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    Two financial income this year to catch up with almost a foregone conclusion Information Management,giubbotti peuterey uomo

    Regulators this year will expand the scope of the underlying securities margin,louboutin paris, and pay close attention to the establishment of a securities finance company,hogan interactive, launched refinancing business. Informed sources said that the first half of this year, two financial target range is expected to expand, and then launched the refinancing business,givenchy occhiali da vista, and to carry out two financial broker will also be simultaneously expanded to 67.

    Industry insiders estimate that, once the implementation of the above plan,woolrich parka uomo, the two financial balance at the end of this year expanded to at least 50 billion yuan, while the contribution of the two financial brokerage business revenue will increase to 40 billion yuan, compared with 2010 information management business was up 2.183 billion yuan in revenue Bacheng.

    Two financial balance is expected to reach 50 billion

    Currently, only 106 brokerage CITIC Securities and other brokerages to get 25 two financial business pilot qualifications, and the subject of two financial Quanzhong limited to the SSE 50 and SSE 40 constituent stocks,moncler uomo, while investors threshold is required to open an account must be at least 18 month.

    More than two financial brokerage business leader, said the three factors severely restrict the size of the two financial growth. He said that if the underlying securities extended to 300 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen,outlet hogan, Shanghai 180 plus or expand supreme Shenzhen 100 constituent stocks, while the introduction of refinancing business and the expansion of pilot securities firms to 67, the end of the year increased to at least 500 the two financial balances billion.

    Shanghai, a first two financial brokerage business official said, as of now, the first two batches of the two financial business pilot pilot brokerage business department has been basically completed covered, but the time required to open an account at least 18 months if the conditions relaxed to six months, and financial assets will reduce the threshold to 50 million potential customers increased by at least 2-fold.

    Shanghai,louboutin pas cher, a third batch of pilot securities firms, said the two financial investors to limit the enthusiasm of factors, two financial target too narrow in scope is a major factor. If relaxed to 300 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen, not only increase the potential customer,air max femme, the enthusiasm of the two financial transactions will also significantly increase the stock of customers.

    Contribution of more than 4 billion revenue

    Insiders pointed out that, as of the end of last year,louboutin pas cher femme, two financial balance has reached 12.772 billion yuan,outlet woolrich, while the two financial turnover last year reached 119.77 billion yuan, average daily turnover was 18.75%. According to this the average turnover rate, before the end of the year if the two financial balance has reached 50 billion yuan,occhiali, the annual turnover will reach two financial 1.4 trillion yuan. Financial transactions for two and one percent according to the industry. Commission conservative estimates,achat louboutin pas cher, 1.4 billion revenue alone can.

    In addition,spaccio peuterey, if the end of the two financial balance has reached 50 billion yuan,sac louboutin, since the proportion of financing accounted for two financial amount is always above 98%,louboutin en ligne, in accordance with 8.35% financing interest calculation,louboutin homme, the annual interest income and margin financing income and expenses will exceed 2.6 billion.

    According to the above data, this year,louboutin prix, two financial business is expected to contribute 4 billion yuan revenue for the brokerage, the data above eighty percent compared with 2010 information management business income of 2.183 billion yuan, while the growth rate this year is widely expected brokerage information management business is only about five to make.


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