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fund to raise the scale is lower than expected

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  1. xz5dtzz8f

    < p > sources said that in the process of financing, Morgan Stanley has received the CIC amounted to $8 billion in funding commitment, which for the completion of the financing plays very important role. CIC currently holds about $200 billion of investment funds,hogan outlet, and is one of the shareholders of Morgan stanley. Sources said, the investment company is the first to show Morgan Stanley shares of its real estate investment funds one of the intentions of the new real estate investment fund.

    <p> fund to raise the scale is lower than expected </p>

    <p> Oriental Morning Post reporter Liu Xiuhao </p>

    < p > the just concluded China Real Estate Investment World 2009 summit a theme for the forum of "Asia Pacific and China domestic real estate fund", the fund managers with respect,saldi golden goose, in the past couple of years,air max femme pas cher, who in the Chinese real estate investment fund,barbour soldes, whether it is Blackstone, Carlyle, or friction, etc., are currently facing the loss, which makes investors hand become more cautious.



    <p> last year, the reporter interviewed Morgan Stanley, Stanley,goyard soldes, said the impact of the economic crisis, due to the impact of the economic crisis, the size of the fund may be overestimated. Big rub insiders told reporters, due to the poor overall environment of the capital market,barbour pas cher, investors will not be clear, in the case of the fund did not complete the collection, it is difficult to confirm whether the final can reach this scale. </p>

    < p > but analysts said that with hedge funds and other investors to fund dilemma has been withdrawn from the market because of, Morgan Stanley faced in the real estate market competition will also be weakened, thus to obtain more low purchase price. Morgan Stanley's Investment Partners Alternative Department of the real estate business chief operating officer Paul · Fspe (V> Paul



    <p> foreign investment fund optimistic about the Chinese market </p>

    <p> it is reported that the fund is about to complete the collection, but as later judged the situation, the total fund raising did not reach the highest goal, so now revealed the fund size of $6 billion. </p>

    < p > according to the reporter, the Morgan Stanley fund launched in early 2008, the fund for Morgan Stanley a series of real estate funds (Msref) of the new one called "Morgan Stanley 7 global real estate fund". At that time the grand mount plan the total size of the fund can reach $10 billion, and in 2008 before the end of the completion of the fund, and began to invest in the world.

    CIC $800 million stake in large real estate fund

    <p> Morgan Stanley spokesman did not comment on the matter, and the head of the investment company has not yet responded to the matter. </p>

    < p > yesterday news,sac goyard pas cher, on behalf of the Chinese government's sovereign fund China investment limited liability company (CIC) has promised to,guess pas cher, to Morgan Stanley MS.N latest management global real estate fund to invest $8 billion, the total value of the fund to $60 billion.
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