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    <p> always adhere to the sustainable development in an important position. As early as 2001, TEDA through participate in the "China Industrial Park Environmental Management Pilot Project", started construction of circular economy; in 2008, the new district that is issued a "speed up the development of circular economy guidance",pjs jassen, and vigorously promote energy conservation and governance pollution abatement,nike tn officiel, man and nature, the harmonious development of economic society and ecological environment; in 2013, Binhai New Area proposed to focus on creating 20 circular economy industrial chain.Into Trident (Tianjin) Environmental Technology Co., sorting, dismantling, treatment, recycling workshop busy. In the eyes of the company's engineer Zhang Xiaocheng, businesses in the region to produce circuit boards and other electronic waste are placed in the wrong place resources. "Precious metals.</p>

    <p> investment philosophy but also by the early investment,hogan, attract investment option for the development of green investment, while FAW Toyota settled in TEDA,hogan rebel, the system will be driven more than Toyota downstream enterprises,parajumpers korting, "Bao Tuan "stationed directly implement recycling scrap steel, aluminum and other resources. Explore TEDA recycling economy is the Binhai New Area of circular economy development has laid a solid foundation.</p>

    <p> "China - Singapore Tianjin Eco-city national green building demonstration area development plan" formally approved "Program" that in 2020,parajumpers jas heren, the eco-city will be built into the national green model of development, become a model ecological civilization construction , green area of innovation development of institutional mechanisms and green ideological and cultural hotbed. Through experience, the eco-city will promote the national green development to provide reference and demonstration.Green economy highlights industry vitalityProtecting the environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of productive forces. Guanghui is the gold and silver mines. Binhai New Area in the development of the economy.</p>

    <p> the first set of index system of green and low-carbon industrial philosophy and so on. At present, the eco-city 8 km2 area in southern basically completed,air max pas cher enfant, the annual GDP of 13.5 billion yuan, attracting a total investment exceeding 100 billion yuan in fixed assets,scarpe hogan uomo outlet, the introduction of more than 3400 enterprises with a registered capital of nearly 140 billion yuan, nearly 5 million people in employment and housing . (Next turn Second Edition) (Continued from the first edition) ecological indicator system of urban construction, green industrial development, settlement patterns,hogan outlet on line, energy conservation and other aspects of SSTEC have made exploration, and achieved initial results .After years of effort,hogan outlet, a thorough treatment of the eco-city accumulated 40 years of industrial pollution wastewater reservoir, sediment pollution control technology won several national patents, completed 3.3 million square meters of landscaping,parajumper, to explore a comprehensive development and utilization of saline wasteland path.Binhai New Area as the epitome of green development,hogan uomo, from a series of molded foam urban experience, and then to ecological indicators of social management system, with the Eco-city in the country to promote the foundation. Professor Eero Pa Luohai ink as the "Father of the eco-city" in the world has said: "not to say that an eco-city will be able to save the world, but in the new Tianjin Eco-city will bring more eco-city."In 2014.</p>

    <p> iron,ua, copper, plastic, after dismantling, will be fully into the downstream enterprises in circulation,golden scarpe, a little bit not a waste." This professional electronic waste disposal company started operations in 2008,hogan italia, the annual handling capacity of 30,hogan 2015,000 tons,hogan shop online, to achieve the area of e-waste,hogan 2014, "zero emissions" and "resources."Tianjin Development Zone, like this there are many companies Trident. In 2006, the Tianjin Development Zone by the National Development and Reform Commission as "the first circular economy pilot park." Take this opportunity to Tianjin Development Zone to promote circular economy development.</p>


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    <p> the investment plan includes three main lines. One is to establish a new European Strategic Investment Fund (EFSI),air max tn requin noir, as the investment plan and financing platform. The EU and the European Investment Bank to invest 21 billion euros as a start-up capital. A conservative estimate based on historical experience, the multiplier effect of this start-up capital will reach 1:15. In other words,parajumpers sale, every � 1 of public funding,hogan scarpe, will drive investment of 15 euros. Based on this calculation, the size of the fund is expected to release up to 315 billion euros of the total investment in the next three years, most of which come from private capital. The EU said that the European strategic investment fund will be mainly used for infrastructure construction, including expansion project broadband, energy and transport networks, as well as the field of education, research and innovation. Among them,occhiali da sole uomo ray ban, the fund will devote � 5 billion to support the creation of most jobs the majority of SMEs. The EU is expected to start some of the funds of the European Investment Fund's strategy will be largely in place in the spring of 2015.</p>

    <p> President of the European Commission on November 26 announced the launch of an expected size of up to 315 billion euros strategic investment plan,parajumper winterjas, in order to stimulate economic growth in Europe and create new jobs. This is since the new European Commission took office lit the first fire. However,golden goose uomo scarpe, the huge investment can restore the shrinking European economy,scarpe golden goose, the parties cautiously optimistic. Since the debt crisis, low investment and high unemployment has been slow to improve, resulting in a further decline in economic growth in Europe, the euro zone economy is facing the threat of deflation and recession. The European Commission recently released autumn economic outlook significantly lowered the growth forecast for the euro zone economy, the report shows,outlet hogan online, compared with the spring report six months ago, the euro zone economic growth in 2014 is expected to reduce from 1.2 to 0.8 percent. Among them, as the two "locomotive" of Germany and France were lowered this year's growth rate to 1.3% and 0.3%,moncler femme, the Italian economy will be negative growth. The EU report also eurozone 2014 inflation forecast six months ago from 0.8% to 0.5%, it is expected to next year inflation will slightly rise to only 0.8%. At the same time, the unemployment rate for four consecutive months to maintain the high level of 11.5%. Economists generally believe that euro zone economic growth stalled, mainly due to a lack of investment in the European economy. Faced with the grim situation,hogan online.</p>

    <p> and put into use in the mid-2015. The second is to establish a credible project channel system,air max femme pas cher, to ensure rational allocation and efficient use of funds. The EU said it would through a transparent and credible certification programs and channel the necessary technical support, plans to raise investment funds to put on the actual needs and goals of profit projects. The third is to draw a roadmap for the elimination of barriers to investment and ensure the smooth implementation of the investment plan in place as soon as possible. In order to improve the business environment and financial ecology, the EU will focus on the reform of the financial sector, specific measures include the establishment of "Capital Markets Union" financing for SMEs to reduce barriers and provide credit guarantees. Investment plan will also focus on the EU level to address the widespread presence in the transportation, energy,scarpe hogan donna, telecommunications and other infrastructure construction and service sectors administrative and non-administrative barriers and reduce barriers to entry to stimulate market dynamics. The investment plan is the new European Commission launched the first major move, causing widespread concern in Europe. The European Parliament's largest party people group chairman Axel Weber said the mobilization of private investment than the total new public debt well.</p>

    <p> the EU must increase investment choice is made. Juncker today in a speech at the European Parliament,spaccio hogan, the investment plan as a "cable car emergency start." He said that only expand investment in Europe in order to have a more prosperous economy and more jobs,cheap ua shoes, now in infrastructure and education,hogan donna, technological innovation and other strategic areas of the future of Europe decided to increase investment at the moment. Juncker called on the European Parliament and the Member States to work together to ensure that the European Investment Fund strategy in place and put into use as soon as possible. For the outside world on the "investment plan is to generate new debt" of the question, Juncker stressed that the start-up capital from the European Investment Fund strategy existing EU budget and the European Investment Bank, no new public debt. The EU's goal is to take multiple leveraging private investment through leverage. Vice-President responsible for employment, growth,doudoune moncler femme, investment and competitiveness of EU Affairs Committee in explaining investment plans Katai Ning said that Europe does not lack of working capital, but the lack of effective investment,moncler soldes, is currently facing a crisis of confidence, it is imperative to re-engage and promote private investment. The European Strategic Investment Fund will provide professional and reliable investment risk guarantee,longchamps pas cher, investment plans by eliminating administrative barriers will pave the way for the investment. According to information disclosed by the European Commission.</p>


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