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    Tiger millet billion investment securities brokerages reached the battlefield Internet | Internet | Millet
    According to sources,hogan scontate, millet generals cast a tiger emerging Internet securities brokerage,peuterey wiki, the amount not less than one hundred million yuan level,hogan outlet, which means that the Internet brokerage millet officially reached the battlefield.
    Informed sources said that the reason millet fancy tiger securities, in addition to its wish to build a financial services platform,louboutin femme, but also because the company's founding team come from the Internet,hogan outlet roma, pushing the user first, this concept coincides with millet. In addition to business fit, millet tiger security selection reasons,hogan sito ufficiale, perhaps a little is hoping ecological chain millet and fan base, to achieve rapid growth in the amount of users.
    Related news shows, Tiger Securities was established in June 2014,christian louboutin paris, the company mainly for TMT, investors in the financial sector, provided stocks, Hong Kong stocks,hogan, A shares (Hong Kong-Shanghai Tong) securities business,scarpe hogan, creative team from Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Netease,Woolrich, Yahoo, Morgan Stanley,hogan scontate, Thomson Reuters and other Internet and financial institutions. Its self-developed trading stocks APP tiger stocks already available for download in the market.
    As we all know,peuterey donna nuovo, millet phone with quickly open the market, but in recent years,hogan sito ufficiale, with the domestic mobile phone millet model frequently copied and success of this market began to be divided. The past two years, the field of investment,louboutin homme, including millet intelligent hardware, online education, a new type of real estate services, Internet banking and the like. Interconnection investment in the financial sector are mainly building blocks boxes,louboutin soldes, 51 credit card experts, grassroots investment. This year, millet and began to set up a fund to invest in startups closely related fields.
    Internet banking segments as third-party payment, crowdfunding, P2P,chaussure louboutin femme, Internet securities,peuterey sito ufficiale, compared with the maximum threshold of Internet securities investor protection is greater,woolrich parka, and therefore the prospects are more optimistic about the market. The tiger investment securities, will undoubtedly millet in the field of Internet financial tentacles further.
    For details of financing, and millet tiger securities have yet to disclose further terms of the message, there will be the latest results are expected this month.

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