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  1. dru00hf40c

    (Reporter Miao Shiming Lei intern fly) Yesterday morning, a large section of the village Large Coal Sun Shunyi District,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/8rd205-a04.html,moncler pas cher,http://www.wildwinds.com, a hospital burnt lime,http://www.shinmai.co.jp,moncler outlet italia, resulting in one death and four people in a coma. It was diagnosed as gas poisoning. Shunyi District Government said that the police have been involved in the investigation.
    Incident is located in the eastern side of a large section of the village, inside a courtyard Pang mountain, and the mountain Pang lime plant is more than mining operations.
    At noon yesterday,http://kmg.hp.infoseek.co.jp/cgi-bin/c-board.cgi, the courtyard is pulled on the warning line, a team of security and law enforcement vehicles parked in the vicinity. Hospital parked a forklift, on the south side has a height of about five meters of the cupola. Inner cordon, a kiln mouth, smoke still continue to emerge.
    Villagers Mr. Gao said the courtyard is divided into two parts,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-35w-h4rl-369.html, the north side of the courtyard is a cattle ranch, south side of the courtyard, often burned lime. "Some villagers saw this morning, there are two ambulances sirens, leaving from the courtyard."
    A man claiming to be the owner of the courtyard denied accidents.
    According to the 120 emergency personnel, he said when the ambulance arrived, a middle-aged man surnamed Ji has died, the other four injured as two men and two women, all aged about 40 years,http://miki83659.seesaa.net, there were coma. Subsequently, the ambulance rushed the injured to Shunyi District Hospital for treatment.
    Shunyi Hospital emergency department doctors, 8 pm yesterday, injured workers to hospital, are shallow coma, was diagnosed as symptoms of gas poisoning. Subsequently, the injured underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 10 am, leaving four wounded self-conscious.
    Last night, Shunyi District Government confirmed that the date of a large segment of villagers in the process of burning lime,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0106400001.html,hogan outlet online,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000914713.html, resulting in one death, the police have been involved in the investigation. At press time ago,woolrich outlet italia, Shunyi police no response.
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    It is reported that the lime kiln firing process, the combustible gas contains toxic components such as carbon monoxide, if prone to leakage of carbon monoxide poisoning. Lime must configure security facilities,piumini moncler, have strict procedures and management systems to ensure safety in production.
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  2. z8e0d8b7y5w9

    <p> do not want to rely on you." And said, "Do not worry,moncler femme, I'll take care of myself." "This is not her tone of voice." Ms. Zhang said his mother every day, then come back every day are snapshots of three messages,parajumper jassen outlet, the only one open, the other just "ah" sound to hang. Accordingly, the family suspected to be controlled every day. Families have arrived at the local police station to rescue Daily uncle introduced after the incident to the families Chengshousi police station,parajumpers vrouwen, but also did not give up and contact her. Meanwhile,air max tn requin noir, every day,golden goose deluxe brand, every day of the uncle also received a micro-channel voice snapshots, but the sound is not every day. 2000 dollars every day while on the card is also removed at once. Last night, Mr. Zhang said uncle every day, targeted to the technical means at that time every day in a certain place, and by Beijing police made contact with the local Interpol. Yesterday morning was ready to go when my mother suddenly opened up every day every day the phone call every day.</p>

    <p> fueled concern. Lijiang investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection to report inaccurate content,golden goose, the lawyer confirmed today (December 25),hogan napoli, the person who posted Zhu has sent a lawyer's letter. November 12,golden scarpe, one titled "Yongsheng County of Lijiang City: Immigration Publication Report 'Gouguan' Zhu," the network of posts caused concern. Net posts,hogan bambino, claiming Yongsheng County Ludila Hydropower Reservoir He Canyao "refugees" real name Zhu Yongsheng County Deputy Magistrate. This afternoon,under armour, the Beijing News reporter contacted Tencent microblogging called "cottage secretary" Fruitful people posting, after he said he saw a film about Yongsheng County Ludila hydropower station reservoir relocation documentary novel,sneakers hogan, to the local investigation,hogan uomo dress, It Canyao after understanding the local residents. Under He Canyao plea to help him Fruitful post. Net posts, listed 10 He Canyao report content, including Zhu's relatives inspired Pengmou resettlement of farmers occupied land to build supermarkets. He Canyao told the Beijing News reporter,hogan outlet, Fruitful and he is a friend. Part of his real name is word of mouth from local people according to legend,hogan junior, a part of their own witness. 17 o'clock in the afternoon, the Beijing News reporter from Lijiang City Commission for Discipline Inspection Petition room was informed about the issue of net posts real name Zhu, Commission for Discipline Inspection has been ascertained.</p>

    <p> sniveling, suddenly he shouted for help. Hang up can no longer get in touch, so in communicating Beijing police,nike tn, family members rushed to the scene quickly. As of yesterday, 20,hogan donna, had just arrived in the families of the local police station every day, waiting for further news. Fengtai Police said police had received a report deal with the matter, Fengtai Interpol in the investigation. � link Song every day Female, 17, Handan City, Hebei people,hogan rebel, 1.6 meters tall, according to the family's clothing was gone inferred when last seen wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt, blue jean shorts,scarpe hogan, maroon sneakers with blue cloth satchel. (Original title: Hebei girl had left home five days phone call for "help") (EdiLawyer's letterThe Beijing News News (trainee reporter Lu Qianguo) Recently, Tencent users help people @ cottage secretary post Report Lijiang, Yunnan Zhu Jiang Yongsheng County Deputy Magistrate concerned.</p>


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