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    The first case of central enterprises restructuring automobile automotive restructuring in the Air Love Chang

    Recombinant details announced on the 10th of this month, is the first case of reorganization of the central enterprises Cars

    Liu Xia

    China's auto industry mergers and acquisitions policy rules for the operation being intensively developed, but that did not slow down the pace car corporate restructuring.

    November 10, Changan Automobile will hold a press conference in the Great Hall,acheter louboutin femme, to announce a major restructuring.

    CBN reporter from Changan Automobile senior officer that there will be a considerable level government officials, leaders of China's major auto companies, domestic and foreign partners executives attended the press conference, "announced restructuring."

    Although prior to the printing of the object reorganization of Changan Automobile has a lot of speculation, but encompasses Changhe Auto, Hafei Auto,chaussures louboutin, Dongan and other automotive assets of the Air car is considered to be the final locking Changan Automobile restructuring object.

    Both sides of the curtain was about to begin restructuring did not do more to disclose many details,hogan scarpe interactive donna, but industry insiders believe the two recombinant manner are likely to occur.

    One way is the parent company of China Changan Automobile Group and CNAC soldiers loaded cars than certain shares funded the establishment of a new Automotive Group.

    CNAC Group's automotive assets except Dongandongli,hogan lovells italy, Changhe Auto and Hafei cars are production of micro-car companies, product positioning mostly overlap, and the same for many years at a loss,peuterey donna nuovo, however,woolrich, Changan Automobile years has been a breeding ground southwest corner, this has among the country's fourth largest automobile group of auto companies,hogan prezzi, urgent need to find a fulcrum to support its national expansion. After the reorganization Changhe,woolrich donna, Hafei,louboutin pas cher, can occupy the northeast, Jiangxi and other strategic locations immediately, quickly open up the market for its great benefit.

    In addition,giubbotti peuterey uomo, Changhe Automobile and Japan Suzuki Motor established Changhe Suzuki Motor Corporation,parka woolrich, Japan Suzuki cars in China, another joint venture is precisely cooperation with Changan Automobile Changan Suzuki, while the joint venture negotiations Hafei Motor and Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company is carried out, and therefore,hogan online, in terms of future cooperation with the multinational companies, Changan automobile will also benefit.

    For CNAC car, but also with industry resources Changan Automobile, the car industry to achieve its grand vision.

    Another possibility is that the Air Changan Automobile fancy cars car's individual assets such as good benefits Dongan. November 3,hogan uomo outlet, Dongan (600178.SH) released suspension notice. Announcement that the company received the actual controller China Aviation Industry Corporation notice on November 2,hogan outlet, 2009, is on the automotive business and investors to negotiate, the company's actual control may change. Due to the uncertainty of the matter, in order to safeguard the interests of investors and avoid a significant impact on the company's share price, the company shares suspended since November 3, 2009, no later than five days to disclose relevant information to work and resume trading.

    Before the suspension, the capital market has been movement in Dongan shares soared for several days in a row.

    November 5, Dongan again released called "on the transfer of state-owned shareholders of the Company held by state-owned shares of notice should." Announcements,hogan scontate, AVICHINA has its Dongandongli held 250 million shares, representing 54.51% of the total number of shares and Dongan China Aviation Optical Technology Co.,hogan interactive shop online, Ltd. 116 million shares held by AVIC, China Aviation Optical accounted for the total number of shares 43.34 % replacement. After the share exchange is completed,scarpe hogan outlet, the aircraft industry will become the company's controlling shareholder and actual controller.

    A series of changes in ownership of the upcoming reorganization of assets to pave the way. Not long ago,louboutin pas cher femme, Deputy General Manager of China Aviation Industry Corporation Lifang Yong In an interview with CBN reporter interview revealed that the car is working with Air China Automotive Group to discuss cooperation issue. Thus, the idea of restructuring and China Aviation Industry Group is about to announce the development of the auto sector is not violated.

    Regardless of the manner in which the two sides to start restructuring, a fact that has become clear, for the automotive industry with the management of central enterprises SASAC recombination between the first case surfaced.


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