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    The most advanced version v2.0 is engraved in the unit and with the support of inbuilt web browser makes the process of downloading the latest games from internet faster and relatively easier. An audio player is flaunted in the unit that supports the file formats of mp3, AAC+,hidden wedge flats, AAC and eAAC+; a video player is also flanked in the unit that accepts the file formats of H.263 and MPEG 4. An FM radio is also made available by this mobile phone with RDS feature; RDS feature (radio data system) demonstrates the users about the details regarding music track being played on FM radio. Inbuilt camera of 2 mega pixel allows the users to record videos of some special or alluring moments of life. Furthermore,sneakers with hidden heel, the introduction of expansion slot offers for the integration of external memory card providing a fruitful opportunity to store downloaded music features and games.

    Prying furtively into our flicker's habitation late one night, through the spy-hole already mentioned, the writer with the aid of a flashlight was delighted to catch a glimpse of four little flicker juniors hardly three weeks old, all fast asleep with the head tucked under the wing, and clinging to the sides of the nest almost like suspended bats. There are few more pleasing sights in bird-life than a young flicker, at last fully fledged,hidden heel wedges sneakers, pertly peeping from his window, taking his first "bird's-eye view" of the great wide world around him.


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