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  • Started 5 years ago by opy776br40
  1. opy776br40

    <p> But in fact there are still many deficiencies,under armour footwear, the entire anti-submarine system and the peripheral equipment can not meet the threats faced by the submarine. Especially in terms of aviation anti-submarine,hogan outlet online, anti-submarine naval aviation capability at present China can only reach the United States, Europe and other countries the level of the 1950s. Chinese submarine threat currently facing Submarine with good concealment, aggressive and strong, not easy to detect the characteristics of the Navy has always been an important deterrent assault and even twelve submarines can influence the outcome of a naval battle, which is why countries are seeking to develop a variety of important reason for anti-submarine technology and weapons. Meanwhile, equipment has also become the target submarine navies of great concern.</p>

    <p> but with each small country to steal take the South China sea valuable oil resources,under armour wholesale, the economic benefits after the theft,hogan online, the South China sea of the small countries have begun to update its own sea and air forces, and the submarine has become the first choice for these small countries. Vietnam Navy purchased from Russia six 636MV "Kilo" class submarines, have a strong quietness outside the boat weapons have also been updated with a longer range and higher precision anti-missile submarine, anti-ship torpedo,scarpe hogan donna, these "Kilo" submarines are the most powerful group of the level of automation than the previous production of "Kilo" models are greatly improved.</p>

    <p> Japan is also actively expanding its submarine force,hogan prezzi, from the original 16,parajumpers jas sale, suddenly expanded to 20. And Japan is now equipped with a large conventional submarines are the latest "black dragon" class or "pro-surge" level, the conventional submarine force over time and continue to increase in China's increasingly powerful navy today,hogan bianche, it is clear to me the Japanese submarine Navy is the biggest threat. We will look to the direction of the South China Sea,nike tn pas cher nikems, has long been no great submarine threat, due to the impact navy size, economic strength and political factors, the development of neighboring countries in the South China Sea on the submarine force is very slow.</p>

    <p> there are technical conditions through self-construction state is achieved, there is no ability to develop the country through the introduction of the approach to achieve the purpose equipment. In the 21st century,prezzo hogan, Chinese waters surrounding the ubiquitous real threat to the submarine,basket nike tn pas cher, including both existing traditional threats for decades,nike air max 1, there are new threats emerging in the New. Japan after World War II, the submarine as an important maritime power to develop,doudoune moncler, from the mid-20th century, the mid-50, the Japanese began to recover their submarine manufacturing capacity in the United States under construction,tn soldes, the 1960s already has an independent design, at the time of manufacturing is already the world's advanced level of conventional submarines. Subsequently, Japan a year 5-6 years to start a new submarine development and upgrading, has designed and manufactured the "evening" class, "Torrents of Spring" class,nike air max 1, "pro-surge" level and the use of the latest AIP system " black dragon "class. With a strong military and shipbuilding capacity in Japan in the manufacturing process of conventional submarines,moncler pas cher, sailing performance,parajumpers winterjas, quietness,golden goose sneakers, boat avionics and weapons and other aspects of the advanced nature have a strong power, in addition to the power plant by the restrictions, the latest "black dragon" class submarines overall technological level and attack power have been comparable with nuclear submarines. Meanwhile.</p>


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