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it finds insufficient evidence of fraud.

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    Jinghua Times News (Reporter Sun Siya) to blank check guarantee, or deceived by false shipping notifications, Beijing Yu Hui Jewelry Co.,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/frogberry/won030.html, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as plume company) female boss Hu Yu fraud of more than 29 million yuan. Yesterday, reporters learned that the City Court to contract fraud and sentenced to life imprisonment Hu Yu, the company was sentenced to a fine of 2.2 million.
    Female executives charged with fraud nearly 30 million
    Hu Yu, 43, is in Haidian District in Beijing, with a bachelor's degree. According to the prosecution alleged, Hu Yu and Yu-hui in August 2011, the name of the company and the victim Jo signed a loan contract with a blank check as collateral, Jo defrauding 10 million yuan. In addition,http://pradasale2013.mihanblog.com, Hu Yu and Yu Hui company in December 2011, on behalf of the Company and provided gold Electrical Import and Export Co., Ltd. signed a purchase and sales contracts sheet, cheat by false shipping notification provided in Electrical Import and Export Co., worth 19 million gold sheet.
    The trial, their lawyers said Hu Yu, the borrower before, she had told Jo insufficient funds check, to be accounted for after the payment of funds, Jo is knowingly entered into an agreement with her,http://insyoku.livedoor.biz/archives/288843.html, so between the two the nature of the borrower is a civil dispute, does not constitute a contract fraud.
    For the second pen fraud,http://www.zondik.com/video/showgroup/slosiahk2x7, Hu Yu said the company is to facilitate the operation was falsified consignment note and be prepared to set up mechanical and electrical companies in the payment associated with the contract before the expiry, it is not illegal possession of subjective deliberately. And on payment of gold sheet, the company has been provided with the mechanical and electrical company negotiated the repayment these matters,extension prezzi, it finds insufficient evidence of fraud.
    Prosecutors believe Hu Yu guilty of contract fraud and the huge amount recommended him to life imprisonment. Hu Yu's counsel suggested that Yu Hu has voluntarily surrendered themselves, she wants the court to a lighter sentence.
    The court found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment
    After the court hearing,capelli lunghi, we did not adopt Hu Yu excuse. After the court investigation pointed out that, when the representative of Hu Yu Yu-hui Jo made to borrowers,http://kakitsubata.pro.tok2.com, provide a $ 10 million blank check,extension cheveux, when Jo was found can not be honored when Hu Yu to delay repayment in the case of a company not gold stocks to Jo provided samples of gold, fake gold pledge. Since then, Hu Yu,extension capelli veri clip, and the company has been delayed repayment, even after being defrauded in the mechanical and electrical company located in the golden sheet metal to sell, still no repayment.
    For the mechanical and electrical company located in the golden sheet,http://www.postyourasian.com, the court finds, when the two companies agreed to pay the company after the plume deposit and full payment to the bank, the bank issuing the letter of credit and shipping notices received after the set electromechanical It will be stocking and delivery,extension a clip, but the plume company forged notice of shipments, and provided mechanical and electrical company in charge of the gold sheet and sold, and the proceeds from did not used to pay off debt.
    Final court held that the plume companies and persons directly in charge of Hu Yu, illegal possession for the purpose of signing, the contract process to cheat other people's property,http://miray109.com, has constituted a contract fraud, and a huge amount,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=53&page=2, and therefore sentenced Hu Yu-free period imprisonment, a fine of 2.2 million yuan Yu-hui.
    (Original title: jeweler fraud nearly 30 million Pipanwuqi)
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