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    Zou Shu language barrier still function, she tells her husband a kiss to his happiness. Zou Shu before the accident and has been compared to a different person now, but the husband's love for her has not changed.
    This is a transnational love. A month before the wedding, a car accident so beautiful bride Chongqing into a vegetative state. Good mother can not bear to drag Japanese daughter-in-law, so he returned to Japan to start a new life. He took out all the savings treatment wife, whenever you fly around Chongqing wife from Japan, it is not open itself, it will send the voice recording to disc wife listen.
    5 years later, 30 discs and never betray his love awakened vegetable wife! Nestling in the shoulder husband, he sent her a kiss and said: "There is no love ...... not ......"
    September 24 morning, is located in Dadukou District of Chongqing Iron and Steel General Hospital Rehabilitation Department.
    Lai Yu participate Mayor International Economic Advisory Group Annual Meeting is the highest advisory Hitachi, Hitachi former president, president Zhuangshan Yue Yan old, made a special trip to come here to visit a car accident in Chongqing woman perennial bed.
    "Ganba get! (Japanese: Come)" Zhuangshan Yue Yan sent flowers, and Chongqing woman singing from the "Song of the cherry blossoms." Behind, a man gently stroked the woman's hair, and sometimes whisper in the ears.
    Woman called Zou Shu,achat extensions cheveux, was translated by Hitachi in China Chongqing light rail project in 2006, he resigned from the company. Zou Shu behind the man, her husband,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/mc-0610.html, after the Japanese vine Rang.
    As a former president of the world's internationally renowned companies, Zhuangshan Yue Yan old president to see why this name for many years to leave the translation of it?
    October 3 at noon, Chongqing Evening News reporter Zou Shu parents go home, check it out.
    "Rose Wedding wear to church,tissage cheveux."
    Indignity her brain and body multiple fractures, into a vegetative state
    September 22, 2006 8:00 pm Jiulongpo Yangjiaping nine Rd, Zou Shu walk alone. Suddenly, a hit man to fly over the ground overwhelm her. Zou Shu unconscious, then was sent to the First People's Hospital Jiulongpo. Her brain and body multiple fractures, the hospital issued a critical condition notice.
    "Next month when the bride ah ......" Zhu Guangsheng heartbroken mother, Zou Shu was 30 years, beginning with her boyfriend after the Japanese vine Rang handled the foreign marriage registration, the wedding is scheduled for October 29 that year. Then she went to the resignation of Japanese weddings.
    Zou Shu and her husband do not want to spend their parents money,extension des cheveux prix, marriage, still want to buy a house, going to do a simple wedding. Grandfathers and grandmothers insisted for the Chinese daughter married in a church, is also preparing a wedding rosettes.
    Goto Rang rushed to Chongqing. Bed, Zou Shu head swollen like a balloon, body wires and tubes. Goto Rang trembling the wedding ring worn on the ring finger Zou Shu, returned to his wife but not warm hug, even a glimmer of a smile ......
    "Injuries too, will die even in a vegetative state ......" After the doctor reminded vine Rang.
    "Back Japan began a new life now."
    He rejected the proposal of the good mother, the wife took out all the savings treatment
    13 days,extension cheveux pas cher, two operations, Zou Shu break through the gate of hell, the doctor announced that she was not life-threatening in the short term.
    He knocked down Zou Shu man surnamed Li, the night to steal a bicycle, a motorcycle collided with Huangbuzelu, flying out from the bike, knocked down Zou Shu. Finally,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, the man jailed for three years, his family moved out of that 80 million compensation money has become castles in the air.
    Zhu Guangsheng couple are heavy steel workers, the two together will pay about 3,http://hernia8.umin.jp,000 yuan, this money how to treat injured daughter? Dangers, Goto Rang with parents, my sister once again came to Chongqing.
    Two people opened a family meeting. Zhu Guangsheng tearfully asked:. "Zou Shu wife no longer fulfilled the obligation will only drag Goto Rang, he was young, should go back to Japan to find a new life."
    An accident would split marital relations? Goto Rang unacceptable. Goto Rang Born in 1973 in Fukushima, Japan, as Hitachi's engineering and technical personnel, in 2004 to participate in the construction of light rail in Chongqing, because of the language barrier, he needed an interpreter. Zou Shu 1998 graduated from Chongqing Technology and Business University, followed by six years of study in Japan in 2004, after returning home, apply to Hitachi Chongqing Light Rail project engineering department as a translator, he came to Goto Rang side.
    Goto Rang forget Nanshan under the cherry confession. He said the mountain cherry blossoms and Japanese cherry blossoms as beautiful, Zou Shu is to let his heart that one.
    "No! As long as there is one percent of hope, I will stick to the last minute." Goto Rang Zhu Guangsheng to come up with a couple of books,http://mizu-masa.sakura.ne.jp/yokkaichi/movie/sunbbs2/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=1356&page=2, which is a few years of his life savings, "she will wake up! I will always I love her, to accompany her to the old ...... "
    Zhu Guangsheng said that her daughter nearly three years in a coma after she repeatedly suggested that vine Rang Also find happiness, as they would treat him as a son. Goto Rang refused, he have to wait Zou Shu wake up.
    "I love you will never leave you."
    He does not abandon not leave more than two years, 30 overseas DVD awakened vegetable wife
    After four times craniotomy, Zou Shu finally survived, but has been in a trance. Back in Japan, Goto Rang hard work, the holiday together to save each month to visit his beloved wife flew to Chongqing.
    "I love you very much ...... I wait for you ......" Every brief moment, Goto Rang grasped Zou Shu hand, sometimes muttering, sometimes howl.
    Catch overtime, travel, can not return to the side Zou Shu Goto Rang on the front of the recorder to speak their own and to which country, shop and go to the what, always forget the last say on the "I love you will never leave you," "Do not worry consequently do not worry "and other words, the recording will be made disc sent Chongqing,http://insyoku.livedoor.biz/archives/19370924.html, Zou Shu bed play, each forty-five minutes. Zhu Guangsheng said that more than two years, Goto Rang sent more than 30 disc.
    Was helping to serve Zou Shu Fuli Guang said that before Goto Rang Few things raise food and clothing after the vine Rang now become very careful, he bought gloves for the winter Zou Shu, stockings summer and buy, do not know the size of Zou Shu , he used a ruler down Zou Shu hands and feet length, buy it back to Japan.
    In November 2008, Zhu Guangsheng informed stem cell transplantation can induce vegetative state wake up. Goto Rang Zou Shu immediately agreed to try. March 2009, Zou Shu in Qingdao accept the first course of stem cell transplantation. Three months later, Zou Shu's hands and feet can be a slight twitch.
    June 13, Goto Rang hearing wife flew around, gently, kept calling. Zou Shu moved his fingers, arms lifted slowly, stretch after the vine Rang, hold his hand, to stay in the ring on the ring finger.
    Goto Rang cry. Zou Shu pulled his head, stroking his hair,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-35w-h3c-125.html, and then Goto Rang hand on the front nose, smell and hear. Finally, the two interlocking fingers, do not loosen, which they fell in love with two of the most tacit action. Zou Shu shed tears, still waiting for her lover to understand himself.
    In the Goto Rang arrangements, Zou Shu received a second course of stem cell surgery, then returned to heavy steel General Hospital rehabilitation.
    "There is no love ...... not ......"
    Love makes her eat will speak again, she said, her husband wanted to give birth to a child
    October 3 at noon, Yangjiaping straight Port Avenue Jinjiang Ming Zhu Zhu Guangsheng home. Goto Rang a sentence guide Zou Shu dialogue in Japanese. This holiday, he returned to his beloved side.
    Last March,http://beegeedays.com/en/news-en/577-english.html, after the approval of the Japanese Hitachi vine Rang become Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chongqing four-Bahn total charge, easy to take care of his wife.
    As long as time permits, Goto Rang weekend is always the first plane to fly to Chongqing, the most that last plane back to work. Goto Rang never shopped in Chongqing Street, every day at noon to accompany Zou Shu eat lunch, take a nap, woke up recollection of events together.
    Before surgery, doctors remove Zou Shu two skull, her forehead on both sides of the formation of unsightly depressions. Goto Rang spent 80,000 yuan for his wife implanted titanium skull.
    On their own, Goto Rang very harsh. Zhu Guangsheng found son's pants have a hole, underwear old and yellow,http://nyutles.net/dai2/eepad/epap.cgi?res=54151, as tears son acquired new underwear. She told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, the daughter of a monthly treatment costs of two million, the family living expenses 5,000 yuan, after the vine Rang are undertaken. This year the Japanese earthquake, Goto Rang only go home to visit their parents once, so that the couple feels guilty.
    "There is no love ...... not ......" listening to his mother about, Zou Shu affectionately gave her husband a kiss.
    Loving companion, Zou Shu stronger. Years in a coma, Zou Shu tongue Achilles tendon gradually shrinking. Now, she can simply say Chinese, Japanese and English, singing "Song of the cherry", children's songs, and slowly eat their own. Now, Zou Shu balanced workout,http://www.ace-ace.co.jp/cgi-bin/pet_bbs/tkbbs1.pl, holidays also returned to normal. She told her mother, after the vine Rang want to give birth to a child.
    Fuli Guang said Zou Shu language center complete the basic cut, can recover so well, love is a miracle.
    "Goto Rang love touched everyone." Said Zhu Guangsheng, heavy steel General Hospital Rehabilitation from director to nurse, no Zou Shu When the patient. Qin every day to work 40 minutes ahead of Zou Shu acupuncture, nurse Wang Jiao in addition to care, as well as Zou Shu eyebrows, wiping cosmetics. Wang Jiao said Zou Shu Goto Rang dedication she saw the love of the beautiful.
    Last month visit, accompanied Zhuangshan Yue Yan Zou Shu Chongqing Municipal Economic Commission, told the Chongqing Evening News reporter Chen Gongming liaison officer, if not the car accident, which are a wonderful lover, what a happy family.
    Zou Zou Wei Shu's father, told the Chongqing Evening News reporter whole, Zhuangshan Yue Yan old president to withdraw his busy schedule to visit Zou Shu, both for her daughter's care, but also for their employees loyal to the family, love specific affirmation.
    Peng Yu Shi Zongwei reporter trainee reporter Liu Luyao photo coverage
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