout. In addition, the background can timely monitoring ticket sales,Chaussures louboutin, the event of short-haul ticket "surge" will be timely regulation, the "tickets sold out", will try to meet the needs of long-distance passenger tickets.
    The railway sector to remind passengers holding a valid ID ride the same date and in the same car station, only allowed to buy one ticket real-name system, please do not buy a ticket passenger car,http://517h.moshiyouxi.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=10451, do not hoard tickets, give more need to take car travelers.
    Hoard votes waste of social resources
    Wuhan Jung Counseling Center chief counselors Huang Jinjun said berserk "Love Train" is actually a psychological suggestion lovers. They always feel that there are risks and compete in real life, they hope that through this form, make life more fulfilling, love longer. This is a lucky number,http://mydo.dream-c.com, and people like to store phone numbers and license plates,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=39&page=2, like, "is actually a self-comforting."
    Wuhan University sociologist, said Shang rebirth, do not take the train rush, only to gift as a lover, this approach is a waste, it is absurd, and very superficial. While the train is robbed of the users themselves, their money is paid, but the train is not made private. Robbed not sit entirely a waste of social resources, will affect the passengers really want to ride.
    Pro, what do you think of preemption "5201314" train, you are welcome by @ Wuhan Morning Morning official blog and the official micro letter (whcbnews) freely. "520 Valentine's Day" will soon come, but also to the newspaper readers and friends to collect the most innovative, most creative festive way,karen millen outlet, this will be your sweet delivery. (Source: Wuhan Morning News)

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