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hogan roma With Roach appeared in the program

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  • Started 2 years ago by zaei3x0jnq
  1. zaei3x0jnq

    "Queen of Rock" Roach return: I have already put down gray | Roach | Rock

    Rock scene in the mainland early 1990s, Roach is a legend. She is known as the first female Chinese rock; from the debut to star, took only a year's time; but because she was tainted drugs from all horizons disappear & hellip; & hellip; now, she returned in front of the public, with her music, with her free and easy smile, standing, "I'm a singer 2" on the stage. An interview with reporters, when Roach if not too much, it seems there are points not suited to the media chase, but very frank: I have hesitated, not because of physical reasons, because of fear, because never raced, feel do not dare.

    Singer hesitated to participate

    "I am a singer" (hereinafter referred to as Singer) hot last year, a very important point is that the real contest is between the singers. Thus, when Roach's name appeared on the list this year, the singer 2, the fans, the audience is full of expectations,louboutin, because she was China's best female rock singer with a good voice envy of countless people.

    Whenever participating in this program singer,talon louboutin, there will be a simple test, such as in the KTV audition. Taking into account the physical condition Roach, she did not test in KTV,louboutin soldes, but the band's rehearsal room,site air max, Roach sing those classic songs, including "free" and so on, his voice still, but there Roach hearts I hesitate, I hesitate not physical reasons, because of his fear, because never have been involved in this type of game, and feel that they do not dare. It was also my company's are very family support, as long as they feel the body is OK, then it should be no problem. Tao enthusiasm, sincerity, coupled with the support team, and ultimately Roach accepted the invitation from Beijing to Bolin Fei, were resting, working under its contract tree music company team arrangement.

    Baby a positive force

    Program, a smile Roach impressive,hogan interactive outlet, this time I am not a person to accept that this is a challenge on the stage, but me and my baby together, he will give me strength. At that time, Roach has been cherished five months pregnant, talking about his baby, her smile exude a sense of happiness of motherhood.

    While it is relatively safe for pregnant women period, however, when she sang invested, jumping on stage share the way,bracciale pandora, can not help but let the fans worried about her. But this is Roach, her live free and easy, she likes music, the program did not even need special care group made the request, but she was simply told reporters that if the body or any uncomfortable situation, will immediately stop all all with the baby for the first, if once the physical condition does not allow, they would withdraw from the race.

    But now everything Roach are very good, I do not think this thing on stage,swarovski collane, only the music. A music sounded,golden goose sneakers mid star, I was completely in music,louboutin paris, and passion for music diminished. Me and the baby are fine, the situation did not affect me sing, this is actually a prenatal education. My baby gives me strength.

    I do not want to compare with Huang Qishan

    I thought, Roach will use a "come back", he announced his comeback on the singer's stage, but Roach only see it as an easy performance, rehearsal once before. I usually had a band very familiar with the run, we cooperate well. To put it simply,pandora scontati, I see Roach did not leave her favorite music, "Come back,spaccio woolrich milano," I just work in one, although it is a very good work, but in my own time is in accordance with my singing their feelings decisions. Yes, I feel now is a little more freely.

    Even if she rarely show up,hogan rebel saldi, but her work is still being sung by many people. Last year, the singer,chaussure louboutin solde, the Huang Qishan had used "back" sensational comparisons for people, looking very pale Roach: I do not know what the first and second, I think everyone is a separate entity, can not be compared, this for me, a little is not important. For others the interpretation of his work, Roach occasionally curious: I feel very happy, someone sing your work,tn requin, there are curious and want to hear how others interpret this song.

    In the past have all been put down

    With Roach appeared in the program, she was again dug out stories of the past,louboutin femme, the left eye was blinded, and fight drug & hellip; & hellip; input Roach's name,moncler piumini, and still be able to see this message. This is a gray Luo Qisheng hit some experience, but she chose to be strong, even if now and then to be asked, she has also been placid: everything down, and later had passed,louboutin paris, the most important thing today, there are looking forward to tomorrow, if I can not face people with my analysis, to discuss my past, I would not be standing here talking to you.

    When a reporter asked her all these years of life, she answered very simple: one or two sentences do not know, I think it is good to live in the effort. But the music for Roach is still at the top,scarpe hogan donna, she not only formed a new band, as well as new works, but have not really pushed to the market. Just still singing, still doing music, it is the most important. Here, Roach also joked, also wish to participate in the & lsquo; Singer & rsquo; then, turn a commercial speech can be worth tens of fan.


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