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    A share of bank refinancing to ease the impact of hope

    Commercial bank capital red line delineated new rules to broaden the capital to add channels

    Although some countries in Europe and America to postpone the implementation of the "Basel III",louboutin chaussures soldes, but China will continue to be implemented as scheduled. Yesterday, the CBRC official website issued the "Guiding Opinions on commercial bank capital instruments Innovation" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"),air max 90, which means that the bank's capital structure over a single, narrow channels and other supplementary capital is expected to ease the problem and help to reduce the pressure on banks to issue ordinary shares of a-share market. Text / reporter Liu Xinyu profile picture / CFP

    Yesterday, the CBRC official website disclosure,escarpin louboutin, according to the Basel Ⅲ develop a "commercial bank's capital management approach (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "approach () will be implemented from January 1, 2013," measures (requirement to at the end of 2013, the minimum requirements for domestic systemically important bank's capital adequacy ratio of 9.5%; minimum requirements for non-systemically important bank's capital adequacy ratio was 8.5%; although the requirement is not reduced,moncler outlet, but at the same time China banking Regulatory Commission issued "on the commercial bank's capital tool innovation guidance "(hereinafter referred to as" opinion ")"

    Recently, foreign regulatory authorities have relaxed the banking sector capital requirements. But before the "opinions" released, authorities have confirmed that Chinese banks will not delay the implementation of Basel Ⅲ, "measures" are settled on schedule iron nails. In the "on the implementation of <commercial bank's capital management approach (Trial)" notice of matters relating to transitional arrangements "disclosed yesterday (hereinafter referred to as" Notice "), the CBRC on capital reserve requirements (2.5%) is set six years transitional period: the end of 2013, reserve capital requirement of 0.5%) increasing by 0.4% per year for five years thereafter. By the end of 2013, the core capital adequacy ratio of domestic systemically important banks, capital adequacy ratio and capital adequacy ratio of the minimum requirements were 6.5%) 7.5% and 9.5%; the core of a non-systemically important banks tier one capital adequacy ratio, the minimum required capital adequacy ratio and capital adequacy ratio of 5.5%) 6.5% and 8.5%) is set six years

    China Banking Regulatory Commission said that at present, most commercial banks have to meet the "commercial bank's capital management approach (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "capital approach") stipulated capital adequacy requirements.

    Narrow channels or supplementary capital break

    But after landing,talon louboutin, it will lead directly to the "measures" to expand the banking business subject to more stringent restrictions. Agricultural Bank senior economist Dr. Sun Boyin believes that the impact of new banking regulations generally after landing on the cautious,hogan, "the most direct impact is the credit crunch will lead to increased psychological banks.

    To overcome these problems,louboutin, the CBRC issued support of "opinions" to promote and regulate the commercial banks to develop innovative capital instruments, broaden channels for capital replenishment.

    At present, the major banks additional capital on their own retained earnings,talon louboutin, issuance of common stock and a small amount of subordinated bonds. In these ways,peuterey sito ufficiale, the impact of ordinary shares on the market a larger force. CBRC official said,peuterey torino, to encourage domestic banks to issue various types of domestic and foreign markets qualifying capital instruments help to reduce the pressure on the capital market of ordinary shares issued by banks,pandora gioielli, financial markets,hogan, investment products enrich and broaden the bank's capital replenishment channels.

    "Opinions" were set up for the other losses Tier 1 capital and Tier II capital instruments absorb the trigger condition. Other trigger conditions of Tier 1 capital using a number of trigger indicators set for commercial bank's core capital adequacy ratio fell to 5.125 percent (or less),hogan donna, consistent with the relevant provisions of the Basel Committee, will help reduce other Tier 1 capital of issuance costs. It triggers two capital instruments adopted principled way to determine the regulatory, compliance with the requirements of Basel Ⅲ in principle,louboutin soldes, taking into account the flexibility and maneuverability.

    Industrial Bank funds operations center political commissar, chief economist Lu recommend trying the direction of innovative capital instruments

    1. In the non-cumulative preferred stock,chaussure louboutin femme, with a view to make them a means of additional capital; 2 on the convertible bonds need to make a breakthrough,hogan prezzi, and now the convertible bonds provide for different period of time is that you can make a new definition on the trigger condition ; 3 and so on subordinated debt and hybrid capital instruments to redefine the conditions are expected to become the new capital replenishment tools.

    Long-term positive stock market

    "Opinions" on the basis of the relevant provisions of the "Rules" capital instruments and other eligibility criteria, and further defined the trigger conditions and the loss of non-common share capital instruments absorb new mechanism. In terms of loss of principal absorption mechanism allows the use of write-downs and the convertible are two ways to allow and encourage commercial banks based on market conditions and investor wishes, release agreement set their own write-downs or conversion terms.

    This is considered in the industry to disguise relax regulatory capital requirements for banks. For investors, if the higher regulatory capital requirements for banks, financing their impulse is even more intense, then broaden the financing channels, which means that the bank is no longer over-reliance on capital markets for financing, market liquidity will be more abundant,gioielli pandora, bank refinancing on the capital market pressures will ease the impact,louboutin femme, positive stock market.


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