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    Ju and Aaron a lapse of one month after the return to Xiamen again
    Taiwan News Network September 26 hearing (Strait Herald reporter correspondent Liu Yu Jianping room intern Chen Shu Cai Yin Wen / Chart) Aaron said he was not robbery because of lack of money, because my father has put next semester's tuition 7400 yuan in advance He scored his account, and until they are caught, this tuition still in his account.
    Aaron is a Private University sophomore Xiamen, yesterday, in the police station, he confessed to the crimes involved in the robbery. His accomplices stabbed the victim, then, they stole more than 30,000 yuan in cash savers.
    Aaron's parents are doing business, he was born in a wealthy family, not short of money, what can be the reason, made him an obedient student become a robber, committed in recent years, Xiamen the first occurred in the interior of the bank robbery?
    Self-service bank robbery occurred late at night stabbed
    Lin robbed just received a 200,000 yuan for projects about the incident today. Day is August 26 nearly 11 o'clock at night, he and his girlfriend went to a self-service banking pine save money.
    When they watched the rest saved tens of thousands of dollars to the final balance, two men suddenly they launched the attack. Lin pulled a man's neck pulled back, while the man was standing behind Lin pulled out a knife, stabbed 2 aligned Lin waist and shoved the knife, the blade straight to the kidneys. Lin caught off guard, was stabbed directly down to the ground, two attackers quickly a handful of people money, and ran toward the door.
    After an investigation, September 12, Xiamen police in cooperation with the police in Jiaozuo,costo extension prezzi, Henan arrested fled his hometown of Aaron, when he was inside a Internet cafe. September 20, Aaron's associates Ju arrested in a Henan Huixian.
    Aaron said, Ju is a school looking for students to recognize their fellow, played together for some time. In late August, a proposal Ju said, "before going home to engage in a" Aaron agreed. Aaron said he did not think that would also hurt Ju knife during a robbery. After committing the crime, Aaron did not dare go home, choose a straight Jiaozuo; and Aaron Ju and a break here, back home Huixian.
    Yesterday, Siming Police remind the public that a person try not to carry large amounts of cash to self-service banking deposits, such as really need,extension sur cheveux courts,http://www.honyakunoizumi.info, you can go to the counter.
    The eyes of a simple college students
    "Never absent, does not violate school discipline; but academic performance in general, overall performance is not good nor bad, is not regarded as students pile prominent type." This is the counselor teacher Lee Aaron all impression.
    Aaron Li and rarely have a positive dialogue. Li said, because Aaron poor performance last semester had to find him alone for once, this is just between him and the teacher a long conversation.
    "He said he was a lot of pressure,http://plaza.umin.ac.jp/kodama/world/200602.html, although would like to read but have not read into it." Li recalled Aaron say,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/first19782012/3001397.html, he did not feel anything unusual.
    Is from the same hometown in Henan to Wang, Aaron claimed to be "no talk about anything," the friend,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/accessorymart/80929.html, he told reporters, after they play from junior high school together,http://www.predictioncenter.org/casp10/meeting.cgi,tissage cheveux, live together, even to Xiamen to study all the same a bedroom.
    Wang said, compared to the Aaron family conditions much better with him because his parents are doing business, "may be enough to live comfortably, he was never short of money, the money every time you turn the phone, the next day you can go banks took. "Wang'm rather envious.
    Wang said Aaron, like everyone else, leisure time to play games, play basketball, go from entertainment, holidays prefer to nest in the dormitory asleep nor shopping. In his eyes, Aaron is an extrovert, although little naughty but courageous people. "I think he killed not dare do crimes!" "Cheerful, often call my parents,extension de cheveux, very caring for your family, friends Ye Hao." Wang said, Aaron is actually a very simple person,allungamento capelli milano, easily influenced by outside some things. Leave no one to play, only dealing with a certain Ju.
    Wang said,http://www.postyournipples.com, Ju is a fact, the next class classmate friend, "one would think this person is not good, there is a tattoo on the back of the hand." But Wang did not think, just a few less than 2 months, and friends on Aaron at the instigation of certain Ju, embarked on a road of no return.
    Facing each other
    "Grab the money spent over eat and drink."
    He came across two individuals wearing handcuffs, leg irons, but the succeeding Aaron able to make people feel at a glance out the unique kind of childish student.
    Reporter: rob you afraid of it?
    Aaron: It was not afraid,http://jibun.atmarkit.co.jp/ljibun01/rensai/genesis/164/01.html, I really do not know what is so serious, I really did not think (he knife) ah, I'm afraid!
    Reporter: After you grab the money end gone? How much per minute?
    Aaron: I share is relatively small, 6000 dollars.
    Reporter: spend the money gone?
    Aaron: the way to play, eat and drink all the money goes.
    6:25 yesterday morning,http://www.nudistgallerie.com, with the Henan bound for Xiamen train slowly stop, and Aaron Ju a lapse of one month after the return to Xiamen again.

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