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    Guoyuan Securities mired Jiang Susan Case: Soochow Securities and Ping An Securities also detached,hogan donna

    China's stock market is a miracle place, where there has been a wide variety of "mystery", Jiang Susan (002044.SZ) is one of mystery.

    A 2005 listing of small plates, after five years, suddenly to the public, "surrendered" - long before his own name listed on the "private" does not name the "Company of the prior Shanxi coal mine, after Rizhao Iron and Steel,hogan rebel, in public opinion. one of the country back into a sentimental moment,piumini peuterey, Jiang Susan practical action in a "boycott."

    However, in this state-owned listed companies from the "moment" becomes private cases,woolrich uomo, sponsors,hogan outlet online, investment banks,escarpin louboutin, local government, regulators, each role? Now that you have five years to conceal,scarpe hogan outlet, why not continue to conceal the Jiang Susan go? The biggest winner and biggest loser this event is who?

    Three institutions to encroach Jiang Susan, a key figure in one

    March 27 this year,louboutin soldes, Jiang Susan made announcement that the actual controller has changed,scarpe hogan uomo, since the chairman Zhang Pu major shareholder holding 30% of the Nantong Friendship, indirectly become Jiang Susan actual controller. Agreement on the matter in 2004,hogan rebel ebay, 2006, complete the transfer in 2010 was formally announced.

    The first is the awful mystery listing sponsor - Guoyuan Securities (000728.SZ). In addition to Guoyuan Securities, Ping An Securities,hogan sito ufficiale, Soochow Securities Jiang Susan has done for the project. Ping An Securities is responsible for its share reform program, Soochow Securities is the actual controller to change matters financial advisor.

    Financial weekly newspaper reporter found Ping An Securities is made by Jiang Susan share reform project starts with project sponsors,outlet hogan, is the former State Securities investment banking senior manager,escarpin louboutin, IPO signature sponsor of one of Du Zhenyu. He left the state securities in 2005, the follow-up project to the Jiang Susan's Ping An Securities, which also includes 2008's "outstanding shares of restricted circulation of listing application" project to fight

    Two projects,chaussure louboutin femme, as the sponsor of the squid are not projects introducer Du Zhenyu. Of course, Du Zhenyu in 2007 after becoming independent directors Jiang Susan, you need to avoid related projects,peuterey wiki, in 2008 the project NATURAL ban has nothing to do with him, but denied that this is his referral results.

    Puzzling is,louboutin paris, according to this logic, the actual control of financial advisers who are also supposed to change "Whispering" Ping An Securities, Soochow Securities,woolrich, but eventually he was taken away.

    "There tricky carefully try to figure out the clear. Soochow Securities Jiangsu local brokerages,hogan uomo outlet, Jiangsu Jiang Susan local listed companies, to facilitate exchanges." An investment bank in Shenzhen, told reporters the financial weekly.

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