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    <p> 50M and accounted for more than one user from 2% up to 15%.In terms of reducing costs,scarpe hogan originali, the three operators have also showed "continued drop fee" and "sincerity." China Mobile will further the integration of long-City Man unified package threshold to 18 yuan; China Telecom will be phased mobile domestic long distance and roaming charges. China Unicom will flow down the standard tariff, contained within the package to increase traffic, increase the penetration of 4G terminal,air max bw pas cher, launch package monthly fee discounts and other means to reduce rates,winterjassen parajumpers, meanwhile, will continue to reduce fixed broadband tariff. And strive to the end of 2015 compared with fixed broadband unit broadband tariff down not less than 15% of mobile data traffic integrated unit reduces not less than 15%. Editor: Mao MinWang Yilin (Information)Original title: PetroChina chairman Wang Yilin: not because of lower oil prices do capitalist layoffs"Currently 30-40 US dollars per barrel in oil prices is not sustainable.</p>

    <p> reasonable oil price range at $ 50 to $ 60 a barrel.</p>

    <p> each user of the total increase, so little change in the total tariff. In response to public reaction,hogan estive,http://www.hayasoft.com/crybaby/cgi-bin/diary2/apeboard_plus.cgi?msgnum=96&command=read_message/, the three major operators have announced a new round of speed drop fee scheme.Users Speed drop fee "did not feel""Speed drop fee" after the first anniversary of the transcript published on the Internet attracted much attention. Reporter browse at more than 700 online comments, more than 95 percent of users said they did not feel the speed drop fee, believed to be a new name. There are friends that the operators cancel cheap packages, upgrade the speed but also increased the net cost, but also with the flow quickly.Speed comes to reduce costs.</p>

    <p> Beijing Mr Li said he did "not feel." Lee home Internet use is the first year of China Unicom's 1680 package (10 MB broadband),golden goose, the state requires the speed drop fee, Unicom will his family 10 MB traffic upgraded to 15 megabytes, the cost has not changed. After the upgrade to 15 trillion, Lee said the Internet did not feel much faster than before.Guangxi Yulin friends "brother down,scarpe hogan outlet," said, such as China Telecom, before there 2M and 4M broadband is available,http://sugarless.lovesick.jp/g_adoumei/memo/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=60/, it is about 40 yuan per month, and now directly soared to 20M, 50M broadband monthly fee is 140 yuan. Before network costs, charges are less than 100 yuan, 140 yuan is not enough now. "In the digital speed increase,scarpe golden goose, said from 2M to 20M,http://online-tada.co.jp/y/epad/epad.cgi?job=form&no=8466613, the problem is even if you give me 200M,hogan sito ufficiale, I have less than this speed ah! So-called speed price cuts,hogan outlet roma, not that people save money as the goal, but all sorts of excuses to play walking a fine line overweight money. nominally indeed speed drop fee, but people spend money,hogan uomo scarpe, but the more. "Expert: Speed operators do not raise pricesWhy feel the gap between data and users so big? Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu He Quan explained that, in fact, last year, mainly speed operators do not raise prices. Speed to go up later,air max pas cher femme, the average return to each megabyte costs down, you can not say that did not drop, but it did not fall absolute value,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/shasinyasan/4957638042499.html, relative value is a drop.And Fu Liang, senior telecommunications analyst believes that mobile broadband unit price decline is still very large,http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionsearch.cgi, the reason why many users to reduce costs perception is not obvious, because in the case of units reduced flow rates, generally will increase the total amount of each user so little change in the total tariff.Ministry of Communication Development Secretary.</p>

    <p> Wen Ku analysis also said that last year, "Speed drop fee" to benefit the users total over 40 billion yuan,hogan bambino, but because of the sheer size of mobile users,hogan uomo, on average, for each user to save 2.6 yuan per month, so do not perceive obvious.Wen Ku, suggested to measure the speed drop fee should be more long-term time perspective,parajumpers jas, we are concerned about the overall cost decrease should also see a significant decline in the unit price effect. Last year,http://cgi4.synapse.ne.jp/~hazakura/cgi-bin/friends/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=80/, mobile broadband unit price fell about 40%. And now we use mobile traffic is actually several times a few years ago.Three carriers announced a further speed reduction program costsSpeed reduce costs for user reaction "did not feel",http://sugarless.lovesick.jp/g_adoumei/memo/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&/, the three major telecom operators were on the eve of May 17 announced a new round of speed drop fee scheme. In terms of speed, the three operators have said will accelerate 4G network construction and optical network construction. In terms of reducing costs, the three operators have also said it would continue to reduce costs through various forms.In terms of speed, 2016 China Mobile will add 200 million 4G users to comprehensively promote the all-optical network construction,hogan online outlet, to create 50M access capability-based fixed broadband networks, the national average access rate up to 20M or more. China Telecom will launch 4G + services in 330 cities,celine sacs 2016, the network peak download speeds increase from 150M to 300M, followed by the large speed of light, and strive to the end of this year, 50M,http://xn--cckvdvbxb4cva3i2080bgoza.biz,moncler soldes, 100M and above the rate of broadband users accounted for 30%,tn soldes, the average wired broadband access speed up to 35M or more. China Unicom will expand 4G network subscribers in 2016 plans to launch 4G + terminal 100 models. Fixed-line broadband, 20M and above users grew from 19% at the beginning of up to 50%.</p>

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