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Economic and Trade Bureau report on the stability of the wor

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    <p> stable office: since 2004,hogan outlet online, the Bureau of enterprise restructuring work has been basically completed, the contradiction between difficult and hot issues in the aftermath of the more prominent,chaussure tn pas cher, based on this, in order to maintain the stability of the whole of Bazhou, to do a comprehensive restructuring work off the work of our bureau, we are in a highly responsible spirit, to maintain the stability of economic and trade the system was placed in my first task annual work, the following is the main work: first, strengthen leadership, the establishment of the organization to ensure the effective operation of the mechanism of stable work, we first set up to director Comrade Zhang Junqiang as leader, Cui Shehua, deputy secretary of the discipline inspection team leader comrade Zhang Kesheng as deputy head of the team and all relevant departments personnel to participate in the economic and trade system stable work leading group, and implement a stable daily management responsibility system, each team member of key enterprises The implementation of conflict investigation division of responsibilities, to ensure the stable work of targeted. Second, to do a comprehensive investigation and handle the complaint case: with gradual deepening of economic system reform, the majority of enterprises and workers in accordance with the relevant policies were placed, and the resettlement of workers during some contradictions in the hot and difficult issues such as workers' pension insurance, enterprise's liquidation, relocation, disability benefits,golden goose, etc. many problems, have emerged,wholesale mac makeup, total trade system of petition always in I,hogan outlet, the total number of complaints in the first place. Therefore, to deal with all kinds of letters and visits of our bureau, the overall situation of maintaining the stability of the city plays a decisive role in the work. Based on this, we have taken a series of effective measures, treatment work of our bureau petition cases, as far as possible to resolve the petition cases in the grass-roots organizations, as of now, the bureau did not appear collective leapfrog petition cases,zapatillas air max outlet, played a positive role for the overall work of the maintenance of stability, the petition work the main practice of my bureau mainly has following several aspects: one is to set up the reception room, strictly implement the petition reception system, in order to improve the work of letters, I set up a bureau petition reception room,golden goose outlet, and the implementation of the listing services for visitors to the letter seat, so that he (she) do not feel the visitor door hard, ugly face, the reception room all day long someone on duty records, and each team member every week on Wednesday to strictly implement the leadership petition reception day system, which reflects the petitioners The problem can be solved in a timely manner, it is difficult to solve the problem, all the patient to do a good job of policy interpretation, until the satisfaction of the petition. According to incomplete statistics, this year, I received a total of more than 750 visitors received letters and visits of more than people, more than 60 cases of letters and visits. Three is enthusiastic service, conscientiously do a good job in every case letters to solve the processing for petitioners, we adopt the method of work is the implementation of empathy, do the work with emotion, enthusiastic service, and strive to make each case letters can do each piece is nowhere to be found, everything has a result, such as the placement of workers during the period, reflected the problem of wage arrears, pension insurance,scarpe golden goose, resettlement fees low hot issues, we are deeply enterprise workers, to conscientiously do a good job in the work on the interpretation of the relevant policies, patience and meticulous in the administration ></p>

    <p> economic and Trade Bureau report on the stability of the work situation in 2004 </p>

    Economic and Trade Bureau report on the stability of the work situation in 2004

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