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"I was a foundling

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    "We now have only one idea: to find the child, for her medical treatment."
    Nanjing Children's Welfare Institute in the door, the Modern Express reporter saw a 23-year-year-old girl Lianyungang Sun, she claimed to own a month ago abandoned the sick daughter in Nanjing, a green belt. Today,extension a froid, "There is no day without living in regrets." This was abandoned myself have been foster parents tending old girl said she did not want his daughter and that he is the same fate.
    For fear that the child's body,extensions a clip, coupled with condemnation of conscience, month, day, a man in tears, unable to sleep at night. The day before yesterday, the couple made a special trip to Nanjing, Yaya wish to get back her daughter. Modern Express reporter Wang Ying Fei / Li Yuze text / photo
    "Strange," the report
    "A month ago I abandoned her daughter, now looking back."
    Evening of November 10, Nanjing Hunan Road police station received along with "strange" report - a young mother Xiao Sun, she said she lost hope now four-month-old daughter. However, children are not abducted or lost, but a month ago, she and her husband own hands small volt lost in the middle of the road near a green belt.
    By night, Komago with police, leaving her daughter was found that at low bushes. This is a two-lane located in the middle of the green belt, surrounded by residents traveling from time to time, however, some dim street lights at night.
    Nearby a repairman told Modern Express reporters that he had heard of it, "as if one night last month, I heard a baby girl was thrown into a green belt."
    Cruel parents
    After the child put green belt, the couple left the heartless
    October 8 at night, they put ideas into action. Komago wrapped it with the package is the Ya-Ya, a small V put on the child's clothes, milk powder,http://www.nj-bridge.com/ad/Review.asp?NewsID=486, will bring children near Phoenix Plaza Central Road. Fear of children chilled, they deliberately put children on top of the green belt. That was more than 20:00,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-55wu-h3-201.html, bustling neighborhood, some dim lights. Xiao Sun said that they were afraid of late, the child is not easy to find.
    Leaving Yaya, she did not cry, as usual, it is very quiet. And for the couple who, worried, scared, worried all my heart. With her figure gradually disappear in the night,http://tiffanynecklace1.blog.shinobi.jp, the couple finally turned cruel to leave.
    They left no other information was only in the package are left a note, "Birthday July 1, the left eye is not normal."
    Why abandon
    Children isolated eye cancer, she went to Nanjing, "to find a way out."
    Small husband and wife say they have reason to "last resort" - the children three months old, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, "said the doctor, the eye is certainly retain his job, see if I can keep fate." The couple with children rush to Shanghai, the result is still the same examination. The doctor told them,http://amatatsu.ks-serv.com, at least to removal of the eye, and they need to check the spread of cancer cells in detail before deciding whether chemotherapy.
    Xiao Sun and her husband did not dare to "detailed examination", "we have no money to treat the child." Xiao Sun and her husband,http://dodkee.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1825, who lives in the countryside, couple factory work in the village, there are about 2000 yuan monthly wage per person, parents are to farm living. In this "food, accommodation are expensive," the big city,extension cheveux clip, the couple confused and abandoned children, this "should not have the idea of the most" in the heart slowly breeding.
    Spent a few days, a small V in the online search a lot of information about the orphanage and finally they decided to Nanjing. "I heard that here is a good orphanage,extension cheveux achat en ligne,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/bottoms-26-menscasual.html, will cure a sick child." Husband and wife feel that they give their children "to find a way out," so they leave immediately, straight from Shanghai to Nanjing.
    Deep remorse
    "I suddenly realized that her daughter would be 'I'."
    "I was a foundling,http://milanpoint.jp," Xiao Sun told the Modern Express reporter, the mother had told her that she was born three days after being picked up. Suddenly I heard her granddaughter "in Nanjing," the news, grandparents almost collapsed. "They criticize us, 'how so heartless'. The young couple, a month after her daughter was abandoned, too much suffering. Every time the cell door to see other people with children, have fled also like Komago Ben home. Xiao Sun said, "I suddenly realized that her daughter would be 'I'. I really do not want to, she and I are the same fate. "Month, they lost nearly 20 pounds," after a lapse of one month, the couple finally determined to find her daughter. November 10, Xiao Sun once again came to Nanjing, "I'm afraid again and again, to see her again.
    Good news
    Daughter was still alive, he is now in the orphanage
    Hunan Road police station police officer told the Modern Express reporter Fan, October 8 at night they indeed had received 110, picked up a baby girl. Baby One eye seems to have a problem, the child was sent to the night passers-by picked up the orphanage. Currently,extension cheveux pas cher, police are still verifying the information.
    Modern Express reporter saw at Sun, she was sitting on a stone bench outside the children's welfare, tears have never been broken. Because did not bring documents, orphanage staff did not agree with her enter. And daughter separated by a wall, but can not meet. (Mr. clues fee of 100 yuan)
    Lawyers point of view
    Jiangsu Connaught law firm lawyers said Zhang Shiliang, although Komago couple actions are consistent with the appearance of the characteristic abandonment of the crime, but did not cause serious consequences, it does not constitute the crime of abandonment. However, this behavior is likely to involve violation of the Security Administration Punishment Act. Nanjing three methods Law Firm lawyers Wang Jian added that if someone deliberately abandoned the child in the uninhabited outskirts, bushes, subjective awareness significantly, resulting in death consequences, constitute the crime of abandonment.
    Party dialogue
    The house sold out
    But also to cure his daughter
    Reporter: What was the child put up?
    Xiao Sun: a green belt near the Phoenix Plaza, afraid of chilled baby, did not put on the ground, on top of bushes.
    Reporter: Why not her?
    Xiao Sun: Do not, we do not have money for her medical treatment. In Nanjing, there will not be saved, she has a way out.
    Reporter: What is the mood when you leave?
    Xiao Sun: worried, afraid, more worried about her illness.
    Reporter: Do you regret it?
    Xiao Sun: regret. I often two or three in the morning could not sleep, could think how like a baby, sitting on the bed I wake up crying. My husband always secretly behind my cry. Every day we are suffering, so they decided to send their children back.
    Reporter: If back then, the cost of treatment how to do?
    Komago: the house sold out, but also to cure his daughter.
    Please help them
    If you want to help this family,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000527983.html, please call the hotline Modern Express
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    "Eye cancer" is what disease?
    In infants and young children in the eye, retinoblastoma is a malignant cancer of the biggest dangers, the nucleation layer occurs in the retina, occurs in 5 years of age, and prone to intracranial metastasis, life-threatening. Writer Zhou Guoping niu daughter had to suffer from this disease, Zhou Guoping daughter accompany his 562 record day and night, called "niu - a father's notes," so many readers to tears.
    (Original title: When she was once abandoned and now confused daughter abandoned in the green belt)
    Edit: SN069

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  2. dv75ptia19

    <p> the police,celine belt, the public and even the demonstrators themselves, constitute a great threat to security, he attempted to create who strongly condemned the violence. He questioned a large number of distributed opener of "occupation" by the "ulterior motive", designed to provoke an incident lead to conflict, even at the scene of bloodshed. Police investigating the incident should be solemn, bailiff avoid someone taking advantage of next week when the Executive Director of the scene injunction, the opportunity to create chaos and called for students to evacuate as soon as possible,air max bw pas cher.</p>

    <p> "another rock,hogan scarpe, another lime powder,parajumpers kids," questioned whether the demonstrators want the Executive Director of next week and up to remove obstacles to sharp sharp corkage It is for violent confrontation. Yong: acts like a "terrorist organization" Hong Kong NPC deputies, chairman of the New Territories Association of Societies Yong criticized the "occupation" by claiming that they "peaceful non-violence ', but recently some demonstrators violent impact of the Legislative Council building, as well as blatant distribute offensive weapons,parajumpers gobi, displays" Occupied "action has been toward the edge of turmoil. He described the relevant act like a "terrorist organization" is very scary,hogan scarpe, worried about next week when the bailiff to remove the obstruction in Mong Kok,tn pas chere, of violence and bloodshed. He urged the opposition to immediately stop the "occupation" and not intensified, undermining social prosperity and stability. (Source: Hong Kong Wenhui newspaper reporter Li Ziming, Zheng Zhizu) EdVideo loading, please wait .. AutoPlay play WHA invitation test Tsai Lin played forward and backward delay speechAlthough Taiwan's government had strongly protested the new term in the "one China principle" to participate in the WHO Assembly (WHA).</p>

    <p> Lin Yan played speech Thank Chan of Chinese Taipei and the Secretariat to promote the sustained engagement WHA efforts; at the end of his speech, also called for the extension of'm playing, "Please WHO Members and Member States to support Chinese Taipei 23 million people,golden goose scontate, to participate in WHO-related meetings and healthy activities. "For this speech, I'm playing the extension can be described as well-prepared. According to Taiwan's "China Times" reported this speech after repeated modifications,scarpe hogan uomo, as late as one hour before the speech,hogan uomo, I'm still playing with senior government extension phone, every word as appropriate; moreover, I'm still playing the extension of the room, the General Assembly session exercise room and again, to the General Assembly hall, mouth still recited, and constantly exercise.Submitted a "letter of protest"It is true that I'm not playing cast protest in his speech.</p>

    <p> but Tsai authorities sent a "minister" today (25th) speech,parajumpers jassen, refer to "Chinese Taipei", even " Taiwan's "do not mention. However, after the speech, I'm playing for the first time confirmed to the media delay,hogan roma, submitted a so-called "letter of protest." WHA for Taiwan's participation in the relevant circumstances, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman reiterated today Ma Xiaoguang, we resolutely oppose any attempt to create "two China" in the international arena, "one China, one Taiwan" and "Taiwan independence" acts.Refer to "Chinese Taipei"According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported May 25, "the Minister of Health, Welfare," Yan Lin played 25 stations on the podium of the General Assembly of the WHO published in English speech. Lin Yan played in his speech except introduce Taiwan's National Health Insurance system,celine handbags, etc., also expressed hope continue to work closely with global partners. It is worth noting that the entire speech, I'm playing with the extension of "Chinese Taipei (Chinese Taipei)" claimed that even the "Taiwan (Taiwan)" none mentioned.The only one reference to "Taiwan" and also I'm playing at the delay mentioned NHI currently covers 99.9% of the people of Taiwan,hogan online, the language he uses is "Taiwan's population (Taiwanese population)".The report also said, compared to Ma Ying-jeou administration,doudoune moncler pas cher, such as the former "Minister of Health,hogan outlet roma, Welfare,hogan donna," Wen-Ta Chiu English speech WHA in 2013, also referred to three degrees of "Taiwan." This time, I'm playing adjourned ago intend to say a few Taiwanese, ultimately failed to honor.Although the pre-World Health Organization (WTO) director general Margaret Chan issued a "one China principle" an invitation to Taiwan, but I'm playing it does not express any protest delay in the meeting. According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reports.</p>

    <p> do not use to be radical. Wong Kwok-hing: police treatment as soon as possible to collect FTU Legislative Council hing believes that opener can be used as an offensive weapon that the police must attach great importance to the event, stern enforcement actions collection of corkscrews. He questioned, "occupation" were distributed to over one hundred demonstrators opener,hogan offerte, behind not "promote the occupation" as simple, "I agree a half support (Opener), justified the police action to collect Opener If someone refused to surrender, arrest should be made. " He added that the "occupation" of equipment by more "sophisticated".</p>

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