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    Beichuan County Magistrate Tai Chung said, who survived after the earthquake, "is there a second life, there is no reason to waste time."

    When the earthquake occurred, "party cadres to leave,hogan napoli 742zfDpF52, to enable students to go first!" When faced with troubled students,hogan scarpe interactive donna, "Do not worry,hogan interactive uomo, Dad to rescue you." When lost loved ones, "lost forever come back, my task is to save people!" When physical exhaustion, "If I fall asleep, you must immediately woke me up." These words are from Beichuan County Magistrate the great loyalty mouth.

    Beichuan people feel the love

    In half a month after the earthquake, and great loyalty tired. More things to think about,hogan interactive uomo 0W19ad, you need to arrange, so you need to do.

    "Beichuan disaster situation is more serious, so the thing becomes more and more special, does have a lot of work needs to think and be completed in the short term."

    The great loyalty to say that a lot of things including post-disaster self-help, prevention and resettlement of people in disaster areas, as well as the recovery of secondary disaster prevention and smooth roads and so on, these are the focus of their work recently. "And these jobs are crossed, not what kind of work is important, what kind of work is not important,hogan interactive outlet C9x9, what kind of work you can do first, after which work can be done, it can be said that these efforts must be undertaken at the same time. If these things were sure to pick a focus, I believe that the problem of road must be resolved in the shortest possible time. Beichuan roads damaged very badly,hogan uomo, currently Beichuan there are 40 highway mountain road impassable. no roads, no development, can not some people in disaster areas rescue. "

    "We are now on the team more than a dozen twenty come, everyone has very specific things to do so, everyone is very busy, and even have time to sit down."

    In the eyes of great loyalty,hogan scontate, these difficulties and nothing, "These are what we should do, but also our own work, but doing nothing different from the past."

    "We should say that this earthquake Beichuan people bring a lot of pain, the face of broken homes, face the loss of loved ones, we feel very sad. But they did not let me to tears. And let me full of tears to see the CPC Central Committee,hogan uomo outlet a7WLWPOb89, the National people see the whole situation of our support,hogan outlet milano, the tears still flow out. so many leading cadres CPC Central Committee came to Beichuan, General secretary Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang,hogan online,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi Qa8b, also there are many of these people are big cadres of our country. they are after the earthquake came to Beichuan,scarpe hogan uomo, they let us Beichuan people feel the warmth of the Beichuan people suffered so much natural disasters found support and sustenance, as Premier Wen Jiabao in the affected areas said, 'we have not forgotten you', this sounds very important to us. "

    It is this fraternity, so that the great loyalty found a pillar,hogan scarpe, "the people of Beichuan after the earthquake felt the love of the Party Central Committee and the people that love motivate us to complete the Beichuan people help themselves, to strengthen national unity Beichuan, self-reliance, so Beichuan rebirth. "

    Beichuan people will seize the day

    In this earthquake, Beichuan people have suffered a lot of pain.

    "Beichuan many people died,hogan rebel saldi, survived and died almost half and half. After the pain, we feel alive is not easy, since it is not easy,hogan scarpe interactive uomo, so we should not let yourself get depressed. Life gives you a second chance, then we cherish it. so we do not have a good reason not to do things, there is no reason not to do a better job,hogan sito ufficiale, which is to understand the most sensible choice. If you are always in mourning, so can not solve any problems of".

    Here, the great loyalty slightly excited, "Sadness let those dead loved ones live through Sad return to the past to make our home right Elderly people no longer make us sad tears, so that our parents are no longer want their dead children, let horrors never occur,outlet hogan italia sRO0E7Qr9, turn back the time you return to the past "

    The great loyalty went on to say: "One always sad man, he is not a sensible, is a fool, and he does not have the Beichuan human spirit is what we should do to help themselves with confidence into them, let us know. among the students back to school as soon as possible, so that our people rebuild their own homes, so that our elderly a sense of security. we now have the support of the Party Central Committee and the people, you have more confidence to build their homes. we climb out of the ruins, we have not been down, our spirit is not down too. "

    For reconstruction, the great loyalty confidence, "now a market economy, we have the opportunity, Kitagawa use scientific concept of development to look ahead, do not say,hogan ebay, everything from scratch in the past, we only think we are now the foundation is not good, Some poor start,hogan shop online outlet, but nothing more. give us time, Kitagawa people will seize the day, we have the opportunity to win the future, Beichuan, too. Kitagawa there will be to win back that day. "

    Seismic our hearts together

    In this earthquake, Beichuan emergence of many outstanding communist. In the first and second batch of relief outstanding Party members have Beichuan County Deputy Magistrate Qu Yongan, Beichuan County Civil Affairs Bureau Wang hair, Beichuan county Ministers of the Organization Li Wang effect.

    Beichuan County deputy Qu Yongan, 24 hours after the earthquake, he led his rescued 13 survivors from the rubble, did not spare some time to bury the 11 family homes glance.

    Kitagawa Civil Affairs Bureau, Wang lost his hair, including his son and other 15 after relatives also insisted in the first line of rescue. Some media see him so busy, and asked whether he had lost loved ones sad that Wang fat, said: " ! I think sad, you give me time to do that one day I want to cry."

    Kitagawa Minister county organization Wang Li effect climb after the quake from the rubble,hogan prezzi, ran over 20 km mountain road, stopped the motorcycle for the first time after the earthquake to Mianyang messenger, let Mianyang got Kitagawa hit the news, for the rescue won the time .

    "These are our good comrades, but too many of these stories, they are our human spirit does not fall Kitagawa model, with these people, there will be in Beichuan."

    The great loyalty of their colleagues have been saying, then why is not he a hero

    May 12 afternoon, the General Assembly in Beichuan County Youth entrepreneurship in the county hall was held, more than 500 people packed the venue will be full to the brim. 14:28,hogan interactive, the earthquake, this can make the audience who survive have to leave the seat, flew toward the door. Only two small conference room door, while hundreds of people to evacuate almost impossible. The great loyalty suddenly roar: "! Party members and cadres to leave, to enable students to go first."

    After 8 minutes,hogan outlet, the great loyalty was with other cadres ran on the verge of collapse conference room, put in emergency rescue.

    Then he organized the masses county retreat, then he left to search for survivors. After he rescued a little girl had been crying. The great loyalty touched her face, comforting the child never met: "Do not worry, baby, you're here to save my father!"

    Earthquakes in the past four days, the great loyalty had a chance to intervene in family life and death. Until May 15 evening, an acquaintance told him that his sister died in the earthquake. The great loyalty silent a moment, then said the word: "lost forever come back, my task is to save people!"

    This is an earthquake, the great loyalty from the rubble rescued five children, and his sister,hogan outlet, brother, two nieces and a nephew, but lost forever.

    "Almost all of the Beichuan people have to leave their loved ones, this time what we should do, I think anyone as long as you live,hogan rebel 6fK6gB78TE, your choice will like me now have the honor to run the upper body, but we feel more heavy . " The great loyalty Then changed the subject, "We are the people who survived after the earthquake, we are lucky, because we have a second chance at life, we have no reason to waste time, there is no reason to lose more opportunity. we need to do most is to do things behind, so as to comfort the relatives and colleagues who died. "

    "We have a county in the quake 428 cadres were killed. Our Deputy Mayor Yang Zesen, after the pressure in the earthquake ruins of government buildings, and we watched him leave, but do not save it, I think of these, our my heart was really hard. to be worthy of them, we have to take things, or they will curse us. "

    After the experience of these storms,hogan outlet online, Beichuan people seem more united. "Our team has been very united, and now did not even have to say. This catastrophe not only our hands to pull together, pull together have the heart."

    Problems to specialists

    In this earthquake, one of the school's collapse became the focus of people's attention,hogan uomo outlet, "If it is really that bad quality of school buildings, I think are not very accurate. Our entire county, there are many new houses collapsed, but there are a lot of 50's and 60's old house, and even brick still standing. some of the same structure and material of the house, only one step is separated, down on the east, the west still standing there. "

    The great loyalty went on to say: "We should say, including many schools collapsed, including the entire county could not find any damage to the law that we can see is a common phenomenon, the floor a little higher, such as building five floors above collapsed. quite serious. the shorter the smaller the extent of the damage and the extent of casualties house house in Beichuan there was heavy loss of places, such as the center of the county hospital, such as the Civil Administration, where the extent of the loss is very large, the death toll a lot. in addition, we are here by landslides injury is more serious,hogan outlet, we should put this assessment to go inside. "

    Finally,hogan rebel saldi dUG6cNCy4J, the great loyalty, said: "I think these problems are closer investigation by specialists, after appropriate study gives the correct conclusion I did not understand, you do not understand, do not understand, we do not talk nonsense. developed a sensible result, there are indeed problems, then let's talk about the responsibility of things. "(source: New Express Wang Xing)


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