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Guangzhou has a population of over 14 million city

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    < p > in the 17th meeting of the Guangzhou city implement the scientific development concept, the implementation of the "reform of the Pearl River Delta region development plan," work conference, Party Secretary of Guangzhou Zhang Guangning said, at present Guangzhou between population, resources, environment and economic and social development contradiction is quite prominent.




    < p > according to the relevant departments of Guangzhou city budget, Guangzhou registered population and floating population registered,yeezy 350 pas cher, highly concentrated in the old city, including Yuexiu, Liwan,golden goose scarpe donna, Baiyun,nmd running homme pas cher, Tianhe, sea beads,goyard paris, and other old urban population accounted for 60% of the total population, and the old city area accounted for only 15.7% of the total area of the city.

    Guangzhou has a population of over 14 million city capacity approaching the critical point
    <br: guangzhou="" has="" a="" population="" of="" more="" than="" 14="" million,="" from="" the="" 15="" million="" control="" target="" only="" one="" step="" away,="" approaching="" critical="" point".="" (data)<br="">
    < p > Xinhua Guangzhou, June 17 (reporter Xiao Sisi) at present, Guangzhou city population has more than 14 million, from the city 15 million population control target only one step away, approaching the "critical point".

    < p > Zhang Guangning said that solving the population is highly concentrated in the old city,ray ban outlet, to the urban planning to adjust and guide new city in addition to the construction of the park is good, but also the good traffic, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, fire stations,hogan outlet, garbage disposal station of public service facilities planning and construction,hogan outlet online, the protection of the ecological environment, in order to make it more attractive.

    <p> in addition, the development of Guangzhou's land constraints are also strengthening. At present,zapatillas air max outlet, Guangzhou land development intensity has reached 22.43%, the development of land on the path of economic development has been difficult to continue. Environmental pressure is also increasing, especially in the air and water pollution control is facing severe challenges. </p>Related Articles:

    Zhang Guangning said, did not mention the index is too high, it is considered through the Asian Games to promote green growth, in order to change the mode of economic development, optimize the layout of the industrial structure. Slow down the pursuit of pure economic indicators in blue, and lay the foundation for the long-term development of Guangzhou.

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  2. n7a4nw0p76

    Diners can only consider out by about 6 meters up and down the ladder to full diners can not Jeeves,ceinture stefano ricci, the boss came up with ways to use the site underground pit

    Mutton opportunity to compete for the winter solstice each boss a brilliant idea, some people use the site under construction pit in the ground three meters or less to build underground dining area


    Chengdu Jingxian most cattle Mutton Xiaoguan Temple - Boss Lee inventive use of the site under construction pit in the ground three meters or less build an underground business district, put more than 80 tables and chairs to welcome the guests.

    &#160,louis vuitton lunette de vue;

    According to the boss said, in such a way diners are like, every night, "Underground Mutton" are filled with guests, the winter solstice noon seats,chapeau 47brand, more than half has already been booked.


    Fresh diners say


    Underground popularity dining area

    &#160,sac longchamp pas cher;

    7:00 last night, too, in the small temple off this "the first pot" diners at the door, in addition to the corner shop popularity, at the opposite site there is a more lively dining area, a shop "stores."


    It is surrounded on three sides to play in the construction site,ceinture versace, a distance not so special, you can go into the later, only to find great universe.


    The original site for the corner side there is the entrance into the site from the entrance, dozens of tables before them, they heard voices coming from the ground. Go inside, appeared in front of a length of about 6 meters wooden ladder, ramp draped directed to three meters underground pit.


    Ding Fei's voice,basket jordan homme, but it was coming from the pit. The pit is about more than 200 square meters, can only access through a wooden ladder up and down. In this case, the pit dining guests have been accounted for half of the seats, in the light on top of the site,hogan prezzi, diners on the warm mutton soup, eat whole day in three meters underground.

    &#160,moncler bambino;

    Diners Zhou said, about the winter solstice, and she and her friends made an appointment to eat lamb, "too many people, too few positions, is introduced to the boss of the underground dining areas," she said with a smile so very fresh, it is going to eat in Where is little relationship.


    Site Ground Rent


    The boss say Jeeves


    According to the boss Lee introduced, taking into account the full diners can not Jeeves,oakley lunette de vue, he came up with the use of the site underground pit approach. During this time the site hit the ground did not continue with the work, he and his rent on a good site person in charge after already here underground dining areas open for two weeks.


    Floor dining area with 60 seats,hogan donna, underground dining area are placed more than 80 tables and chairs, could not find an empty seat in the evening when business is good. Winter solstice day seats, more than half are already booked.


    However,chapeau ymcmb, Lee said that because of the weather,hogan, the sheep's head soup business in Chengdu this year than in previous years, but the winter solstice day he was confident that business and said that his family will not rise the price of mutton soup,abercrombie e fitch, or by 70 yuan a pound last year priced to sell.

    &#160,céline occhiali da sole;

    &#65533,nike sito ufficiale; chased


    Is it safe to be checked after a given


    WCC reporter noted that many mutton soup kitchen, specially arranged to guide the vehicle into the exit of the unskilled laborer, both greeting guests,swarovski lunette de soleil, arrange the location,hermes bracelets, ease of transport multiple responsibilities. So, the situation in the ground three meters open dining area, urban management departments on how to approach it


    Reporters contacted the Qingyang District, Chengdu Urban Management Division staff Liu,golden goose homme, he said,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, was the first time I heard that there are three meters underground restaurants open dining area welcoming. From the regulations, it does not belong to the banned "Jeeves" category; such as restaurant owners and indeed the construction site to reach an agreement, under full license, the health standards, the temporary operation for some time,maglie calcio, not too urban management department more interference.


    However, Liu said, after dining area is located within 3 meters underground pit site, safety worrying, after which the needs and security departments have jointly examined to determine whether the violation. He said that today will arrange for staff to understand the situation on the ground.


    WCC reporter Lu A Luoqin She Movies


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  3. hjfgdf8c9k

    Here is the wife illegal retrograde, hit her husband with cones hailed police; there is a car called her husband was stopped by traffic police refused to produce documents, sitting in the passenger seat of my wife to scratch and bite police the day before ...... ,http://mie.wire.co.jp,extensions cheveux, four traffic police and traffic police branch Branch police encountered two couples attacks. Yesterday,extension cheveux tresse, the traffic police manhandled a man Mou administrative detention on the 10th, a woman is Shu suspicion of obstruction of official business and criminal detention.
    The driver drove retrograde
    Male passengers angrily smashing police
    Day before 2 pm, traffic police four Crane Branch police often driving friction at Qingyang Police patrol duty all the way east, they found a red car retrograde. Traffic police signaled the car to pull over immediately came to accept the deal, but the car has been more than ten meters before the line only after the door at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was stopped by traffic police. Crane often saw a young man on the car passenger seat.
    Subsequently, the driver of the car to get off Liu traffic police to deal. Since Liu did not bring a driver's license, often Crane asked her to produce their identity cards in order to check her driver's license record. At this time, he is sitting in the passenger seat of the man suddenly off,extension a froid,http://insyoku.livedoor.biz/archives/7099527.html, while often directed at Crane cursed,http://www.wao.or.jp/user/haitaman/cgi/aska.cgi?mode=resmsg&no=4973, picked up the side street cones, often suddenly pound Crane's head, shoulder. Men's behavior provoked outrage live people,http://www.noshironet.jp/bbs2/light.cgi?res=105, it was immediately reported to the police. Crane often reluctantly inform nearby colleagues came to support. See things become significant, Liu quickly ran back and hit the man in the car,extension cheveux clip,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001072545.html, then drove hid University of Traditional Chinese Medicine campus parking lot.
    A few minutes later, he heard about the 110 civilian police and traffic police arrived at the scene,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/pin-12302-a.html, police quickly within a distance of 200 meters of the parking lot entrance to a small tunnel to find a bike red car. The two were taken to the Xi'an Road police station for investigation.
    Police informed that the police hit man surnamed Mou, 28 years old, and Liu are couple. Yesterday, Mou, have been sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention severely punished.
    Husband driving a cell phone
    Wife of the police hands
    When the day before 12:10, a team of police traffic police branch Zhang friction drive police patrol east all the way to North Station Ring Road intersection and found a man who is driving the green van while playing cell phone while driving, the car passenger seat Another middle-aged women. Zhang signaled the car to pull over to accept the deal.
    After the van pull over the driver Wang, Zhang pointed out violations, ask them to show a driver's license and driving permit. But Wang refused to cooperate, police said louder, sitting in the car said, "I do not have a driver's license,extension cheveux naturel, do you see ......" Then, hearing the news, rushed to the police again asked Wang to produce a driver's license and driving license but still it is rejected. Road traffic in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, according to Wang summoned to the police bureau for further investigation.
    Just as police prepared to take on the police Wang, before sitting in the passenger seat of the van suddenly rushed forward a woman Shu Zhang police were pulling, but also ruthless with his teeth bite Zhang collar, the neck Zhang scratched.
    Subsequently,http://www.organic4good.com/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=7779, the police will be comfortable in a row together and Wang Mouqiang taken to the police station for investigation and handling of the lotus pond, the police was informed after the event, the two Department of couples. Yesterday, the traffic police branch of the party driver Wang driving a cell phone offense punishable by a fine of 100 yuan,http://www.calocare.com, subtract 2 points penalty, Taurus police hinder police enforcement, Shu suspicion of obstruction of official implementation of certain criminal detention.
    Tao Liu Ning Huang Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Gong Rui

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  4. ayfl90183

    Xinhua Beijing November 11 (Reporter Sun Wen) Recently,louboutin soldes, the reporter from the National "pornography" Working Group Office learned that the name of the banner outside the newspaper to engage in illegal business activities in the Mainland illegal newspaper "Social News" was outlawed , involving fake reporter lifted, He Guiying has been arrested by public security organs according to law.

    According to the National "pornography" Working Group Office of the person in charge,coach lunette de soleil, this year June 16, July 16,escarpin louboutin occasion, August 16, Hong Kong entitled "Social News", and marked in the header of the "Chinese government chartered eligible Mainland in the press release, "the newspaper for three consecutive Yingkou Intermediate people's Court cases involving law reports,air max shop, court investigators unwarranted charges. The newspaper claimed the president, chief reporter on several occasions Raise the planning, organization,links bracelets, ordered some of the staff know the truth in Yingkou, Beijing and other places to make trouble.

    This causes the local police, the judiciary's attention. Between July and September, Yingkou City Intermediate People's Court has sent to the General Administration of Press and Publication, China Book Import and Export Shenzhen Company, Government of the HKSAR "Companies Registry" Revenue and other units for verification,louboutin femme, identification of "social news News "illegal newspapers and Foster Department of fake reporters.

    August 20, Yingkou Intermediate People's Court in Yingkou City Public Security Bureau sent a letter to this investigation. The investigation, lifted,nike tn 2014, male, Daxian, Sichuan Province, was born in October 1968, junior high school graduation in 2004,chapeau hip hop, to Beijing workers, community news newspaper himself as president, chief correspondent; Guiying, female, cohabitation and Praise Department, Sichuan Province Tongjiang County, was born in June 1976, graduated from high school in 2002 to Beijing workers, editorial board member, director of the office,giuseppe zanotti femme, Chief financial Officer for the illegal newspaper. Chaoyang District,golden goose deluxe brand, Beijing rented two apartments department "Social News" establishments.

    September 20,feiyue blanche, Yingkou City Intermediate People's Court heard that the "Social News" newspaper had been printed Fourth, through the long-distance bus transport to Yingkou. Yingkou City Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Intermediate People's Court judicial police to act quickly in the Chaoyang District, Beijing police will highlight the theme of cooperation, He Guiying arrest. After interrogation,hogan uomo, confessed that he is lifted fake reporters, is also illegal newspaper publishing,hogan junior, printing and distribution of fake newspaper.

    At present, the Yingkou City police initially identified,longchamp recrutement, lifted a number of suspected crimes: illegal possession for the purpose of hiding the truth with fictional facts or methods to cheat unsuspecting party money,peuterey online sconti, and a huge amount of suspected fraud; violation of state regulations, publishing, printing and distribution of illegal publications and more, thousands of copies of each issue, the circumstances are serious,zanotti paris, suspected of illegal business; planning, organizing, directing and participating in mob parties know the truth, the circumstances are serious,moncler roma, suspected mob to disturb social order. Issues related to the current case is still under investigation, the authorities will be dealt with according to law.

    & Nbsp;


     Disclaimer: This article represents only the author,converse kurt cobain, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness,peuterey outlet, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only,peuterey bambino, and please verify their own content.


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