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    City corner homeless, ragged, unkempt, timid. Faced with this image, who would have thought that he was a murderer series rape murder cases. Three years ago, in Kunming, rape, robbery, killing a woman, he fled to Hunan,louboutin chaussures soldes k, Guangxi, all the way crazy crime 13 cases, sometimes twice "strike" interval of only two days. In three years, a total of 14 women's victimization, where six people were murdered him.

    September 8, 2008, Kunming People's Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional homicide, robbery, rape, three counts of criminal suspects prosecuted to the full gold paragraph Kunming Intermediate People's Court. It is understood that this is the largest series along with rape and murder.

    Kunming People's Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General and Zhou Yu said: "The case is shocking, outrageous, we should intensify the prosecution alleged in court efforts to punish according to the law!"

    Psychological twist: from childhood shadow

    33, paragraph Jinquan, Yunnan Weishan County Okura town. His grim expression on black face, arms full of blue tattoos speak tone Road. Faced with reporters, he said: "From my first time out of prison, I do not know 'fear' word how to write, as long as I can survive, do what you can for all the slain man, I'm not guilty , that is their life, like I am doing,sac louboutin, I was meant to be. However,occhiali da vista online, such a result is not what I want, what I want is to fight with the police about it when, "he said this, he was calm narrative, like telling someone else's story.

    In paragraph full of gold a very young age, he had the idea of murder. Then he tried to kill a man is his stepmother. After birth mother died, my father soon married. Since stepmother door, the whole paragraph is no gold a day a good day, often hungry, clothed. Once, as a little small and stepmother had a falling out, he took a kitchen knife aboard stepmother who cut,ray ban aviator prezzo, but fortunately was pulled by others. A few years later, my father died, GOLD whole really become not in possession of "wild child" crazy all day long on the outside, "I do not rely on anyone to feed, I grew able to support themselves, regardless of the method" .

    10-year-old full-GOLD start wandering, cosmopolitan. In 1995, he met his first girlfriend, "I still love her, if not go to jail, I believe we can be together forever." GOLD whole discourse a little sad,chapeau nba, but the expression is still chilled.

    In 1997,feiyue noir, he and his girlfriend preparing to open a small shop, in order to raise start-up capital, he started the first robbery,hollister vrouwen, the result was arrested, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, released on parole in 2003. Life after his release more and more difficult, "I live at the bottom, no one can afford me, I want revenge on society ......" twisted mind GOLD whole head had a terrible idea, from rampant, and ultimately to rape murder of no return.

    First murder: the victim buried in the "home" door

    In 2004, of no fixed abode segment picked up gold in Kunming, the whole "old" - begging for a living, and a makeshift shack, the "home" now safe in Kunming Baita Road extension near the line of the original spinning Queensland because it was the road construction was going, just empty out a large piece of ground.

    One day in June, four or five o'clock in the afternoon, the whole GOLD nothing else, a person sitting in the shack side of the sun. At this time, one wearing black jeans, long hair, wore a pair of red sandals, about 1.6 meters tall and young women from across the street Zhao brothers Spicy Chicken restaurants to the side of the open space came.

    "I see her dress like they are from the county to Kunming to work, but a single person, so he wanted to rob her." GOLD whole later recalled, when a woman along the east wall to Cobra disco parking lot,converse cuir, from his shack in what sprang to catch up with the woman, the woman's neck reined in by hand from behind. "Next to a puddle, there are about 1 meter of water, I pulled her into a puddle and soak faint, when the heart is very nervous ......"

    After the woman unconscious,new balance 780, GOLD whole looked around no one, they put the woman pulled back the shack, after the woman who found and removed more than 70 yuan of money and raped her. Fear woman woke up after the alarm, turn the whole frenzied GOLD strangled woman. 22:00 after, taking advantage of fewer people on the street, all in gold segment shack about 100 meters away from the place to dig a hole,WrpBhkw52m, and buried the body. Later nothing had happened, continue to live buried near the shack. Six months later, he was the second crime here, playing on the ground to two other girls into his clutches, he was raped and killed. He said: "I am not afraid,moncler bambino, and sometimes nothing else, I will bury smoke squatted on their pit, recall their looks."

    He fled three years: to Hunan, Guangxi crazy crime

    With the first time,0t00Ohxd96, there is a second, full-metal segment seems to have become addicted to robbery and rape, and attacks like a single woman. Because the Rangers, because the target is generous, so GOLD whole crime again succeeded, he never worried that one day would be arrested,hogan stivali donna, has never worried the police will come to him, he strolled to wander around. Because the victims were working outside the single girls, after the girl reported missing for a long time the family will,abercrombie heren benedenvest,nike air max pas cher 8iILNCQ, in addition to gold when the whole segment is hidden crime, the police is difficult to find clues to solve the case. GOLD whole, and thus begging fled to Hunan, Guangxi crazy crime.

    June 27,short jordan nfEk6e3umf, 2004 at noon in Yunnan Jianshui Gebishi Railway side, the whole section of gold, a 24-year-old woman pulled a Ni grass, which was faint Le belt and took away his bag of 40 dollars and then raped her, killed.

    The summer of 2005, section three gold Full fled Hengnan Town. Year 1 August afternoon, he Railroad Town Mitutoyo three grain storage warehouse outside edge,oakley da vista, the 21-year-old Luo held hostage to the warehouse robbery, rape. After Luomou killed.

    In December 2006, he fled to Liuzhou, eight continuous crime. And the difference is in front of several crime, robbery, rape after he was not murdered,chapeau nfl X4H727z6ku, but let victims a way out.

    Around 2006 at 10:00 on December 17, all in the gold segment Liuzhou railway crossing Beiqu Yuejin road win under the overpass, Wang knocked unconscious with an iron will and took away his bag; 2007 at 2:00 on January 4, in Liunan area near goose Hill Road, a residential building, he used an iron bar to Cen a stun, it found and removed the body of 120 dollars, will Cen drag at no rape.

    Surprising is that,zanotti femme, whether it is night or day, all dare GOLD crime. From the age of 45 middle-aged women to underage girl, they are likely to become perpetrators GOLD whole object. After January 2007,ceinture armani, he was almost out of every month "action" once, sometimes after a lapse of just two days,hogan donna 2014, he has to extend clutches.

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    Violent rape two women own animals Susong a father jailed for 9 years

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    Men seeking stimulating play area candid female private parts

     &amp,bottes golden goose D0qENf3KH,hogan uomo outlet; Lt; & lt; Previous 1 2 Next &amp,scarpe hogan uomo; gt,survetement jordan; & gt;

     Disclaimer: This article represents only the author, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity,maillot michael jordan, completeness, timeliness,cinture gucci,zanotti sandals 09pL4fmgWJ, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.

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  2. x8t045iyirr

    <p> come back,hogan bianche, this concept should change. students, parents should not be afraid to say, do not go to school to return home,hogan bambino, do not carry the dead out of the domestic media environment also needs to change. "xiongbingqi analysis. From the psychological point of view,jas parajumpers, Mental Quality Education Center of Beijing University and master Ren Linyong judgment: "In today's mental age lag become a social phenomenon of age, physical maturity and psychological immaturity likely than mature people are more likely to question . " In Yong and it seems that these young students studying abroad are "mentally immature minors",under armour tights, "they mature physically, words and deeds, but the psychological is not mature." He believes that the ability to study comprising at least three points: First.</p>

    <p> but one must not deny the social harmfulness of such crimes. Professor of Beijing Normal University Institute of Criminal Law Yin Jianfeng recommendations can be non-property interests of bribery within the ambit of bribery,hogan donna. Yin Jianfeng in an interview with France late reporter pointed out that non-property Bribery specifically include sexual bribery, job placement help relatives to help migrate accounts to help their children to school. "The biggest problem of non-property interests included bribery bribery is difficult to obtain evidence." Yin Jianfeng explained that because most of them are one-transactions, and most of the evidence as difficult as bribe money, but not because of hard evidence deny such crimes harmful to society. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Liu Renwen has also issued a recommendation to bribery in the "property" to "unfair advantage.</p>

    <p> there must viability,air max femme pas cher, that is, self-care ability, the ability to regulate,nike tn, self-care; second, to have learning ability, there is desire for knowledge and self-management ability; Third, there resilience, including the society's adaptation to the environment, language, interpersonal adaptation,soldes louboutin, face the problem,hogan outlet online, the ability to challenge, including the goal of adaptation, to make it clear what is to study abroad. Yong and believes that satisfies these three points, it has the ability to study,air max pas cher femme, which is a prerequisite. If parents prepare to send their children to study,air max bw pas cher, we must focus on training these three capabilities. Yong and suggested that if parents find children suffer from psychological problems,hogan world, "must immediately adjust, adjust the child also adjust the environment, which is to come back." For students have the ability to study three kinds, Yong and more detailed proposals to deal with psychological problems: "First,hogan 2014, accompanied by their parents grow up, read along,tn air max 2014 pas cher, always pay close attention to care; second, is not around can be online communication.</p>

    <p> problem solving ,hogan offerte, inspired by the self-communication; the third is called the delegate care,golden goose scarpe, if there are friends and family overseas, have the ability,basket nike tn pas cher, you can request entrust care, but also to the community,hogan scarpe, teachers ask for help to the concept of change, if there is a problem can not be resolved, we must promptly seek professional. help of a psychiatrist. " Beijing, October 23 electricity (Original title: Small students crushed the last straw) (EdiDifficulties bribe the law? Experts point out that conviction standard available "episode" instead of "money" Legal Evening News (reporter Ji Yan) although bribe bribery and other non-property interests and other evidence exists and conviction puzzle.</p>

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