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hogan junior said before the incident

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    <p> Abby Bradford Bharti was her husband, Ming Mamat Bharti husband's brother, and Cascade wood Mamat was her husband's brother the "Lianjin" Mamat Mahmut is Mamtimin cousin, the other participants are "friends" relationship. "After the incident,hogan spaccio, I am also very sad, we are people, ah, I was holding the child hid in the room, really very,spaccio hogan, very scared." Aida Burak said. Before the accident, she was only vaguely aware that some stranger and his family, and indeed often gather together to watch some of the audio data. "Usually I are children, our family income just enough to our daily expenses,scarpe hogan donna, I am very satisfied with my life,golden goose, because I like the simple life." Aida Braque described her life before the incident. And now that everything in life has been disrupted.</p>

    <p> all the houses are checked again at home,moda donna accessori, and all call into the yard, and my brother said to her husband searched House of. The husband said the key out of the pocket of the site, they asked to take over the key. "Abby Bradley brought it, and suddenly people came to the police station, so that men stood hand on your head to face the wall and started search. At this point,under armour, other people have come back. Then I heard the gunshots,golden goose alte, we woman scared all drill into the house, it happened, after the house is on fire,hogan donna, we went outside to take their children to go. " This is consistent with the police investigation later, on April 23 the same day, Abby Bradford Bharti took the opportunity to slip out to the gang leader Cascade wood Mamat,hogan 2014, who messenger, then, Cascade wood Mamat led Reheman it just Haier people armed with machetes rushed into the hospital, attacked police and community workers. Later, after police investigation found that Cascade wood Mamat as the main leader of the gang. Since September 2012,outlet golden goose, Abby Bradford Bharti,hogan interactive, Bharti Mamat Ming, Ming Mamat Mahmut,settimana della moda di milano, who regularly participate in Cascade wood Mamat organized underground lecture classes, watch propaganda religious extremism and violent fear of audio and video content. March 2013, Cascades wood Mamat mustered gang members of the preparatory activities are funded fear of violence, creating eight knives and explosive devices, hoods,hogan scarpe uomo, remote control, premeditated summer to Kashgar city crowded public place "dry event . " 4. 23 the same day, the police and community leaders appear,golden goose, they think things have been brought to light, moving his hand so early. Aida Burak told reporters that the incident personnel.</p>

    <p> Aida Burak home with only the next basket, the yard all the houses roofs have collapsed, leaving only a few surface ruins discernible ground stacked rush out when the fire burned charred furniture. As the fear of violent incidents along the first scene, there is obviously a bit unexpected: from the third community neighborhood just over 100 meters. From the community out to the market to go, turn right at the department store area, they could not walk a few steps to her home. Yard faces south, mud brick walls mixed puzzle, green iron gate in front of a narrow alley,outlet hogan, cadres of the community,moncler enfant, said before the incident, the left side of the courtyard is the kitchen and barn, is the north four positive house, the right hand side of the house is two sides. The right side of the house being the innermost one, is the day of community leaders and police concentrated place of sacrifice, at least nine people,hogan sneakers, including the town's police station, including forced into this house burned. Burak for Aida, it was a "sudden" turn of events. He started just police and community leaders in the name of Cha Hukou came home,hogan uomo, this time at home without a man, so do not open the door. Later, Abby Lakhdar husband back from the outside, showed them their identity cards, and staff into the house.</p>

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