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hogan outlet "Three patients because Guo Quan was reborn

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    Guo Quan's mother took the card and his son&#39,hogan lovells;s organs donated books to conceal sadness.

    Southern News Three months ago, Guo Quan's parents watched the 17-year-old son left home,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=67&page=2, he can expect two days of dropping out of school to earn money to support their family in Dongguan. Unexpectedly, one night three months later,hogan outlet,http://silverkids.web.infoseek.co.jp/cgi-bin/calendar022/schedule.cgi, but it is the son received continuous access 24 hours caused by the sad news of brain death.


    After 11 days of the rescue, Guo Quan was declared brain-dead, leaving their parents are doing farm work a decade can not afford the tens of thousands of medical expenses. At the suggestion of the Red Cross staff,hogan ebay, which were middle and primary school education of migrant parents decided to donate his son's organs be useful.


    May 31, Guo Quan of two kidneys,, a liver and two corneas, successfully transplanted to the Canton of five patients. According to doctors said the surgery was very successful. Based on the plight of Guo and Red Cross medical expenses paid on behalf of the arrears.

    &#160,hogan online;

    After a day and night without food or drink Paowang Ba sudden death


    Guo Quan colleagues said Guo Quan on May 19 to enter the factory nearby Internet cafes, day and night without food or drink, until May 20 to come out only at night from the bars, I did not expect just left the cafe, plunge down on the ground.


    Internet cafe owners hurried to call 120 emergency calls. According to the deputy director of the Hong Wah Hospital involved in the rescue emergency center IC U gold 舒介绍, Guo Quan was dilated pupils, no heartbeat and breathing on his own, which is called sudden death in medicine. Usually sudden death,louboutin chaussures soldes, the best rescue time is 4-6 minutes. Though it was restored after the rescue Guo Quan heartbeat, but fell to the ground from Guo Quan and ambulances rushed to rescue a doctor, 20 minutes have passed, much higher than the limit of the cerebral cortex can withstand hypoxia, a direct result of brain death.


    Faced with tens of thousands of medical expenses had intended to sneak


    After receiving the bad news, Guo Quan impoverished parents borrowed 2,000 yuan to Yunnan Dali Dongguan ticket is 550 yuan, two tickets to get rid of 1,hogan outlet on line,100 yuan. May 22, the two went to Hong Wah Hospital to see the whole body of the son of wires and tubes.


    "Cafe owner said to send their children to the hospital disbursed 5,000 yuan,hogan interactive uomo, can we go to investigate and discovered that only 880 yuan, the daily cost of the rescue are a few thousand dollars, to see the children so we hurry, we think of medical expenses more anxious." Guo Quan mother, Ms. Lee said that in order to save money,louboutin femme pas cher, they do not even dare to eat fast food,hogan scontate, it is to buy two buns Tiandu Zi day. "Later, I heard might be 30,louboutin,000 to block, my hands were shaking,louboutin paris, but that we planted ten places are not to make money." Father Guo Quan Guo said.


    Son dead or alive,louboutin femme, medical expenses not forthcoming, he had a little embarrassed to tell reporters that he had thought, if it is determined not to save his son, the old couple tries to secretly slip forget, because they really can not afford to pay for medical expenses. However humble the lifetime of the two, you can not make things arrears on foot.


    Red Cross recommends listen to organ donation


    At a dilemma when the two began to consider the recommendations of local Red Cross staff. After repeatedly tangled, and that his son has been unable to make improvements, they made a decision,scarpe hogan uomo, that is the son of a useful organ donation out,escarpin louboutin occasion, transplanted to people in need.


    May 31, Guo Quan of a liver,http://online-tada.co.jp/y/epad/epad.cgi?job=form&no=8551687, two kidneys and two corneas, and Guangzhou, the Guangdong Provincial Hospital to another hospital were transplanted to five patients, allegedly surgery was very successful.


    "While the son was dead,hogan lovells italy, but his organs now in the body of five people, five people wish to donate by,http://proceed.ocnk.net, I'm alive, to be a good person."


    Based on Guo's family,sito hogan, the Red Cross has also decided to pay arrears for their medical expenses. Currently only two elderly hope to soon get the Internet aspect of some funeral expenses of compensation, let them travel money. Meanwhile, the two elderly people hope through the media warned:. "Do not be too obsessed with the Internet, you do not have to catch a life"

    &#160,louboutin femme escarpin;

    "Three patients because Guo Quan was reborn,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-35w-h3c-10.html, and his two corneas helped two patients her sight. I decided two elderly, very great."

    &#160,hogan interactive uomo;

    --- Deputy Director of Hong Wah Hospital emergency center IC U Guincho


    "Do not be too obsessed with the Internet, do not have to catch a life."


    --- Guo Quan parents


    Written / Photography: Southern Reporter Wang Wan Hung


    (Original title: the sudden death of 17-year-old Internet circadian parents donate their organs to pay medical expenses)

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