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    Baidu's first embedded micro-purchase "a style shopping" Let's sleep Ali,hogan lovells italy

    Original title: Baidu buy a micro-style shopping, let Ali sleep well?

    E-commerce is the Internet economy's basic business model is every Internet giants do not want to miss a big opportunity, Ali, Baidu, Tencent Big Three has a different layout of e-commerce, compared to Ali and Tencent, Baidu's e-commerce strategy through some detours and missed some opportunities,louboutin pas cher, attempts, we found that: need a Baidu search for their own e-commerce platform level ecological products.

    Baidu available micro wonderful formula appears

    Increment compared to homogeneous products competition in the past, the innovative micro buy Baidu is: without leaving the search page to complete a purchase without registration super simple shopping experience,hogan outlet, and seamless backend major electricity supplier website interworking. In fact, I believe that Baidu micro purchased with a disruptive innovation qualities embedded in the search results page one-page shopping patterns, first of its kind in the world.

    Baidu is a wonderful micro-purchase product type, appears when the electricity supplier industry Baidu strategic lack of confidence,hogan online, some bright spots, but also to Baidu's electricity supplier strategy is likely reborn, come to the fore. First,hogan outlet, the emergence of micro-filled the available electronic business platform Baidu of short board; secondly, from the product point of view, the micro-purchase is a temperament suited Baidu search business platform-level products, to achieve a small broad effect, also in line with Baidu's own Internet genes. Baidu's electronic business platform is taking the simple, light, fast route, and Ali, Tencent, Jingdong electronic business platform is taking deeper, more important,hogan outlet online, the system more complicated route.

    I tried to get from the news, because the purchase is based on micro Baidu keyword matching and accurate display in the search results, shopping conversion rate is very high,hogan scontate, and some even much higher than the conversion rate category Baidu bid, which for many due to high marketing costs troubled electricity supplier sites are,louboutin pas cher, no doubt, it is quite attractive.

    Baidu Ali make available micro-sleep well right?

    In the past few years, Baidu's electricity supplier no attempt to give Alibaba substantive impact and challenge, because it is good way to challenge by Ali Ali, inevitably failed. And Baidu micro purchased a complete change of thinking, using the internet as the principal product ideas and thinking, combined with the characteristics of the entrance Baidu search, it may be most suitable for electronic business platform Baidu's only shopping flow, mass distribution of orders, paid back, delivery, after-sales service is completed by the electricity supplier.

    Since Baidu is the largest Internet entrance,basket louboutin, Baidu micro purchase goods based on keyword matching precision, and in the search results page to achieve a style shopping, which is integrated in Baidu in the micro-purchase electricity supplier sites are concerned,hogan outlet, eliminating the need for too much complex and expensive marketing costs and shopping conversion. Baidu micro-purchase e-commerce ecosystem had a subtle effect, independent B2C saw a new dawn and hope to Baidu as a platform for the micro-purchase electricity supplier microecological circle will gradually form,hogan outlet, and will be gradually enlarged.

    If the micro scale Baidu available emerge, it will mean that users can not through the trading platform Ali realized shopping, also means more independent B2C site is Baidu quietly support, also means that Taobao, Tmall big sellers of Amoy greatly increased risk, Baidu innovation in terms of electricity supplier, so that Ali might really sleep well.

     Thinking a product innovation brings style shopping

    Baidu has created a micro-style shopping to buy the product form,hogan outlet, since the micro-strip character, it is tempting to associate Weibo. In fact, Baidu search results page is a special kind of information flow, which is Sina microblogging flow of information there are some similarities. And why this innovative product model does not born in Sina Bo, was born in Baidu, we can more gossip Kan Kanda Shan.

    Baidu micro purchased at the product level clever use of the information flow,scarpe hogan outlet, without destroying the experience shows search results information flow, has built-in features. The embedded reminds me of the mobile Internet,hogan rebel ebay, including micro-channel shopping crazy fried stuff like. If the reader interested, you can pick up the phone,hogan outlet online, in the Baidu search box,louboutin pas cher, enter the chocolate to see what result? After Baidu Encyclopedia entries,louboutin soldes, it is a very simple micro buy Baidu box. See here, you find Baidu micro purchased product is also very mobile Internet experience and temperament?

     Shopping should be a formula for many Internet product managers to re-look at the values of the product,escarpin louboutin, when the product do not function the more powerful the more the better, powerful does not mean that user requirements are so versatile, multi-functional to some extent also caused to the user more options barriers. Baidu micro buy extremely light, minimalist, very convenient, can be regarded as a disruptive innovation, Baidu is rare in recent years, cattle x products, and now can not arbitrarily say how much the success of the micro-purchase, but to see the success of temperament a.


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