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    Indwelling six days in a psychiatric hospital and "therapy" after the April 15, Shiyan public Peng Baoquan was finally able to go home.
    Back to the loved ones around, lying in their own bed, Peng expect to be comfortable to sleep, but the nightmare has quietly hit.
    In fact, his nightmare began in 2001, when he reported his work unit - the local bank's leadership and staff of corruption, the case investigated by the local Commission for Discipline Inspection, the responsible are brought to justice. 3 years after a calm day in the past, waves of a sudden, his life, as his tale: the customer is denied, they have been laid off, was wounded by divorce, was sick, was eventually forced into a mental hospital accreditation ....... In the hospital, Peng Baoquan more stressed that he "not mentally ill," the doctor feels that he was "very ill."
    It is a series of incidental or consequential encounter, forcing him to move forward step by step - is to salvation, or into the abyss, this is an open question.
    Newspaper reporter Wu Qing Tong reported Shiyan
    "I was taken"
    April 9 at 8 pm, Shiyan City, Hubei ATEN front of the hotel, the city's five cross more than 20 employees gathered here for the "misappropriation of state assets by a few people" and "Housing suffered forced evictions" and other issues they have to run around for six years.
    The reason why the hotel went to the door, because they learned that a working group of the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed here, they expect that this will be taken seriously and the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Working Group of their demands satisfactorily resolved.
    Half an hour later, the local police rushed to the scene, saying that "hotel within normal business order and hotel guest work and life interfered and caused where road traffic affected", to be driven and the maintenance of order, then, will participate in the event 11 people were taken to the public security organs.
    These 11 individuals, in addition to representatives of the petitioners, but also including Shiyan City Construction Bank staff Peng Baoquan, Reportage Writers Deng Fuhua and Food Bureau staff Shiyan City Wuzu Hua. At that time, Peng Deng two pictures at the scene, while Wu is with DV video. The next morning, Wu was released, the police found that he just "passing by and take pictures." Peng, Deng Shiyan City two were put into a mental hospital.
    Police in the subsequent briefing, said Peng, Deng was not just the two masses of onlookers taking pictures, but since this petition, "the participants and organizers," the night before, several key personnel Peng and premeditated petition We eat together, study the next day petition matters, when the petition banners, Peng has been in the next, Deng Fuhua tear at the scene and the hotel security occurs, and thus the two men taken away from the scene. The reason why the two men sent to a mental hospital, because, at the time of inquiry, the investigators found that Peng Baoquan obvious exception of some words, and Peng Deng two have history of mental illness. Peng self-proclaimed "single person, no family members to contact", sent to a mental hospital by the police. Police further noted that after entering the Shiyan City psychiatric hospital, after "the doctor four hours of diagnosis" that belongs to Peng paranoid disorder, and is onset period, the hospital decided to treat their observation.
    9th day and night, Ye Peng grams of wind has been dialed phone calls has been blocked. Ye Peng's wife is at the end of 2006 divorced, but lived together, both sides have been referred to each other as "love." After Peng's sister, his father and his comrades heard the news, but also anxious to come,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, we have no news Peng, went to pieces. Until 10 noon, five cross an employee to inform,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000961595.html, to know their whereabouts.
    10 afternoon, the sister of a comrade Peng Peng Peng Xiumin and entering into a mental hospital, and she saw Peng himself, he was placed in the hospital "room excited" to be the focus of care. Soon, the two were cleared hospital.
    13, including leaves grams wind, and Peng Peng Xiumin including father, who then went to a few people asked to take a mental hospital. Soon, unit leaders leaf, Peng arriving by car, the two men were brought back to their units to talk to his "big picture", "not an interview," and to "ensure that all right."
    "I am laid off"
    On the ground, Peng Baoquan event once so well-known local forum "Shiyan city thing" becomes fire. As at 11:15 on April 18, where "Shiyan police 'send pictures M psychiatric hospitals' instructions," a quote, thread 298 has a total of 14736 visitors attention.
    Peng Baoquan about whether mental patients a say different opinions, many of them claiming to be a true insider, does not rule out the relevant interest groups "vest" and "gunmen." Among them, the post that he was "not the same nerve and nerve," "speak very sinister little Hyperthyroidism", directed by its wire rope extraordinary behavior, and protect their rights in the income "transportation costs ten thousand yuan "(together with Deng Fuhua) behavior, questioned the" rights or for the money? "" yes camera caught or troublemakers were arrested? "with" who does not want Shiyan development "net culture very theme.
    At the same time, there are a considerable number of posts as Peng called the blame fell to the point where today it is entirely the result of the relevant departments of retaliation that public security organs handling and disposal process exists doubt, appeal Peng case can get a fair process.
    This year 47-year-old Peng Baoquan in September 1988 demobilized from the army to the CCB Shiyan City Branch Office work.
    2001 was a watershed in his life. Prior work has been so smooth, once with the "long" word. And then it began to decline, competition for employment losses, customer resources are transferred, the contradictions in the lack of timely and proper solution under the premise of his several physical clashes with others, subject to administrative punishment three times, serving a year sentence, was eventually regarded as "alternative."
    All encounters and experiences in his book "I am a soldier," the blog, are reflected. In addition, the appropriate verdict local judiciary.
    In 2001, he was informed that the China Construction Bank branch in Shiyan weir five branch was the presence of corruption, so to Shiyan City Commission for Discipline Inspection Report. Intervention by the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the bank's former president Lee was sentenced to 5 years. But he believes that this process is not successful, because, in his report, including others, including Song has not been held accountable.
    Peng readme, since 2003, he has been deprived of customer resources, laid-off, beaten maimed, separation of families, and the causes of these encounters, because he replaced his direct supervisor to report Song's husband Humou .
    His own account, the personnel system reform by the end of 2005, his unit laid off a total of three people, one driver, one electrician, the other is his. He believes that is entirely the result Humou retaliation. To re-appointment or recover customer resources, Peng Hu several times to find, as well as to the higher leadership. Under pending the outcome of the case, both sides use abusive situation to occur. In several conflicts, both sides have injuries. In 2007, after being wounded former Sales Director Zhao left, eligible for compensation for 230,000 yuan. The period 2006 to 2009, Peng twice the administration has been detained for 30 days, two were fined $ 600, and in September 2008 was sentenced to one year.
    Reporter obtained information display, beginning in January 2007, Peng that the bank handled the sick procedures.
    On the morning of April 16 this year, this reporter went to interview Construction Bank branch in Shiyan, desires Syndrome relevant facts Peng, the other listed companies, there are strict regulations on the grounds to be turned down. And the bank provided to the Municipal Publicity Department, "Peng Baoquan briefing" is simply a list Lapin Peng in 2005 to 2009 in prison release expires, how the conflict with the Sales Director occurs, how to be punished, detained until sentencing The basic process.
    "I asked for help."
    Opening Peng Baoquan blog, the following headings exception drill: "open call Shiyan CCB law and discipline clue." "" Small treasuries "Judge eyelids under", of which "small treasuries" the article also self-made "five weir CCB coffers illustrates operation . "
    After sick leave, in addition to serving one year, the rest Peng "cook at home", "write stuff", which is a leaf grams winds know. But there are leaves not know a thing, and that is in addition to their own rights, he also took to other people and rights.
    Five cross companies to protect their rights issue, Peng admitted that he has long been known, and the other did please him to help with Deng Fuhua, gave him two one yuan, "transportation", he began to insist not accept, but the other view, If he does not receive, then "not got the idea," and Deng for this sub 5,000 yuan, but "that money had not changed, but also in an envelope, will be promptly returned to the other side." For five cross-company worker petitions, he denied that he was the organizer and participants, just want to "live to witness it, take a few photos."
    Peng said he was 500 meters away from the scene, ready to go shopping is the way to catch up to the police to take away. Not like the police said, was arrested at the scene. He did not have any dispute with the police, on the contrary, he saw at the scene of Public Security team there is a deputy director acquaintance, also a greeting to each other.
    He said that before, bad sign has occurred. That was in order to "Yonggang event." It was the first to disclose the matter to society Peng Baoquan, extensive promotion and human rights activists and friends, and ultimately, Shiyan City Public Security Bureau revoked the decision to detain, Yonggang early release day.
    Peng said that after "Yonggang event", his heart would faint worry. He said that at 11:40 on March 9, claiming more than a (sound) surnamed government do with a police officer to his house looking for him, he refused, the other in a threatening tone, asked, "are you not see it ? "then leave. Later, he felt a little strange, then issued a "letter of distress" in the blog, to remind friends, in case he suddenly distress.
    It is also to this "letter for help," Yonggang, who caused vigilance, to call his family at their phone without a case, other ways to implement Peng has been sent to a mental hospital, and then to be disclosed by the network in the form of text, causing the traditional media follow-up report.
    In addition to "Yonggang incident", but also to Peng heart worries,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lens-deli/4-acoat-4.html, in order to help the delivery of five workers rights, he and Deng Fuhua who together wrote a materials sent directly to the principal leaders of Shiyan City.
    "Is mental disorder"
    Hayek wind has been linked to several regret in their hearts.
    First, by the end of 2006, she went along with Peng Baoquan handled a fake divorce. At that time, Peng Baoquan due to report corruption CCB local branch leadership and staff,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000518031.html, "one in trouble." In the meantime, leaders of the unit leaves to find her, "the bank leaders have come to us, we have business dealings with the bank units ......"
    Peng After that, it is depressing. Expect to report a problem since the corruption of the banking system, were a "mud Buddha across the river", if the impact on the work of love, what shall we do? Son still in school na!
    Haoshuodaishuo stand Peng, Ye finally agreed to a divorce. But Ye said: "Our family has been living with his sick after a day at home to cook for us,http://v2cigs.freewebspace.com, to take special care of me."
    Ye said, and then is introduced to the understanding of Peng Peng gave her the impression that "very honest, very care about people." They recognized that after six months married. So far, she thought, to marry Peng is correct, even if now he's worse off, and not have regretted it.
    It is this that, when questioned by the police, in order to protect his wife from implicated, Peng said he was divorced. "But the police never asked my family contact, not thought to notify his family." He stressed.
    After the police took Peng put into a mental hospital, so that leaves are repentant, 2008 July 4 gave Peng made a "false psychiatric testimonials." At that time, since the issuance of uncovered bank Peng senior leadership Corruption flyers to Shiyan City, "two sessions" on behalf of members and the resident, the police formally arrested, he will face jail.
    After several sleepless nights,achat extensions cheveux, and open up the relationship after the multi-party inquiry, Ye Peng and other relatives decided to do a "psychiatric assessment," Peng persuade "you offend somebody," and "do this after identification,extension cheveux achat en ligne, can be released on the spot." . Peng admitted that half-hearted, he with a doctor, "I would ask each other how to say how" identification results as "paranoid disorder" Responsibility is determined that "irresponsibility." Identification of Shiyan City side to a mental hospital, also known as Dongfeng Motor Corporation Maojian hospital.
    In fact, the police initially skeptical of this identification of the book, but also brought in a mental hospital in Wuhan City of experts to do a second appraisal, Peng said, "I again told Shiyan City psychiatric hospital doctor said repeated the words" identified the result is "paranoid personality disorder with overvalued ideas" responsibility was "diminished responsibility." That is, recognized as a "paranoid disorder", but was part of the legal liability. In this way, he was sentenced to one year's imprisonment. Released from prison until February 2009.
    Opened two testimonials, one can see where the wind and leaves grams statement relatives played an important role, such as Hayek said Peng wind "irritability," "paranoid," "do not want to communicate with family members, relatives or friends," "self-flagellation" (an important example is when he has time to cut vegetable finger), etc., also addressed the long-lost aunt Peng had a history of mental illness. Two testimonials are mentioned Peng "conscious, oriented integrity checking cooperation, answer pertinent" and "unfair treatment he had been angry, said corrupt police protection against informants."
    Inside colleagues testimony, he emphasized the contradiction with the original business department director Hu, thoughts words and deeds and so extreme. However, the same prison room staff reflect testimony was, "Peng in the prison number of people are concerned about, enlighten others, to do things fair, nothing abnormal mental, sleep and food can be."
    Hayek said the wind, the fact that "even made a psychiatric examination of what can? He is not still in jail." In particular she regretted that after five cross-company petitions the incident, the two psychiatric appraisal book just became relevant aspects he may not put their families through evidence indwelling hospital.
    Came out from the police station, the police have taken the first Peng Shiyan City Hospital psychiatric, find a doctor on duty, as Peng called for a psychiatric assessment,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/wewood-w001.html, to no avail. After the rejection, she sent him to a mental hospital in Shiyan City.
    April 16 morning, the reporter found Shiyan City Hospital psychiatric doctors on duty time of the incident and easy days army. Yi is the psychiatric doctor, he said at that time is at 1:00 on the 10th or so, the police asked Peng concluded as soon as possible, with only Yi Peng made a brief exchange, before and after less than half an hour. Then Yi told the police that, in such a short period of time, because of lack of medical history, the testimony of relatives and observe the appropriate time, unable to determine their mental problems, it is recommended to go before Peng made a psychiatric evaluation of the hospital. Subsequently,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lens-deli/y-2-agl-2.html, the police will take away Peng.
    To the Shiyan City psychiatric hospital, said Peng was two o'clock in the morning, do not ask the name of the doctor on duty gave open list, he was immediately taken to the second floor, put on clothes number directly into the "excitement room", which specialized nursing care workers. He told himself, "must be well-behaved, how they say, how I would fit." Subsequently, Deng Fuhua was also brought in, he was only a little bit at ease. Peng said,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000683684.html, adding that he and Deng, including "excited chamber" a total of 11 people.
    Am, a Dr. Chen Xing admissions, then asked him some simple questions.
    The next morning, the doctors induced him "You're very sick."
    Peng said: "I have no mental illness."
    Doctor: "You said that he does not get sick, goes to show that you are sick."
    10 morning, Peng is being requested medication, he began to refuse,tissage cheveux, the nurse said, "do not eat no, this is the one you care." When he cast a glance over some other patients, and finally served soft, bite the bullet and eat it. In the afternoon and eat a few slices. After eating, he felt dizziness, dry mouth, rapid heart beat, like a drunk, like. Attached to two days, he once served in the afternoon, the third day, he noticed a nurse carer praised his attitude began to change, and when he refused medication, no one forced him, saying "he's not the case . "
    This time also, two inside abstinence sick (they will loose some of the management and protection, to talk to the outside) told him, "Your thing we all know, the Internet has been reported." He thought, "It seems that I have saved."
    15 afternoon, after freed, Peng Baoquan mixed feelings, "thanks to friends,extension sur cheveux courts, thank the public for the care and help, do not you, I'm not going out so quickly." He said, after the encounter is too outrageous unless justice unfair event, otherwise it will not easily get involved, do some things like a bridge of communication aspects.
    Peng Baoquan for the event, some experts in particular wrote that psychiatry has so far not become an exact science, empirical science as there is a lot of controversy, even purely humanitarian purposes, psychiatric diagnosis and treatment are difficult questions. The experiments revealed that the normal person is placed in a recognized psychiatric treatment,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/an-52ag6.html, can be manufactured so that mental patients.
    Experts further noted that the current problem is to require identification procedures psychosis treated condition, guardianship, and any restrictions on the rights of mental patients or recovery conditions, but also a state of disorder.
    It has _COUNT_ comments I want to comment
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