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    <p> I saw Chairman Mao's good at picking up dropped rice on the table, I had just come to the President next, I cried, I said,ray ban aviator, "the President", the President asked me how,chaussure femme pas cher, I said, you are the President, do not fall on the table, and not hygienic. The Chairman said that, do not think this is a few grains of rice, he said it was the feelings of farmers,outlet moncler, farmers grow food is not easy, farmers suffer. We want to promote a spirit, can not be wasted. [14:32] [WU Lian Teng]: Chairman Mao's life is so simple and plain, I was in charge of his gifts, and sometimes foreign heads of state visiting the country, please be transferred to Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou gifts, and when met with foreign guests,nike scarpe, they also give hair PRESIDENT send gifts, everything in Chairman Mao's gift Curry. Pearl,ray ban, agate, jade, ivory, all kinds of arts and crafts. There are watches, radios, radio at that time are very advanced. Very clear provisions of Chairman Mao,baby childcare, treat these problems gifts, these things are not given to Mao, was sent to the Chinese people. The collection of things can not and will find Zhongnanhai Mao's gift library for safekeeping. Sometimes we let him read the future, including his children at home they see these things, take a look at them, and then put in place, never use Chairman Mao's gift, not a gift for himself. [WU Lian Teng]: Chairman Mao said that these gifts are not given to me.</p>

    <p> Li Na, and his nephew Yuanxin in his home,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, as well as Jiang's sister and her sister's son. Chairman Mao in my house first thing in the possession of the family of Chairman Mao is in charge of money, financial affairs,scarpe hogan outlet, Chairman Mao's wages hair down, first of all I brought back from the Treasury Zhongnanhai, after all the costs that occur at home, add fuel vinegar home on household items,barbour pas cher, all purchased places to spend money, I'll buy all all. After the addition is a tube Chairman Mao dinner menu every day for me to open.</p>

    <p> sleeping on the bed, on the table, on the sofa or even on the carpet, bookshelves child does not fit, Chairman Mao's home is the sea of books. Every day, in order to facilitate reading Chairman Mao put more books on the bed, piled thick stack. Chairman Mao in his later years had a habit of some frequently used books on the bed, picked it up so easily. [WU Lian Teng]: a very short time, I was familiar with some of the basic situation of the Chair of home. In 1964,moncler outlet, the home of Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao and the then members of the family has several, one is responsible for the work of Chairman Mao, and Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao's daughter, Li Min as well.</p>

    <p> a good menu, I find a designated place to Chairman Mao grocery shopping, and buy things home with me all day to do. There is Chairman Mao's warehouse management, management of Chairman Mao gifts, gifts to and from the home of Chairman Mao is more, according to the rules need to Chairman Mao prescribed to do. [WU Lian Teng]: Chairman Mao talk about the old wages, salaries of Chairman Mao is the original 510 yuan, and later because of our country's economic difficulties, the case of natural disasters,abercrombie, as well as the Soviet Union we need to pay. Chairman Mao was determined, we have to tighten their belts and all the people tide over the difficulties. He put his salary down, from 510 yuan to 404.8 yuan, home of all expenses including meals,tn, smoking, drinking tea, the children's expenses, the family household are from wages expenditure. Chairman Mao on the table is very simple, his old busy with work, no time to work on their own what to eat what to eat,nike air force prezzo, do not remember, is the staff around us, arranged for him. Chairman Mao has a provision is simply to eat four dishes and one soup, a common practice is that we now often talk about the farm vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables these basic life of Chairman Mao on the table no delicacies.</p>

    <p> not to say that Chairman Mao life had not eaten delicacies, he ate, but another way, Chairman Mao said these things not to eat, only entertain foreigners,nike air donna, entertain international friends can eat. When Chairman Mao met with foreign guests to ethnic people, our best dishes come out to entertain foreigners, this time of Chairman Mao can taste delicacies taste. [WU Lian Teng]: He is nothing other requirements,lunettes de vue ray ban, it is necessary to arrange the four dishes and one soup dinner, this is a special responsibility of our office staff. Chairman Mao normally eat two meals,zanotti femme, if you eat well, I think the party and the people can not explain, we are a high requirement for him to eat, whenever you gonna make Chairman Mao eat well, enough to eat, although It is commonplace. His Holiness the only requirement is raised with us, you can give me a day to eat roasted sweet potatoes, eating a corn, in addition to chicken, fish, meat and eggs can be, so we have always been run. [WU Lian Teng]: Chairman Mao is very thrifty,lunettes ray ban, never wasted, four dishes and one soup, we basically according to his appetite to produce, how much left almost no less, sometimes dry bowl dish clean. Chairman Mao once meals well,abercrombie soldes, I tasted over end in front of him, send him a second dish.</p>


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