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    <p> the same year the performance of depression, three years after entering Anding Hospital for treatment.But when the doctor recommends arrange to meet when they put two bags of clothes to the nurse, she turned Baishou rejected."We can not see her, saw her definitely put her away", they have a look of tears.Daughter diagnosed with depression after Zhang couple promised to accompany her daughter would resist depression, but the situation has not improved. "Children often buy medicine, buy needles blood hurt yourself," said Sun Ya,http://www.xmarks.com/s/site/www.tadayumi.sakura.ne.jp/apeboard_plus.cgi/os/, before admission day, her daughter had sent information to her for help. "I feel bad today, can you come back."Sun Ya came back late, very happy to see her daughter,hogan 2014, bouncing around to her singing. Etc. The next morning, she opened her door and saw the table, bed with blood.Zhang said that her daughter has refused to be hospitalized, but also threw a doctor of medicine, "she said I betrayed her, because I promised not sent her to the hospital, but I was afraid of losing her forever to die."In the doctor persuaded his father to meet with Zhang Qianqian in the reception room. Father and daughter hold hands to talk, sometimes wipe tears with the back. In this case,nike tn, the mother in the corridor against the Ya-door reception room, quietly sitting on the floor crying.Finally,dames parajumpers, Zhang did not touch is maintained daughters begged, promised her the next day through the discharge formalities. Although they understand that this time her daughter home, risking possible danger of losing."If they (parents) really painful.</p>

    <p>In the meantime, Wang Fan try to do sports, to see a psychiatrist, take the initiative to tell, symptoms are more severe. Beginning last year,sophie hulme uk, Wang Fan not only tortured by insomnia, "the spirit of a tense feeling skin irritation, as if every pore pricking a needle,nike air max 1, each needle there are people constantly playing.""I am particularly looking for people to talk,hogan rebel junior,http://rococo.k2.xrea.com/bbs/apeboard_plus.cgi/apeboard_plus.cgi/, but when it comes around no one can go. Later, I often fantasize,http://tatunet.ddo.jp/rabbit03/bin/simplef/apeboard_plus.cgi/,parajumpers outlet, surrounded by people, I wanted to say I told him that he wanted to hear me say to me . "Wang Fan said that he did not know how long it did not laugh,hogan outlet roma, the deepest impression is that high school students in the school's General Assembly, the president went up to him and asked, Why've never seen you laugh?For Zhang Ling and psychiatrists, many patients with depression are lack of awareness of depression,hogan outlet online,http://www.bikeyx.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, did not think "happy" is a disease. In addition to psychiatric hospitals have the perception that mental hospital to see a doctor is a shame. "In this process,golden goose sneakers, the confidence and the best time for treatment of patients recovered and lost together."Even so, Dean, depression treatment center director Wang Gang stability doctors believe that these patients still lucky. According to the national authorities the latest survey shows that the country's depression treatment rate of only about 4%."And no more than 90% of treated patients compared to their first step towards self-help." Gang said, in fact, depression is also known as "cold heart",air max femme,http://www.observatoiredesreligions.fr/spip.php?article7, as the body cold, it can be cured. "Only people who are willing to help themselves, the doctor can save him. After all, it is the patient into the hospital to decide whether to overcome the adverse reactions of people to receive treatment." get awayFaced with depression escape no escape, against the need to pay conscious effortThrough the hallway door trimmed with a small strip of glass, and his wife Zhang Ya-two a bend a knee,nike tn pas cher nikems, one would like to see her daughter.Their daughter Zhang Qianqian, three years ago with the first school was admitted to a key middle school in Beijing.</p>

    <p> pain that I am better than them a million times." Zhang Qianqian dial up the hospital pajama sleeve, revealing slender arm. White skin disorder on the ground covered with marks,hogan 2015, which are her own suffering at the time of the draw. "No matter what,hogan donna, they are my parents,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lens-deli/1-fresh.html, I want them to take responsibility to protect me."The next day, in spite of the doctor repeated persuasion, not formally discharged patient treatment situation is very dangerous, Zhang Qianqian or discharge formalities left."Some of our patients really want to help him, but we can not force treatment," says physician Ma Zhaoyang,http://www.infocrystal.com/alink/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=620/, psychiatric wards because of prejudice and fear, just a few days some patients the drug did not work on the hospital, some family members to arouse sympathy exaggerated physical discomfort, pretending condition improved,hogan scarpe, but some referral appointment never came."Doctors can only try to do things within the capabilities of the" Zhang Ling also believes that in addition to the clinical symptoms of depression.</p>

    <p> and personality problems, psychological problems,hogan outlet roma, family problems,http://rococo.k2.xrea.com/bbs/apeboard_plus.cgi/,golden goose milano, social problems,hogan donna, so that the treatment of depression more than other diseases complex.</p>

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